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  • Well, This TV Novel right now is been transmitted in México and maybe on its borders that shows how is a typical Mexican-family which lives in a neighborhood but to the Principal Starring of this story "Tito Sanchez", his life gives a 360º change when he just made an act of good will because it's his naturalness... but he didn't imagine that he was going to be the president of one of the most important companies of all around Mexico, when he didn't realize too that the person that he "saved her life" was those president. And here it starts a series of as fortunate as unfortunate events series (although it sounds like a film) when they find themselves with the "Uriarte's Family" Who envies 'em just because they are more popular than they (the uriarte's family), and this is the beginning of a great series of things that happen in this TV Novel with Love affairs, tragedies, weeping... and everything!!!. If you want to have an hour of diversion then don't doubt and watch it!!!