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  • This show revolves around four friends in a town that strange things happen. Think of it as almost a blend of X-Files and Saved By The Bell. The show is made by Soup 2 Nuts, the creators of Home Movies. They both have a lot in common, like their outlandish plots and obscure humour(much of the script is improvised giving the show a real candid feel and gives the comedy a layer of depth and subtlety which makes it very re-watchable).

    Unfourtuanatly, it looks as though they aren't going to make any more episodes. The N's teenage audience tends to like things that they pretend that they can relate to(Degrassi, RFR, Instant Star... though Instant Star is good for different reasons). Much like how Daria was treated(which was poorly, for those who don't remember), O'Grady was moved around until nobody watched it anymore. It's still a great show and can be watched on
  • Warning: Spoilers
    THIS INCLUDES A SPOILER ABOUT ONE EPISODE (EPISODE 2:CLONES) SO IT SHOULDN'T RUIN YOUR ENTIRE EXPERIENCE IF YOU SEE THIS REVIEW. Now I know most people criticize this show for its poor animation style and yes, if a company has a lot of money it has the excuse to not produce quality animation. From what I know about the company, I can assume the production company didn't really have a lot to deal with, but as many artists say, constraints can help the thought process of how a show can go about. This show worked within its constraints and created a par masterpiece. What I mean by par is it didn't create a full blown masterpiece with its lack of funding like El Mariachi, but it created a good enough one that I could watch the show two or three times over and not get bored. Although the attempt at animation was poor at times, it really stood out artistically compared to shows like American Dad or big mouth. What I mean by this is characters appear less stock and robotic and more fluid and thought out. After a first read-through of that statement one may probably wonder how such minimalistic characters could even classified as good, and that is because characters styles (such as their oversized eyes or their overgrown mouths) were unique in that they transcended the idea of how a cartoon character should look. The show also had characters that with reactions or thought patterns that relatable to everyday teens rather than having over-the-top characters that just did everything inappropriate just to simply be inappropriate and "funny" as we see probably way too much nowdays. When you see that almost all the time on, say, netflix origonals it gets really old at least in my humble opinion. A good example would be like when you or your friend used the f-word in a sentence for the first time and you thought it was funny until it just becomes common lingo. Jokes using the word just become tasteless after that. Speaking of humor though, it really had a mix of jokes that were funny and sometimes pretty dark at times which didn't go over the top but really brought you some laughs. What was really interesting was how they developed a random wierdness each time and rather than having cringy lesson learning theme at the end that many other teen shows had it had things go almost naturally. Take the episode:Clones. You would expect for an average show of the time to have a theme to take place where it has the Clones taking over after someone says enough demeaning comments, but instead it has the unexpected theme of coexistence between the clones and the humans and an ending of disappointment when Harold makes all the clones disappear. Similar plots followed and it seemed the ideas would never end. Even though I praise this show as a good example for flash animators to go back to, I do feel It is important to describe why this is par and deserved a 7. This seems to also be what many other shows fail at as well and thats the shows ability to develop great side-characters. This is difficult for even the most popular shows such as Family Guy. I mean when you think of family guy who in your group wants to sound like Joe Swanson? Philip was forgivable as a side character in O'Grady with his occasional personality changes but Iris just seemed like a total mess of a character. Anyways its a shame it never continued, because if you were like me you most likely wanted to see what would happen to Abby and Kevin and if they would ever get together. Perhaps being put on The N was a bad move, especially right after Noggin due to how many teens may feel embarrassed if their friends come over and they check their recordings to see in the beginning of their recording there is a snippet of a moose going to bed, but hey I'm sure it would do great if put on Netflix or Fox, but we all know thats not going to happen. While its on the underrated side, lets appreciate the animation is not flooded with dozens of internet posts like fanfiction or numerous deviantart renditions of characters or people wanting to be the characters (there are a couple, but not to the extent of those mlp or sonic trends). Anyways hopefully if you have time, I hope you find a way to watch every episode because really, there is no reason to miss such a hidden gem.
  • O'grady is a show that was on The-N but wasn't too popular so was permanently moved to a state that is online only. It's about four friends and their life while dealing with the "weirdness", a mysterious force that causes strange things to happen. They have to deal with normal teen problems, health class, getting a job, making friends, but in addition to that, there's always a new problem to worry about. I like this show because it features jokes most teenagers can understand while adding in humor more focused on an adult audience. It's animated and truly amazing, I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys Family Guy or Futurama.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's first show on Family that I've ever seen use these words "crap", "hell" and "God". At first I thought it was Home Movies on channel 50,79, and I honestly HATE that show. But nothing was on so I watched it. So it turns better than it looks, but also really weird. So, we're thrown into a wanderers land of weirdness. I think you'll understand everything once you have watched 2-5 episodes. They show blood and violence, which not much animation usually shows except for Futurama, Family guy, etc. I don't like the fact that the characters have big mouths and heads. I like Harold and Beth the best. Harold I think is funny, and I think me an Beth have a connection. The theme music is catchy and cool too. I watch it almost everyday, and I hope you like it.