Kimi Katkar found working in the film unusual and unpleasant. Kimi never wanted to do the film since Shashi Ranjan was a new producer. But Kimi really wanted to work with the director Sukhwant Dada since she loved his film Ek Chadar Malin Si. Kimi had heard all sorts of stories about Shashi Ranjan. In the beginning Shashi and his Californian wife Anu were very nice to Kimi. Plus Kimi was working in Sukhwants Lahu Luhan movie. Kimi would find Shashi and his wife nice to each other on each others face, then bad mouth and gossip about each other behind the others back. Sukhawant Dada would also tell Kimi that Shashi would talk about her behind her back. Then Sukhwant and Shashi teamed up together and tried to slash Kimi's price. But Kimi stood her ground and demanded they pay or else she would not shoot. 2 weeks before Kimi's wedding ,Shashi got dates for a outdoor. When he was booking them in early March for a week between May 13 and 15 he said be wanted to shoot in Bhiwani. He said he was getting the railways free and all sorts of faculties. Kimi checked up and discovered that this was the notorious Chautala area of the Meham fame and in early April Kimi informed that she sas ready to shoot in the promised dates,but not in Bhimani. When Amrish Puri heard of the dates and locations, he warned Kimi not to shoot in such a dangerous area. Kimi decided she would not go to Haryana. Yet despite Kimi's refusal, A.K.Hangal, Kumar Gaurav,Bharat Bhushan,Deepa Sahi all went ahead. Deepa Sahi was mauled by local hooligans .Kimi thanked her lucky stars for not reporting for the films shooting.

Shatrughan Sinha was so impressed with Gulshan Grover's performance he wrote him a letter. In the letter he praised his acting. Gulshan would take out the letter and show everyone.

The film was delayed for 2 years.

Samjha main kismat khul gayee (Daualt ke dushman) is rehashed as masti ke hain din chaar (siyasat).

Mazhar Khan was to co produce the film but backed out.