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  • We loved so much the latino novelas we started making our own novelas,or soaps,whatever... Here is the first one,with some of the most appreciated Croatian actors,and some young and new ones.The veterans are still very popular among people for the great series and movies they made in past,the young ones will be remembered after this,but will not be remembered for the good,well,maybe some of them.The veterans were acting real bad too,so this was just a try to return their old popularity... Didn't work,the acting was to theatrical...So,this is a soap.A very bad soap.A soap that is so campy and trashy you have to see it for it's badness,or avoid it for the same reason... You' ll start to feel uncomfortable with the very bad acting and the even worse production (if you watch it,count the direction mistakes,as flying microphones over the head of the actors and similar!!!).It's the first soap in Croatia and the first series with so many episodes,but is not the first production whatsoever,so this has no excuse!Croatian production isn't the best,but this is the bottom of it... If you're a trash lover,you'll love this... If you're not,avoid this!!!
  • The story is about 3 families that are tied together, but even more separated by the money, love, passion and betrayal.One of the main characters is Tomo Jurak. Tomo is a rich 50 year old, owner of the chain of restaurants and hotels such as Hotel Grand located in the capital and Villa Maria in the coastal city, Opatija.Tomo is married to Ana, a beautiful and faithful woman and a mother of their two children, Dora and Ivan. Dora studies economy , she's a rich and spoiled daddy's little girl. She's in love with Luka Pongrac - a poor guy who works as her fat her's right arm. Their love is forbidden, because Tomo Jurak wouldn't allow a relationship between his spoiled daughter and a young man with a poor background. Luka grew up without knowing who is his father and his living with his mother Dunja who's hiding her past.A total opposite to Luka is Dora's older brother, Ivan. He's a irresponsible 25 year old playboy. He's the only one who know's about his sisters relationship with Luka. He knows his father appreciate Luka for his workin g skills and he is jealous of him and therefore he's thinking how to get a revenge on his father and at the same time how to descredit Luka and reveal the secret on Dora and Luka's relationship.Helena Jurak is Tomo's half sister. He learns about her existence right after his aunt Mitzy's death. In his aunt will not only did he inherit Villa Maria, but also this perfect stranger he knew nothing about. After Jurak's suspicions concerning Helena, they accept her as a member of the family y.The other family are Jurak's enemies. They are the Lovrek's. The head of the family is Max, a rich and powerful bankar.Tomo Jurak and Max Lovrek know each other since they were students. From friends they became enemies. Sven Lovrek is Max's son from previous marriage. Max is married to Vesna, a woman with a mysterious past and bad morals. ..