Hustler Centerfolds (2004)

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21 September 2011 | dpfacialfan
| The blonds really deliver in this one!
Like the previous films in the centerfold series the editing isn't the best in this one either, but it's still much better than in the second one. One thing is sure and that is that the blonds really deliver in this one. Nicole Sheridan, Tanya James, Alexis Malone and Diana Doll (Sue Diamond) all turn in really good performances in this porno. It's the brunettes that struggle in this one. I was really disappointed in Katsumi because she usually has a good energy and can deliver good performances. Jessica Jaymes started out really slow too, but at least she came around and gave a good performance towards the end of her scene.

In the first scene we see Nicole Sheridan getting it on with her husband Voodoo. Apart from her nose Nicole is a very attractive looking blond and she gives spectacular performances on camera. Too bad this girl hasn't done a nose job, because with a perfect nose she would bee one of the hottest porn stars ever. One other thing that makes this girl a little dull is that she seems to mostly have sex with just her husband. Well at least he has a big penis and a "big" cumshot. Nicole looks really hot and I must say that I really like her outfit. The cut off jeans shorts and the tight little white top is one of my favorite look for a girl. Nicole is also a little greasy from motor-oil in this scene and that is sexy. I really like Nicole's performance on camera. This girl has a loud and almost violent moan which I really like. She also has a filthy mouth and who wouldn't enjoy that? There isn't anything as sexy as a hot girl that talks dirty. This girl also gives really aggressive head. I really liked this scene. First Nicole got her pussy pounded a little and then she got a long anal pounding to top it off. Too bad the cumshot was a disappointment.

The second scene was the worst in the movie. It's not often that the scene were the girl takes on two guys at once and gets double penetrated by them is the worst in the movie. The scene had some bad angles and close ups but you can't blame all on that. The fact is that Katsumi did a really bad job in this one. If you compare this to the fourth part in the centerfold series were Lanny Barbie gets DP:ed in her scene, the difference is like night and day. It looked like Katsumi wasn't into it at all. They really wasted the double penetration on Katsumi and I know for a fact that any of the other girls could have given a spectacular performance if they were given the same opportunity.

The third scene was a lesbian scene with Tanya James and Jessica Jaymes. The scene was OK but far from spectacular. And spectacular is what it should have been, considering how hot Tanya and Jessica are. Well Tanya gave a good performance and was really into the scene. But as I said before Jessica didn't do as good. Jessica didn't seem to be into it when Tanya was pleasuring her, but as soon as she was given the opportunity to pleasure Tanya her performance started to turn around. She clearly enjoyed to pleasure Tanya more than she enjoyed being pleasured by Tanya. One thing that hurt this lesbian scene, like it has hurt every other lesbian scene in the centerfold series, is the fact that the centerfold series isn't that hardcore. I would have liked to see a way more nasty scene between Tanya and Jessica. And I think that Tanya and Jessica would have liked to bee way more nasty, if they were given the opportunity.

Alexis Malone turned in a spectacular performance in her scene. Despite being given the least to work with Alexis gives one hell of a performance that was almost believable. I don't know how the guy she's banging in this scene got a job in a porno, because this guy has one of the smallest penises I've ever seen in a porn performer. Alexis looks like she enjoys it, but once in a while you can see the disappointment on her face. She moans really good while this guy tries to give her a good pounding with his tiny cock. But he simply can't pound her like she deserves to be pounded and you can see that Alexis would want a bigger cock inside of her. Well, you really need to give this girl some credit for trying. If all girls could perform like Alexis, porno movies would be a whole other experience.

Well at least Diana Doll (Sue Diamond) got a big penis to work with and you can see that she likes it. This guy has a good size on his meat hammer and is probably twice the size of the guy that Alexis got. Diana Doll is also one hot little blond who knows how to perform on camera. That's why this is my favorite scene in the movie. Diana gets a really good pounding by this guy and you can see that she enjoys it all the way. I really liked the part were the guy was standing and ramming his big penis in Diana's pussy and Diana looks at it as it goes in and out of her pussy. You can really see the excitement and pleasure, that the big cock brings to Diana, on her face.

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