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  • Many people will tell you this game is too hard. I will tell them they don't pay enough attention to the game. I beat Normal mode in under 9 hours for the first time. Easy mode is insanely easy.

    The key to beating this game is paying attention, avoiding then attacking, and not mindlessly button mashing. This is the main reason people whine about this game being too hard.

    The story is much improved compared to DMC1 and VASTLY improved since DMC2. The gameplay has evolved and fighting is intuitive and creative. The combos that are possible to perform are endless.

    The boss fights are amazing. They aren't cheap, but they are difficult if you don't pay attention and expect to hack your way through without thinking.

    This game is for people that want a real action game. There's no way to get through the game by button mashing.

    For new players: Don't play Easy Automatic. Easy Automatic is worse than playing on normal. It makes you lose control of your character.

    Don't complain about the difficulty on Normal mode, if you just listen to the game, you'll hear most of the attacks coming.
  • The original Devil May Cry was a land mark action game. It was the first game that showed 3D 3rd person action games could play like the classic 2D games. Tight control, pattern based bosses, and a high learning curve with an unrelenting difficulty. In a time of games that were far too easy and lasted 5 hours, Devil May Cry stood head and shoulders above the rest as being addictive, over the top, difficult, just plain stylish game that was remarkably fun to play. It is one of my favourite games this generation of hardware, and maybe ever.

    Then Devil May Cry 2 was released 1 years later. And DMC Fans like myself were bitterly disappointed. Who was this mute clown who looked like Dante but had none of the cheesy coolness of Dante in DMC? Why the heck did they change the functionality and utility of sword combos? How come the dual pistols wouldn't fire as fast as you hit the button, Like DMC1? How come the bosses were ridiculously simple and could be killed just by taping down the shoot button and walking away for a half an hour? DMC2 was a soulless mess, looking aesthetically like DMC, but the game play didn't live up to the high watermark set by the original.

    Which Bring us to Devil May Cry 3. Capcom listened to the fans and went back to the drawing board for DMC3. Dante is back with a vengeance, smug, louder, and just plan cooler than before.

    Devil May Cry 3 is my new favourite action game and quite possibler my favourite action game of this generation. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to battle through the game and conquer it on its highest level of difficulty, Heaven or Hell! mode. Even now after 65 hours of playing, I still want to plug in the disc in and see what other kinds of sick combos I can come up with. This is a game where your battle tactics and how you play the game are limited by your imagination. Dante's been on vacation for the last four years, but this game is a hell of a way to make up for lost time.
  • The third game of the series is the best, as is the law of trilogies. I like this game for the same reasons I like the first. The characters. Dante has returned the fast-talking sarcastic B.A. that we all know and love. However this time he actually develops, unlike the first, in which he is already developed and remains the same throughout. His brother Vergil makes his first appearance since 2001, and he's a better character in this one, as a dark and dramatic figure who is deadly with a blade. Arkham, the mysterious old former librarian who aids Vergil in his quest for his father's power, and Lady, a mysterious demon hunter with a connection to Arkham, shown by their matching red and blue eyes. They are all linked, as well and as unexpectedly as a Dickens novel. The characters and their development beats the first, even. The plot itself is also very good. But I won't spoil it, because then you won't be motivated to play the game. Just trust me that it's as good as the first if not better. The game is best if it is the special edition, in which you can play as Vergil, and you can lower the difficulty if necessary.

    In total, this deserves an 11 but they don't have that here.
  • josh_rupert6 October 2012
    Easily my favorite hack n slash game ever made. I love Ninja Gaiden Black and Bayonetta immensely, but DMC3 is simply the king. I can't think of a category that matters where DMC3 doesn't come out on top in regards to the genre. From the combat system to the way the game just carries itself. Some things may be hit or miss with some people, most commonly criticized on its unforgiving difficulty. And while it certainly is challenging it just makes the reward so much sweeter when you finally master something. And it's so addicting that you might find yourself driven to SS rank every mission.

    Now that the HD collection is out, if you haven't played it yet and you're a fan of the genre. Do yourself a favor and dive into this masterpiece.
  • Marcko979030 January 2014
    For you people that misunderstood the title. I am not saying Capcom F'ed up with this...I just wanted to yell because they should go back to making triple A titles like this again. The game follows Dante in his younger years and how he defeated his brother Vergil, stopped the end of the world and how he got the name for his office.

    The gameplay is your standard hack n slash with a mix of swords and firearms and the game...holy crap it's difficult. This game is not for the person who wants to breeze through the game. Sure, there are pros out there who probably sees this and thinks "What do you mean difficult?". But for the general person, this game is not easy...yet there are multiple difficulties, even easy is very challenging. but the gameplay is otherwise good.

    The graphics are pretty average for 2005 when this came out. They look really neat though.

    The soundtrack is a nice mix of orchestrations and metal music. Favorite track for me probably goes to the one and only battle theme for the first part of the game simply called "Taste the Blood".

    In general, this game is good, one of Capcoms best. But I do not recommend to people who only want to breeze through it or hates challenges. Otherwise, it is a great game.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, seeing as they didn't have a section for the new Special Edition Version of this game I'll give my review. Devil May Cry 3 has got to be the second best game in the trilogy next to the original one, and this special edition only adds to the quality. I have to give kudos for adding a new Easy Mode. If you're like me you aren't an intense elitist-type video game addict who doesn't have so much free time that you can master every single move and you don't have the time nor patience to try and defeat the game as it was, with it's unbalanced difficulty. Easy Mode for the original could have been considered hard for most of us out there. Which is why this game is so wonderful. The easy mode is still hard, I won't lie to you. But if you really just want an almost non-stop action frenzy without all the stress of annoyingly difficult enemies, you've come to the right place. For example, one of my favorite moves is jumping up in the air and firing Ebony and Ivory continuously to stay floating as I strike a rain of bullets onto the enemy. In the old game this, unless I didn't buy all the cool abilities and only upgraded my guns, would've been one of the most inefficient moves you can do, but thanks to the new Easy mode you can do it to your hearts content without having the game beat on you. Not to say this game is a breeze, you'll get hurt a lot and killed plenty, but it's great to see that the creators saw the unbalanced difficulty and changed it so, instead of having to master every fricken move and learn all there is to Dante, you can go button smash happy if you want. Heck, that's half the fun of an action game like this anyways. Also, the new gold orbs are a great addition too. Get killed after 2 hours of playing in a single level? (Not that I ever went that long in a level, but eh it could happen) Use a gold orb! You won't have to restart from the very beginning and your enemy, if he/she's a boss in particular, will not regain every bit of health you took from them. Almost as cool as the Die/Revive trick in MGS3. The Bloody Palace is just as bloody and as great as ever. A constant adrenal rush of fighting that none can complain about. Unfortunately though there are some bad points of this game. Like the original version, the camera's annoying at times. Since it's stuck in place most of the time you may not be able to see every enemy facing you. Then there are points where it's zoomed out so much, like the under-ground train ride, that you can barely tell if your guy's striking anyone. They try to rectify it by letting you use the right analog stick, but who wants to have to worry about the camera when all you want to do is go medieval on their asses? And it doesn't even work in some places. Then there's the Virgil mode. This may not be necessarily a problem if you like to play slow and, oh, like a combat style almost completely different from Dante's style. Virgil is slow. He has only one distance attack which doesn't even come close to comparing to Ebony and Ivory. When he slashes his kitana, he sheathes it when he's done using it, making the game even slower. The game adjusts to make things easier and he has more strength, but this wasn't enough for me to save it from the flaw that he's slow. And to put another nail in the coffin his mode doesn't make sense either and has only 2 extra FMVs. It begins well enough, he meets Arkham in a library and that leads to him going to the tower where the game is set. He kills a few bad guys in a really cool FMV. He enters the tower. He's now in the Devil May Cry office. Yah, you heard me. There's no explanation for why he's there, and there won't be one. You'll go through every single one of Dante's missions and, although I haven't played the mode through myself, I've read up everywhere that those two FMV's from the very start are the only ones he has. There is no more. There's no explanation for why all this is happening. Yah maybe this game is setting a trend for special editions with all of it's extra content, but man c'mon. Don't give us half-baked stuff instead of the good stuff you could be making. Even if he said nothing a series of FMVs like Dante's woulda been nice. And please, for the love of God, move faster, ugh... Ah though, this slowness and lack of creativity brings me to another one of the game's original bad points, the entire second half of the game. Until you get to the 19th and 20th missions, expect to travel through all the same locations, only changed around to make it seem fresh. It doesn't. It's like climbing all the way to the top of the ladder then turning it upside down, trying to climb it again, then hitting yourself in the head because of how stupid you are. Yah sure, a few nice new and cool FMV's can help pretty it up, but it's like expecting a Gauntlet Game to change. It won't. It never has and never will in the 20 plus years it's been around. And your still an idiot for thinking so. But aside from these gripes I have absolutely no quarrel with this game. It's an awesome addition, as it was way back when. Just don't expect any of the problems to be fixed aside from the difficulty. And please don't expect too much from the Virgil Mode. It just doesn't live up to the hype.
  • Devil May Cry 3:Dante's Awakening comes very close to topping the original. It's a compelling adventure that will keep your hands glued to the controller.

    You play as Dante who has proved throughout the first two Devil May Cry games that he is an all around bad-ass. From fighting enemies while impaled with their weapons to simply blowing' $%&@ up, you got to be tough to top this guy. Well now we see his younger days, and guess what, he's as tough as ever. At the beginning Dante is around the age of 20 ( my guess, not official)and his youth shows. From shouting cheesy one-liners to being obsessed with parties, Dante is not yet the battle hardened, disciplined warrior of the first two DMC games. Yet that doesn't in the slightest mean that he's a wimp.

    Throughout the games fantastic cut-scenes Dante appears even more invulnerable than ever. Fighting enemies with giant blades stuck in his chest, arm, and leg, while eating a slice of pizza is one of the most memorable things I've ever seen in a video game (or even a movie for that matter).

    The story ( which was definitely not a plus in the first two games) holds up surprisingly well. While it doesn't really twist and turn or mess with your head that much, there are still a few surprises to be had. Just like with Star Wars episode 3, things will get gradually get more and more familiar and you'll start to see the connections with the first game.

    Now lets finally get to the game-play. You have the choice between using a mêlée weapon (sword, nun-chucks, guitar) and a ranged weapon (handguns, shotguns, missile launcher). You can run around with only two mêlée weapons and ranged weapons at a time. But you can switch each with the press of a button, mid-combo even. Fling an enemy into the air with your sword, keep him suspended in the air with your handguns, let him fall down just in time for you to bash him with nun-chucks, right before you blast 'im in the head with the shotgun. Hard sounding combo's like these are made easy with the slick control system.

    You also get a choice of combat style's. Swordmaster allows you to use all your mêlée weapons to their full potential with more combo's and special attacks. Gunslinger (my personal favorite) does the same thing with your firearms (such as targeting multiple enemies with your handguns). Trickster enable's you with better mobility as you avoid attacks by running up walls or somersaulting out of the way while you wait for the opportune moment to attack. Royal Guard gives you defensive abilities, blocking and pushing away enemies, attacking only when it's safe. There is also Doppleganger and Quicksilver which allow for duplicates and control of time, but are more like special items than styles of combat.

    I know just about everyone I talk to about this game says it's just this side of impossible, but from where I'm standing that just can't be true. I am by no means a expert at gaming. I almost never go above the Normal difficulty setting for any game. So I stayed away from this game for a long time. When I finally decided to try it, I ended up completing it over the weekend (and I do not mean the full 48 hours). Yes the game is hard but once you get the hang of the great controls it will definitely get easier. Besides, that is why Capcom allows you to replay missions and collect more orbs and experience points. It might just be me, but I honestly don't think it's that hard of a game.

    What can I say, this is just a great game. If I truly have an actual can't-deal-with-it problem, it's Dante's frat-boy attitude. You get really sick of him talking all the time like a complete brat and wish he'd just be more quiet like he was in the other games. If you can except that, you have one great gaming experience on your hands. In Dante's favorite victory quote: JACKPOT!
  • A major improvement over the last installment. The story this time around is very creative in comparison to the last two, and some of the cinemas are incredibly cinematic (Anyone who's seen the opening scene knows what I'm talking about). If you know anyone who has this game, I highly suggest you take a look see at a couple of the cinemas. You will be pleasantly surprised.

    The Story: Over two millenia ago, a demon lord named sparda awoke to justice and sealed the door to the underworld. He sealed himself on the other side as well, but not before leaving two sons on the earth: Vergil and Dante. Years later, Vergil arrives to pay a visit to his dear brother atop a giant tower known as the Tem-ni-guru. The tower rips up through the ground right in Dante's backyard, and Dante heads out to pay his older brother a visit...
  • No matter how much I praise it, you have to experience it to know how good it is
  • I'm sorry to be picky, but 'Follow Dante's journey as he battles his evil twin brother in a final confrontation.' is a completely wrong plot line! it's a prequel to devil may cry, where you fight Nelo Angelo, who also happens to be Virgil, your brother! It's plot line is: Dante has just opened his demon hunting business, and has yet to name it, when a large tower appears in the centre of town, and realising it's the work of his brother, he goes to investigate, realising his powers on the way.'

    Phew, rant over

    It's an absolutely amazing game though, much better than the slight disappointment of devil may cry 2. I'm so glad they kept in the dark knight. and i love the whole ott-ness of all the cut scenes.

    People say they don't like the whole fast paced-ness of the game, but when you start getting into it, it all becomes almost intuitive.

    one of my only gripes, next to the sometimes awkward camera is easy mode. it's just annoying!there you are flipping around, doing your whole i'm cooler than anyone thing, and all of a sudden, he starts doing his own thing, as they make the combos easier to perform, 'i didn't want to do the multi stab! i wanted to knock him dow, jump on his face and slid around the floor, shooting the bejebus out of everyone!

    The cutscenes, however, i have no words for, just strange guttural sounds. i've played through some of the hardest levels, just so some of my friends could see some of them, and my god, it was worth it