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  • ekeby15 October 2017
    Hey guys! Let's make a series! How hard could it be?

    Okay, full disclosure. I only watched the first episode. But even that was a struggle.

    When it's a gay-themed production, I'll put up with a lot of amateurism if the story is good and the dialog is sharp. And I realize a series' first episode will mostly--and necessarily--be an introduction to the cast of characters and the story. But with this, the result for me was a swift realization that I don't want to know any more about these pretend people or their pretend problems. If I'm going to watch something like this, it has to have some truth to it at some level. Trust me, there is none to be found.

    If you do not cringe at the performances or the dialog or the direction, well, bless your heart. And if you can refrain from judging a certain pair of eyebrows, well, you're a saint.

    Think of HBO's series Looking. Then imagine an imitation version as bad as it could possibly be. Voilà.
  • reidlingent15 November 2017
    My partner and i really enjoyed the show. I'm saddened to only see two seasons but hopefully they will return for more. Considering budget for the cable network they aired on, I thought they did a tremendous job. There is a lot of ups and downs with show, one minute you will laughing and the next I was pulling a tear. I think we need to embrace the hard work that goes into these series and be thankful that we still have gay filmmakers to bring us new content. My hats off to cast and crew, I have heard of some of the challenges getting the show made and I applaud you! Bravo!