Daphne Widesecker: You know the Temple of Divine Destiny? I got the girl, Toms sister, tied up in the trunk of the car. I'm gonna ransom her!

Daphne Widesecker: Alright, this is almost done. And then you're going to be back with those people doing whatever it is you do, ok? Alright now, I dont know if youve seen a lot of television but they always kill the hostage right? But I dont do that, I havent hurt you yet, right. Okay, its all kinda simple, right? My job as the kidnapper is just to get you and to get some money, and your job as the kidnappee is to stay still, well, actually some people would say that your job is trying to get away and I wouldnt be mad at you if you did that, okay? You alright? I gotta take care of some business, alright?

Bill Plummer: Only in death does freedom begin.

Bill Plummer: [Into dictaphone] Last nights dream, March 7th 2005, I am erect, my penis is unusually large and I am preparing to penatrate a member of the opposite species. When from between her vaginal lips and alien entity protrudes, its jaws snapping, bleeding, its snake-like form slithering toward me, wanting to consume me, preparing to eat my penis. Oh yes, the member of the opposite sex may have been my mother...

Bill Plummer: [while hot girl masturbates in passenger seat] Lets start with what Freud said, he said that the self is split into three seperate entities, theres the ego, theres the superego and there is what we call the id. Now the id is unconscious, its purely consumpuious, it just wants and wants, pain, pleasure, perversion. You know, its a beast, just gimme gimme gimme, thats its motto. Tha other side of the personality, of course, is the superego, now this is the parent ego, guilt-inducing half, judgmental side. In between these two, uh, distinct sides of oneself is the ego. This is very important because, well, its in a permanent state of anxiety, you see, its constantly being dragged by the id down some dark alley and then hauled into the higher court of supreme consciousness by the superego. And this state of violence, this uh, inner-split, if you will, is the human condition.