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  • Ironwarrior866 September 2009
    This is way better than most films that spoof other films. It's a million times better than the likes of Epic Movie, Disaster Movie and many other pathetic attempts to parody other films. Unlike most films that spoof others this one gets the job done without overdoing it and at times it even felt like an actual Superhero film as well as talented cast members that fit their roles perfectly and the villain "The Hourglass" was good considering it was a parody film. It also has various comedy elements of its own such as Lucille's funeral and many more moments that I would mention but I don't want to spoil the film. At the funeral The priest says "We are gathered here today to say goodbye to Lucille" then all the people at the funeral shout "Goodbye!".If you plan to watch this film do not judge it on the low rating. It's a pity most parody films weren't as good as this.
  • atinder14 July 2009
    With all these bad Spoof movies like Date movie, Not Another Teen Movie,Epic Movie and Disaster Movie (which is the worst spoof movie ever).

    So i was thinking will be the same, but my god this movie made me laugh so much, This movie better then others listed above better then Scary movie 4 and 2

    Plot: In this spoof of Hollywood blockbusters, director and screenwriter Craig Mazin (THE SPECIALS) tackles the age-old story of a regular guy who suddenly finds that he possesses super powers. Ricky Riker (Drake Bell) is a typical teenager, except that his luck is worse then most. Basically, he's a loser. He's been in love with beautiful Jill (Sara Paxton) for years, but is sure she doesn't know he exists. Even his best friend, Trey (Kevin Hart), is willing to throw him over for another clique. But Rick's life changes dramatically when a genetically enhanced dragonfly bites him during a school field trip. In a flash, he becomes the Dragonfly. He can scale buildings, and has immense strength--though he's still a klutz. Rick isn't sure he has what it takes to be a superhero, but it's up to him to save the city from the villainous Hourglass (Christopher McDonald), who literally sucks the life out of people, and threatens to harm those dearest to Rick. Mazin, The main spoof is spider man they also spoof Batman, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men.

    I love this movie so, well the last spoof movie I Saw was Disaster movie that oh my god, that movie was SO bad ) (That one the reason like this movie more then I Should) The superhero movie is one best spoof to come out last year, I am not saying it the best spoof EVER! Love it 7/10
  • I really liked this one. I wasn't expecting much, being worn out on spoof movies lately because of the layer of crap that's been dropped on us, the movie-going public. "Epic Movie","Date Movie","Meet the Spartans" all sucked.

    That being said, the people who made this, made the latter-day Zucker- styled comedies(a la Airplane, The Naked Gun) Scary Movie 3 & 4, and not those other "Movie" movies (which are the domain of Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer).

    There were parts of this movie where I laughed so hard I could barely breathe. And that happens SO rarely with comedies lately. Seriously, I laughed hard.

    But, it was one of those things that will entertain but never be a classic you'd bother watching again. It was a bit forgettable in that way.
  • Well, I've been reading the reviews on this film for quite a while now, and I've got to say: why is everyone complaining about it? To be perfectly honest, I saw this film because my best friend rented it, so I hadn't had a chance of reading any of the reviews online. If it had been the other way around, I probably wouldn't have seen it, and that would have been just a darn shame. So what if some of the situations are a little extreme? So what if it all seems a little "Oh, come on!" - that's what this type of comedy is all about! I had a good laugh watching this, and I strongly suggest this for a friend night...but definitely not the movie I'd see on a family night.
  • So I went to the Superhero Movie yesterday and I wasn't sure if it was going to be any good because most of the reviews and ratings on here were very poor and normally these types of movies aren't very good at all. So anyway I went in there with doubts but in the first 20 seconds I was cracking up even just with the start where there is just saying who's in the film. From that point on to the very end I had never laughed so hard in my entire life. This movie was absolutely fantastic and I would see it over and over again. There are jokes every 30 seconds! I highly recommend everybody to see this fantastic movie, you won't regret it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If "Superhero Movie" gives you the same giddy, guilty-pleasure feeling as "Airplane!" and the "Naked Gun" movies, it's no accident. Some of those movies' personnel – who were also involved in two lesser "Scary Movie" sequels – show up here. (Those include writer-director Craig Mazin, who happily has come a long way from 1997's abysmal "Rocketman.")

    The movie's title says it all. It's a comedy that takes a well-known hit (in this case, "Spider-Man"), turns it inside out, and uses it as a clothesline for gags. In this parody version, nerdy Rick Riker (amiable Drake Bell of cable-TV's "Drake and Josh") gets bitten by a mutant dragonfly, turning him into...well, take a guess. Meanwhile, a well-meaning scientist (Chris McDonald) turns nasty when his experiment backfires and he finds he must sap others' life-blood in order to keep himself alive.

    As is typical of such parodies, the movie's approach is as subtle as a spitball gun. Some of the gags are terrific, and some are groaners. But they're all fired at such a rapid pace that after a while, you have no choice but to give in to the silliness. The characters are like shooting-gallery ducks waiting to have parody lobbied at them. Best of the bunch are Rick's well-meaning but dotty uncle and aunt (delightfully played by Leslie Nielsen and "Happy Days'" Marion Ross). The most pitiable is a take-off on disabled genius Stephen Hawking, who seems to push Mazin's bad-taste button over and over ad nauseum.

    This leads me to the movie's most required caveat. While the flick is mostly silly fun, it pushes its "PG-13" rating right up to the edge of the "R" cliff. The movie is larded with sexual gags and profanity abound, and what might possibly be cinema's longest-ever flatulence gag.

    But if you can bear up under the cringe factor, "Superhero Movie" is mostly high-powered fun. Nifty comedy here runs neck-and-neck with bad taste. It's a close race, but the comedy wins.

    "Superhero Movie" is rated PG-13 for countless sex and drug references, crude humor, and adult language.
  • Having seen the scary movie films and read reviews on here, I was quite dubious about how good Superhero Movie was going to be. But I was persuaded by free tickets to a UK preview.

    I'm happy to say that I was astounded by the quality of the film. The jokes and acting quality are a real step up for the series. Leslie Nielsen consistently caused the audience to collapse in laughter. Meanwhile newcomers Drake Bell and Sara Paxton shine as the naive Peter Parker-type character and his love interest.

    If only the originals of these movies were as good as this witty parody. Can't wait to see a sequel.
  • The "movie" movie series was really going for a while there (All the Scary Movies had me in stitches) it bombed for a while when Adam Seltz and Jason Friedburg took over and here is a brief show is a list of ratings of some of the other "movie" movies: Date Movie: 57% Epic Movie: 50% Meet The Spartans: 48% But with this one the series gets better with Superhero films being sent up in a playful way and it is actually really funny. It is a little hit and miss but I think that adds to the final feel to the "dumbness" to the film. I think that this is worth a view for the fans of Scary Movie and haters of the later "movie" movies. Overall this is a good and funny film good for a laugh once or twice and I give it a fair rating of 65%.
  • Watching Superhero Movie feels like you're re-watching one of the Naked Gun movies, only there are "deleted scenes" which unfortunately feature pop culture references and fart jokes. It's a fun movie if you're into the genre but overall falls far too short of being as good as the classics.

    The cast is great for the material they're working with, with some exceptions being those who are given too little screen time to show their talents. Musician/actor Drake Bell's comedic timing is impressive, as is that of spoof legend Leslie Nielsen.

    The humor, a combination of slapstick, wordplay and sex/toilet humor, is hit and miss, but hits more often than one would think. The spoofs range from clever to cringe-worthy, but the story and resultant gags follow the source material (mostly 2002's Spider-Man) very well, as opposed to the "Hey, look! It's -insert character- from -insert popular movie-!" style other recent spoofs have adopted. The only roadblocks are the childish fart jokes (one of which spans minutes) and dated pop culture references (Tom Cruise? Barry Bonds? Really?).

    It's due to all of this that the movie, although flawed, can appeal to fans of any kind of spoof movie, be it twenty years old or two. It's also able to fulfill the expectations of the average moviegoer while giving some clever surprises to those who don't see them coming. Simply put, if you're a fan of any type of comedy, there's bound to be something in this joke-a-second spoof for you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK...the trailer gave me hope, the original trailer that is, that this movie would finally bring back those awesome jokes and gags from the great Airplane! and Naked Gun films, and it did, of course not as efficiently. This is a great great great start for all of us who want to see the great spoof movies make a comeback. There were some gags that went a little over the top, not to my surprise, but there were other gags that brought back memories of those classic movies. There was not so much pop culture as the other vomit-enducing movies like Meet the Spartans and other atrocities, but of course there was, but we cant blame them, there was pop culture references back in the Airplane movies as well. It put a smile on my face when i heard a good phrase in this movie: "Fruitcake?" "Oh no, i just haven't met the right woman". You have to be honest, that definitely brings back some hope that the producers are trying to bring it back. I say give it a try, I own all the great spoofs on DVD, i know my spoof movies, and i can guarantee that this movie is not as bad as others may say it is, and it totally makes Meet the Spartans and Epic movie look the garbage they are.
  • When a loser teen is bitten by an insect, he becomes the superhero Dragonfly...

    Superhero Movie is the latest spoof movie to hit the screens. Sadly however, despite the presence of David Zucker (who was involved with Airplane!, Top Secret and The Naked Gun movies) it still suffers from the fault most recent spoofs have...mainly it's more dumb than fun! The fault mainly lies with the gags. It's simply not funny enough. Some of the jokes do work, such as the nail gun scene, but other parts simply fall flat. The X-men spoof for example, or the whole farting sequence. Blazing Saddles this isn't! One of the key things about the best spoof movies, like Airplane is that although the dialog is extremely funny, the cast for the most part play is completely straight. This makes it even funnier. Even when there is simple dialog in the foreground, there may well be funny things happening behind the cast. Again funny. The other key thing is that they all have a plot of sorts, to hang the gags on.

    The recent trend seems to be to take scenes from various movies, THEN try and spoof them. As a result the so-called plot of these movies very rarely exist. Another flaw these movies have, is that some of the scenes were actually funny in the original versions, and in most cases even funnier than the spoof scene! The cast try to get into the spirit required, but with a lot of unfunny dialog and scenes, it's hard to get worked up about it.

    As recent spoof movies go, it's not as bad as Epic Movie, Date Movie, or the awful Meet The Spartans, but considering that some people involved here have made good, funny movies in the past, it's nowhere near good enough.
  • b-hugz13 April 2008
    I Loved this movie.. I don't know what else to say.. I love all the movies that make fun of other movies. When I looked at the rating it said PG on it.. (Maybe this is just in Canada?) When I went into the Theatre there was a row of about 7 10 year old boys. I Went with my best friends and they loved every minute of it. The Humor was the best thing about it.. and Drake Bell's performance was great. I definitely will be buying this movie when it comes out.. I don't know why everyone else had a problem with it.. I recommend this movie to anyone who is at least 13 and can handle joke about sex,drugs, and swearing. For anyone who didn't like it.. they really need to learn to laugh.. :P For anyone who did like the movie thats great and I'm glad you have a sense of humor. :D
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have not laughed so much for a long time! From the start to the end it is just full of outrageously funny gags that will have you laughing out loud but only if you like spoof films! A masterstroke was to bring in the king of spoofs Steve Martin as the grandfather. This has everything in it from straight spoof humour to the now usual toilet gags and the one in this film where Rick Riker is on the ceiling of the bathroom in his Grandmother's flat on Thanksgiven Day in his costume is as funny as it is excruciating! Just before that scene you see his grandmother stuffing the turkey that is absolutely ginormous and clearly far too big big for the oven but it still ends up being cooked and carved) with a whole manor of things including a live cat! This is a MUST-SEE film for lovers of spoofs everywhere!
  • systemactor1 June 2008
    For the first time in a long time, they have managed to make a spoof movie that works! If you have seen Epic Movie, Date Movie, Pledge This and the other major disappointments of the last couple of years, do not worry! The film you have been looking for is here! With superbly executed parody, intelligent observational humour, and the actors (barr Nielson) playing it straight; Superhero works on just about all levels. It even works as a film in its own right!

    With the major narrative being based on the Spiderman Movie, this film incorporates touches from other such features, but not as badly as Robin Hood Men In tights did: they are integrated with aplomb and subtlety. The added touches (reminiscent of the Naked Gun movies) with celebrity look-alikes being hurt is amusing; but the major laughs are in the SM spoofing. I will not mention individual scenes, as they work best when not telegraphed or looked for; but you will see them, recognise them, and probably wet yourself because of them. :P Very enjoyable. Watch, laugh and watch again
  • I had wanted to see this movie for quite some time, and when I finally got the chance, I found that I enjoyed most of it. This movies basically follows the Spider-man movie line by line, with a few deviations leading into the X-men and The Fantastic Four. THe Camera Work was great, and I could tell that they had good directing. Many of the jokes are cheesy, but will still make you laugh. Honestly, don't go into this movie thinking that it's just like Epic movie, Date movie, or Meet the Spartans, it is much better. I personally believe that it is worth the title of Scary Movie successor. Another plus would be the excellent lighting.

    Overall, I think it's worth your time, it's got plenty of laughs. I would not suggest it for younger kid's, as several adult content jokes are made.
  • I went to see this tonight after a long brutal week at the job where all I wanted to do was go to the theater, grab a beer and watch a entertaining, light comedy.

    Being a HUGE fan of Leslie Nielson from the POLICE SQUAD series thru all the NAKED GUN episodes, I thought this would be a fun movie.

    It was a nightmare...

    The sight gags only elicited a few chuckles from those in attendance... since most of them were used before,in the NAKED GUN (i.e. a scene where Nielson lets go of a wheelchair and it and his owner go flying off a building ala O.J. Simpson in NAKED GUN I).

    The only interesting scenes were some pretty good impersonations of Barry Bonds, Tony Bennett, Tom Cruise and Dr. Hawkins.

    Normally if I don't like a film it's because it most likely is I may not be the target audience of the writers and producers...but the audience consisted of males and females from children to Sr. Citizens.....and I rarely heard anything even remotely close to a chuckle.

    The banter between husband (Nielson) and Marion Ross was uncomfortable at best...and in a way sad, seeing two people who have had stellar, award winning careers now wandering aimlessly in this poorly thought out and written flop.

    I recommend not just holding back and wait for it to hit DVD...but even skip the DVD release.

    Save your money and re-rent Naked Gun or better yet, the Police Squad series for truly spoof mastery.
  • (!Might Contain Spoilers!) I saw this movie and seemed to enjoy it. I was able to laugh through out the whole movie. It had the same plot as "Spiderman." It was about a high school boy (Drake bell) getting bitten by a dragon fly, getting super powers along with a a green suit. Then he has to fight off 2 villains (Lou Landers and someone else i forgot) that created an experiment that can suck a superhero's powers away. If i remember, this movie lasted 1 hour and 10-15 minutes Most of the actors were from the scary movie series, which were the best cast to make a parody as funny as possible The plot is very ordinary and is exactly just like the regular superhero movies; being new to the superhero world and stopping villains etc It contains jokes all around including bad humor such as sex jokes and language but every movie has their moments so can't blame it Tell you the truth, i was laughing too much to understand what is going on, so i definitely recommend this movie to all comedy/parody lovers. Enjoy!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There have been a bunch of really bad parody movies lately but this one was actually pretty funny, with some excellent comic actors cast perfectly and a pretty decent script. It follows the Spiderman plot but includes other films as well. Lots of childish humor and some great send ups of Tom Cruise, Dr. Stephen Hawking and others. Leslie Nielson in one of his better appearances of recent vintage. Not quite as funny as Airplane but definitely not Date Movie or Meet the Spartans either. Frankly, it is worth buying for 4 bucks at Blockbuster just for the "Douchebag of the Year" scene. I can not get that idiotic song of my head right now and I've been giggling like a child in my office all day.
  • Superhero Movie is a laugh-a-minute comedy that moves quickly, and has more jokes than you'll know how to handle. I was lucky enough to attend the premier of this movie last night in Los Angeles, and I'd never witnessed a more active and engaged audience. People who had spent months working on it, and were definitely familiar with the jokes, were laughing at the end result, and genuinely enjoying themselves. It's a lot of slap stick and "spoof movie jokes", but you can tell from watching that it took an incredible amount of planning and choreographing in order to get it just right. This movie was great, and you'll definitely get your money's worth if you're looking for a movie that will make you laugh and will keep you giggling each time you see it.

    PS: Stay throughout all of the credits to see deleted scenes and out-takes! :)
  • i had low expectations for this movie,so i was surprised when it turned out to be better than i wasn't great or anything,but there were a few chuckles,and i even laughed out loud twice.still,to me,this movie would have worked better as a straight was certainly entertaining,and,except for all the fart jokes,it didn't reach into the bottom of the barrel for spoofs go,this was probably middle of the road fare.not great,but not torturous,either.would i watch it again?i think so,if i had nothing better to do.the running time,without credits,is about 75 minutes,so,even if you hate it,you'll only lose 75 minutes of your life.for me,Superhero movie is a 4/10
  • This is nothing like "Meet the Spartans" or "Epic Movie". It's a lot more constructive. There was only one immature part (The "Farting" scene) and it was far better than my expectations. I only saw this because Leslie Nealson was in it, but I came out thinking Drake Bell was great. The commercials don't do it justice, as the only funny one is when the news caster says that Tom Cruise is dead. I wish it were longer, actually. The pop culture references were minimal, but the jokes weren't. I find that the ones who would enjoy it most are teens, but parents would get a few laughs too. "Meet the Spartans" was just reference after reference, but this movie only makes them through super heroes. In short, if you like it, you like it, if you don't, you don't.
  • It's official, this will be the last modern parody movie I ever see. After Meet The Spartans, I don't know why I even bothered with this thing. The concept and the trailer seemed funny but, believe me, it's not.

    It is, without a doubt, a huge swing and a miss given the potential. The trailer contained the only material that could be considered funny. I never laughed once during the entire movie. It also was remarkably mean spirited. Unless you find death, cruelty, nearly naked fat guys and senior flatulence funny, I wouldn't bother with this waste of film. Potty humor and a genuine meanness was all this thing offered. No intelligent parody, no real sexual innuendo and no genuine laughs AT ALL. One of the year's worst movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why can't anybody not named Zucker or Abrams make a silly, stupid, funny movie parody any more? After the horrible Meet the Spartans I was afraid we'd never again just be able to go to a goofy movie and have a few laughs. But Superhero Movie has given me renewed hope.

    It's pretty much what you would expect, but the comedic skill of the many actors make it incredibly fun to watch. Yes, Leslie Nielsen is getting old, but his deadpan is still the best. You'll see a lot of other faces you'll recognize, and they do a great job of keeping things moving and never really letting you relax until something equally outlandish occurs. I suppose there were too many fart and pee jokes, but the filmmakers know they aren't playing to a highbrow audience here. And I guarantee you this is the first - and probably only - movie you'll ever see with snail-rape! So if you enjoy well done bawdy, slapstick humor, Superhero Movie won't disappoint. I'm not sure many of the jokes will be memorable or become classics in future years, but for 85 minutes you'll forget your troubles and laugh out loud. Today that's a lot to receive from a movie! Enjoy.
  • helmutty17 April 2008
    The recent spoof movies like Date move, Epic movie and Meet the spartan and now Superhero movie. There are two types of spoof movies- crappy spoofs like Epic movie and Meet the Spartan which have almost no plot just the stupid and disgusting jokes chunk into 1 hour and 15 minutes and the other type is the serious spoof movies like Scary movie and the recent Superhero movie which have the element of the movies they spoof, Superhero movie is spoofing about superheroes and it mainly do that and it is good to see them do a main spoof not like Epic movie or Meet the spartan where the director just chunk any movie into it.

    The story: It has the potential to develop its story but it just chooses to stick to its usual spoof plot, disgusting plus sex jokes and stupid unrealistic plot. It mainly spoof spider-man and other superheroes like Fantastic 4, X-men and many more as the background spoof. Since it mainly spoof on Spider-man, you will know what the story is. I find it quite disappointing, I expected some fight scenes which it does not really feature. The trailers look promising but it does not really live up to my expectations.

    Overall: It is not a bad spoof movie but it can do much better of developing the story. It is currently one of the best spoof movies recently. Those who like spoof movies including Meet the spartan, they should catch this. Those finding a comedy, probably this would perk you up and do not expect much. Those who totally hate spoof movies, they should probably rent it on DVD if they feel bored. Try not to expect too much, just leave your brain at the door and relax watching it.
  • I'm going to be saying some of negatives and gripes I had with the movie, but just remember I still gave this a 6 because it was funny at times.

    I'm a big fan of flatulent comedy when done right. Blazing Saddles did it beautifully (and was the first movie ever to have an on screen fart). Superhero movie seems to very single-minded on this aspect: old people = farts. One of the fart scenes was a little funny at first, but then goes on way too long.

    This movie is called Superhero Movie yet is devoid of spoofs from most of them. It only spoofs three movies: mainly Spider-man, a little X-men, and a tiny bit of Batman Begins. Sadly, here the writer fell into the same mindset of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who have almost destroyed the spoof genre with their atrocities Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans. What made spoofs of old so good was when they spoofed a genre they didn't just look at the new hot commodities, they looked at all the films in that genre across the years. A more recent spoof who did it well was Not Another Teen Movie. It not only spoofed the new aged Freddy Prince Jr teen romance movies, but also went back to the John Hughes films of the 80's. I think this spoof would be more accessible to people outside of high school had he threw in some spoofs of the old Batman or Superman movies. Maybe even a little bit of a throwback to the Adam West Batman or Lou Ferrigno Hulk TV shows.

    My last gripe is about the main actor Drake Bell. He might work for little kids on Nickelodeon, but he doesn't for this movie. For the sake of brevity I'll just say that if you see this movie you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Those were some serious gripes, but it doesn't mean I didn't laugh. One scene in particular had me in stitches. The scene spoofed the Spider-man scene where Parker is late for dinner and is hiding from a searching Osborn on the ceiling of his room. I couldn't stop myself from laughing. I thought the scene was brilliant. Though some jokes do fall flat it is bound to happen when you spring a new joke every 15 to 30 seconds.
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