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  • Cash Markman delivers many a fun pop culture reference in "Get Lucky", his spoof of Buck Henry and Mel Brooks's classic TV series "Get Smart", itself a spoof of the then-current spy craze in movies and TV (latter: "Man from U.N.C.L.E.").

    Much of the humor is still hip a decade later, for example a scene where villain Tony Tedeschi whips out a phaser (toy pistol) from the old "Star Trek" series and is criticized for referencing a show canceled after only 3 seasons (who cares that it subsequently became iconic?).

    Dick Smothers Jr. stars, doing his comedy impersonation of Don Adams as the effective yet bumbling super spy. Only question lingering for me is whether his big dick in sex scenes actually belongs to this offspring of 1/2 of the great Smothers Bros., as it is photographed so as to be never in the same shot as his face. Either way, he's amusing, and the video's sex scenes are hot.

    A fresh, very young Nikki Benz costars as Agent 69, not going at all for a Barbara Feldon look but instead a spectacularly beautiful and perfectly built blonde. I have been seeing her in recent roles shot a decade later and she is unrecognizable, - still uber-sexy but with unnecessarily huge breasts and a "used up" visage that comes with the profession.

    Nominal story of battling the evil Wolfgang overplayed (as usual) by Tony Tedeschi is just an excuse for mocking the TV show. Many examples include agents Sharp and 69 having their underwear serve as phones (instead of the famous shoe phone Don Adams used), and a silly scene mocking the Cone of Silence, as Max and the Chief don what look like those huge cone-shaped collars dogs wear to prevent them from biting themselves.

    Lee Stone brings his big dick to the party playing a robot agent, but other than verbal gags Markman misses the mark in terms of potential robot FX - Lee just looks like himself replete with his huge, incongruous for the role, tattoos. The other femmes in the cast are mighty impressive, including Aria as a villain named Delilah Death, Krystal Steal in a lab scene for lesbian action with Benz, Mason Storm as self-explanatory Agent 382234 and Trinity in a recorded (sex filler) hump with assassinated Senator husband Herschel Savage.

    Overall, a triumph of good writing and fine performances over the subsequent emphasis on production values in these satirical exercises. The Behind the Scenes short subject is interesting, as Markman explains he can't directly reference the target of his jokes - a condition unfortunately overturned more recently by some lawyers so that now seemingly every new TV show or dumb movie will get the XXX so-called parody (actually ripoff) followup. Yuck!