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  • Bizarre short in which a couple express their interest in one another through their shoes is of note only for the repeated use of close-ups at a time when they were rarely found in movies. It doesn't really work, but is at least unique.
  • A man and a woman meet in a shoe store. Their shod feet touch... shyly at first. A year later, they are living in wedded bliss and go to a park to celebrate their anniversary, where another man's foot touches milady's. The couple go home to fight and throw shoes out the window.

    Director Georges Monca, whose directorial career would extend until shortly before his death in 1939, is not only doing some racy stuff with sexuality here, he's doing some interesting stuff with close-ups of feet. It's a long walk from shorts like THE GAY SHOE CLERK to this one, but it's clear that he's on to something. Others would make use of similar shots, particularly Marcel Perez, who would build an entire short using only below-the-waist shots of his actors.

    The man in this short is Georges Treville, whose career would likewise extend into sound films. In this one, he is credited as a member of the Rejane theater.