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  • Hello, My husband and I and our five kids were one of the featured families on this documentary. I just want to say after reading some of the "critics" responses to this documentary if you ever wondered about what exactly a gay family is this is the documentary to see. Not because we were in it but for a very important reason. Instead of "set" ups where they asked a bunch of personal questions of the families they let us just be ourselves and to tell you the truth most of the time we had forgotten the camera people were even around. This was the first of its kind and Rosie and her wife Kelli and Gregg put together an experience for not only gay families but gay friendly families that will be in our memories for ever. Being able to cruise with our kids knowing we are safe with other families just like ours was amazing. We were very blessed to be on the first cruise ever of its kind like this and have enjoyed each year after that on this cruise. This documentary educated me as well, there were so many different sides of the gay community that people just do not get to see because the media usually portrays the GLBT community just in one light from our gay pride parades and you never see the families. This documentary gave gay families voices for the first time.
  • jotix1007 April 2006
    This documentary sets to prove that basically, there are no differences between the lesbians and gays, with families, that came for this cruise, than with straight folks in the same situation. Shari Cookson, the director of this informative film, doesn't pull punches. She just presents the material about people that are no different than others in their same social status, These folks are seen spending a relaxing vacation aboard a luxury ship, like any other regular family.

    What comes across is a picture of caring couples who love their partners and their children, who happen to have a different sexual preference. It's evident the love for their families. Rosie O'Donnell is prominently shown. She was the driving force for bringing people of all kinds of backgrounds into this sea voyage that happened to be geared toward gays and lesbians with families, so they can share the experience and fun of a carefree vacation.

    These passengers and their families show they are more normal than the world would think they are.
  • I am a 50 year old woman from one of the most conservative states in the United States (one that banned gay marriages). I watched this documentary with tears streaming down my face the entire time. What a wonderful story! The families were fabulous and loving. During the documentary I realized that being a heterosexual was only a small part of who I am. I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a businesswoman, a productive member of my community, and a woman who relies heavily on my faith. These people are just like me. The only exception being I have a partner that is man. These wonderful people are families first and their sexuality, while it is important does not define them exclusively. I am hopeful with Rosie and Kelly's continued work we will approach a better understanding and acceptance of non-traditional families. I know without a doubt that my God loves them all.
  • Fun was had by all and a real joy to view. One woman on your show looked similar to our Anne Murray here in Canada. She married her partner and I love the rose/gardener reference. Marriage certainly goes like that for my husband and I too! I, of course, am the rose and he the gardener. We are straight as flipping arrows and watching the cruise families emulated the behaviors and family dynamics that we practice was so much fun that the time went too fast. My daughter is gay and that was difficult for her to tell me. I take responsibility for that. Children learn what they live. When I was a younger woman and gay women were attracted to me I would pump the biblical premise as well because it worked for me. They kept their distance and I didn't have to deal with what came up for me! Interesting because plenty of years later I became a minister and my teacher is a married gay woman. She has taught me how to live happy, joyous and free! Still straight and straightened out. Source Mother/Father God knows us each and every one as individuals. Thank you for taking me off the "Biblical Stand" and placing me in the Grace of Being who and what I am and knowing gratitude for LOVE one and all. No separation! Bless You All
  • spug130 April 2006
    I am a single gay man who never really thought of ever having kids. I think I never considered it an option, but watching this documentary made me see things from another perspective. Never say never. Also just the general sense of love among family is a universal theme in this film, and it made me grateful for the love and support I get from my family. I'm very fortunate to have that. And all those kids on there are also very fortunate to grow up in a loving environment, too bad so many people in the outside world don't see that. Congrats to all the family members who went on the cruise to support their gay family members. I have a newfound respect for Rosie O'Donell. Best wishes to her and her family.
  • My husband and I just watched the Family Cruise and found it utterly inspiring. The world could use more programming such as this, and hopefully one day soon people will find a way to accept, if not embrace, our precious diversity and accept the part of themselves that prevents acceptance of others. This program shows in a very unaffected way what all families seek. These particular families are a great example to follow, and we enjoyed sharing in the honesty and courage displayed by the members of the cruise. Please do show more programming that focuses on the more positive aspects of life on this ever shrinking planet.

    Thanks, Rosie, way to go!

    Aggie Lukaszewski