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  • I only gave it one star because that was the lowest I could give it. It was really painful to watch, as a matter of fact it made my head hurt. Comedies like these are wannabe ripoff's of movies like American Pie and Don't be a Menace. The only difference is that those movies are Oscar winners compared to this. I mean it when I say that Uwe Boll makes better movies and if you don't believe me go check out House of the Dead. If anything, the only thing that is OK or good is the editing, other than that it's probably the worst movie I've ever seen. Being from the city where this plot takes place, it personally hits a nerve with me. There's so much more to film here, so many more serious issues and this is what you (the filmmaker) would like to portray. How about making a documentary on how gangs kill each other in Compton and bringing that to the world rather then a very poorly done movie. Thanks for contributing to the reputation of the city as the 3rd worst city in the US. It's people who make movies like these that make me want to move out of here faster and make me feel ashamed of even saying that I'm from Compton.
  • babybebe1525 November 2004
    I liked this film a lot. There were a lot of familiar faces like Marcelle something, I forgot her last name and a comedian from Comic View! Jerome A. Hawkins's acting got my attention during this movie just because he was hilarious and sexy *hehe*! I hope that he continues to do well because he has the talents. Don't get me wrong, everyone else in the movie did VERY WELL but he just caught my attention. The movie seemed very realistic so that everyone could say, yeah, I can see myself saying that or doing that... The story line could of been a little more concrete but the comedy fixed all of that! Rent it or buy it, doesn't, matter! BUT YOU NEED to see this movie for a GOOD LAUGH that will have you wetting your pants, not literally though!
  • boo_pooh61222 July 2006
    this movie kept me laughing it was funny an interesting for a low budget film. me and my friend watch it all the time. I guess it is that young humor because I don't think that adult over the age of 27 would care for it to much. And even some cute people are in this movie. but that is beside the point. The character that set it off the most was crippled Jr. I don't know but something about a drug addict that makes a movie funny like in Friday the drunk he didn't even have a big part and it was just funny. I think the part I like the most in this movie was when he was talking to Sandra and he was serious as ever after talking about his feeling he says " what I got to do to make you shake it like a salt shaker one more time