Shilpa Shetty convinced Salman Khan to play the role.She told about the films story-line and that no actor is ready to sign the film.Salman Khan liked the confidence of Revati and decided to do the film.

No actor was ready to play the role of AIDS affected patient.

Film is dedicated in in memory of veteran actor late J. V. Somayajulu.

The only film to have Salman and Abhishek though they didnt share screen space.

Fardeen Khan was initially approached for the film but he did not have the required dates. That is when Revathy approached Salman Khan.

Directional debut of Revathi. In Hindi.Earlier she directed English Film Mitr My Friend 2002 with Indian actors.

Film was made on controversial subject of AIDS during the time when people were not ready to open up on it.

Revati called Salman Khan to conform weather he was really OK to do film on such subject and that his character won't be like a film hero.Salman Khan told her that the films hero is her subject and he is ready to do it.

Film released alongside Dhoom on 27 August 2004.

Salman Khan and Revati teamed up after Love 1991.Where they both had played lead roles.

Director Revati plays small role of Doctor.

Salman Khan referred Revati as director on the sets of film in southern language marking a respect to her.