• WARNING: Spoilers

    Funland is a comedy / thriller serial, produced by the BBC that was first screened from 23 October 2005 to 7 November 2005, on the digital channel BBC Three. The series consists of a fifty-minute opening episode followed by ten half-hour installments.Set in Blackpool over one long weekend, Funland plunges you into the black heart of the resort town, bringing the saucy seaside postcard screaming into the twenty-first century. Join the characters on a mysterious journey where nothing is quite what it seems: Carter Krantz arrives in Blackpool to avenge the death of his mother. Without a penny to his name and carrying only a fragment of paper containing the words Ambrose Chapel, he is sucked into the most disturbing of mysteries. The dysfunctional Woolf family are at the heart of everything that happens in Blackpool: there's Shirley Woolf, a borderline psycho; his mother, the evil and manipulative Mercy; and his foolhardy wife Connie. Also in town are the Suttons, Dudley and Lola, hoping for a dirty weekend to spice up their marriage. Little do they suspect that their stay in the Shangri-la guesthouse will turn their world upside down... their lives will never be the same again.