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20 October 2017 | lor_
The two Jakes, on a paid vacation
Ace porn cinematographer Jake Jacobs made quite a few Brazilian sex videos in his spare time between Chatsworth gigs, and this forgotten VCA release tries a bit to be more than just an XXX travelogue.

Structurally it harks back to those old loop carriers of the '70s, as the brief final blow-job scene set in America (just a hotel room look) has Jake stepping out in front of the camera to be the sugar daddy that brought our humble narrator Soma (who goes uncredited except for the DVD scene menu) here from the paradise of Brasil.

Soma voice-overs a sort of a story line to link together the various sex vignettes, but never shows up on location in Brazil or meets any of the film's characters. So she apparently was added as a tack-on to make sense of the footage JJ brought home from his location shoot.

Setting is a mansion where the master leaves in a limo at the outset, presumably to see a mistress (we never see hide nor hair of him again). While he's away the beautiful Lady of the House (embodied by Claudia Bella) dallies with a lover and has a lesbian encounter, actually a threesome with a stud added, with one of the maids. All of the maids have sex and show off their cute outfits, the fetish around which this video is titled.

Not much here to digest, but Jake is careful to include plenty of anal sex in every scene except his own. And he doesn't bother to deliver a cum shot upon Soma after much sucking on her part, even though fans know the auteur has it in him after seeing him act in many a video as "the old guy".

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