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  • Having recently watched Steve Morelli's excellent porn video PROVOCATIONS, I tried IMMORTAL DESIRE, but it's not up to the maestro's usual standards.

    Title is weakly translated, with IMMORAL ("Immorali") in Italian coming out IMMORTAL. Video itself is similarly sloppy, a poorly plotted exercise which devolves into wall-to-wall sex.

    Jessica Fiorentino is writing a "Dear Gloria" answer column for a magazine, presumably an Italian version of the Penthouse Forum style of sex material. Video is basically a series of daydreams inspired by the rather uninteresting letters.

    It's barely more advanced than stag films of yore, as a letter depicts a housewife making love to the plumber, followed by our heroine Jessica Fiorentino doing the same (with Black European sex star Franco Roccaforte, oddly billed under a pseudonym here).

    Video ends up with a typical wife-swapping scene. The women are certainly pretty for this lensed-in-Budapest quickie, but the sex is strictly mechanical.