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  • Den Store Dag ("The Big Day") is the story of Anne and her two close friends, Jesper and Lars, who run a small, struggling, wedding planning business which shares the film's name. Desperate for clients, all their dreams appear to come true when a celebrity couple enter their lives...

    While the film in itself is inoffensive and watchable, you can't help but notice the similarities to Hollywood affairs such as "The Wedding Planner" and "My Best Friends Wedding", and there is nothing particularly new to distinguish it between those two efforts. Louise Mieritz plays her role as a flustered, slightly dizzy, wedding planner well, and the supporting cast are equally as competent, if a little exaggerated - surely no-one could be as annoying as Steen! Bad points: the totally non-subtle, "in-your-face" use of product placement. Namedropping a famous furniture store, Denmark's largest bank, a Danish tabloid, and a major TV programme (which plays an integral part in the storyline) is one thing, but (near the start of the film) try watching the way Anne drinks out of the fizzy drinks bottle - it's a billboard poster in itself! That said, the soundtrack is good, and if you're looking for a film to watch on a wet Tuesday evening with your girlfriend, you could do a whole lot worse...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A struggling wedding planning agency, accidentally gets a famous client as sees opportunity for publicity. The female wedding planner, who is already engaged to be married, falls in love with the customer(a network anchorman).The anchorman is supposed to marry another celebrity, so canceling the wedding will be bad for business. There are two supporting actors, giving the gay designer cliché life again, one struggling with displays of public affection for his male companion, sort of suppressing his sexuality withing a mid-life crises mixed in with it, actually giving the main plot in the story a run for its money.

    A very easy to digest film, with only a few surprises.