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  • Contemporary adult entertainment seems to have found a happy medium between elaborate "features", such as were common in the quote unquote Golden Age of Adult Cinema and are still produced by the major studios, and the excesses of "gonzo", arguably one of the forebears of "reality television", in which we're supposed to believe that everything is happening spontaneously. (Watch "Family Business", itself a largely staged "reality show" about the adult entertainment industry, if you want that myth dispelled.) "Here Cum the Brides 2" presents a series of five unrelated stories about young women who are ostensibly either just married on on the verge of marriage. So we have characters and plots, but its clear that these are serving the sex, rather than vice versa. Still, it works, mostly.

    Nearly all the scenes are quite entertaining, with only Jassie's attempted portrait of a supposedly virginal bride not really coming off. Penthouse Pet Angelica Costello, here playing under the screen name "Venus" is quite entertaining in the classic scenario of a honeymooning couple whose credit card is declined, forcing them to offer up "something else" (guess what) in exchange for their lodging. But the best scene belongs to the charming Eve Lawrence, who giggles and bubbles and never manages to lose the flower in her elaborate wedding hairdo, through her three-way with her "soon-to-be husband" and blonde Harmony,