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  • Snapped is a documentary program that tells us the true stories of women accused of murder. We learn a little about their lives prior to them meeting the murder victim, be it their husband, boyfriend, lover or the other woman. These women range from stay-at-home moms, grocery clerks, school teachers, law students, politicians to fashion designers; working class, upper class, wealthy. Social status doesn't matter.

    We also learn about their lives with the victims and what drove them to murder. Their motives for murder are as varied as their social status. These women commit murder to collect on a large life insurance policy, to gain child custody, to get rid of an unfaithful or abusive husband or the suspect is an unfaithful wife choosing murder over divorce.

    If you enjoy programs like Forensic Files, First 48 and Captured, you'd definitely enjoy Snapped.
  • blanche-218 December 2009
    'Snapped' is an intriguing half-hour series, currently on the Oxygen Network, that concerns female murderers. Narrated in a flat, just the facts ma'm female voice, the show takes the viewer through the crime in a prologue ("the question is, when he left, did he take a suitcase? Or was he in one?") After the credits, there's a brief biography of the killer, interaction with the victim, details of the crime, the trial, and the aftermath.

    "Snapped" is very intriguing and a little like potato chips - Oxygen runs them one after the other, and after one show, you find yourself watching the next and the next.

    For lovers of true crime, "Snapped" is a no-miss.
  • I am absolutely obsessed with this show. It is definitely not suggested for younger audiences or people who can't handle murder or other things like that but other than that it is an amazing show! I watch it every single day. I was actually channel surfing and saw it one day, it looked interesting, I watched it and fell in love with it. This show is absolutely amazing. Cartain people I know can't watch it, because of it content, and I feel bad for them since they are missing out on a lot. There are many different cases, but I have seen certain episodes multiple times, but not very many. If you give this show a chance you will probably fall in love with it.
  • What can I say after that?... You have to watch it.
  • rubydragonfly885 September 2019
    At some point they expanded episodes to an hour and they didn't need to. I like this show, but the narrator is constantly repeating herself, summarizing, and reexplaining everything. It's one thing to do that after commercials, but to do it the entire hour is really irritating.
  • For the 2018 season (possibly 2017), even though this show has been going since 2004, the producers (Sharon Martin?) decided to fix something that was NOT broken. Before each commercial break the new narrator says, "Coming Up," and a fraction of a second later begins revealing spoilers. Sometimes I'm caught off guard and can't hit the mute fast enough. Other times there are false alarms -- I think the "Coming Up" is coming due to a pause in the narration, but then the show continues. This is no way to enjoy a show. What do the producers think, that viewers can't wait the duration of a commercial break to see what happens next? That they have to have the "Coming Up" previews? I mean, is it like viewers hear "Coming Up" and think, "Oh Oh Oh, Gotta see what's coming up!" even though in three minutes they'll find out? How stupid do the producers/directors think viewers are? This "Coming Up" nonsense is on the verge of being a deal breaker for what was once a very good show. It is SOOO insulting to intelligence.

    As for the previous review stating that this show contains content that's difficult for her friends to watch ... this show is actually quite mild compared to some of the stuff that's on the ID Channel. It can be predictable, but the "whodunnit" aspect is not supposed to be part of the show. We all know whodunnit. What's interesting is HOW the detectives figure it out. This show was a hit before the stupid "Coming Up" spoilers. Why fix what wasn't broken?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Snapped" is a documentary about numerous deaths. I choose to review the episode about "Selena: Death of a Superstar." It is about Yolanda Saldivar's murder of singer Selena Quintanilla. The purpose of this documentary is to go in depth about the murder. The main point is to tell about Selena's death and what happened to Yolanda after the event. I like how this specific documentary told more about the death of Selena. I had not heard much about it in detail until I saw the documentary. The biography movie about Selena talks about it but it does not go in depth. What I did not like about the film I that Yolanda Saldivar was not there to personally tell her side of the story. I think the film would have been more interesting if she was there to talk for herself. The incident as a whole is just heart breaking because she did not deserve to die. Selena touched the lives of many people in both Mexico and America. Yolanda Saldivar took that away and faces a long sentence for her actions. This film is more than likely for people that loved Selena as a person and her music. This documentary exposes the devastation behind Selena's death and the consequences for Yolanda.
  • jerryp655 November 2018
    This series about true crime is very predictable. Every episode has the same course of events. At first I didn't realize all murders are committed by women. That makes it easy to guess who dunnit. Furthermore the crime is always committed by an immediate family member, a spouse, or a daughter. In the previews in the beginning of each episode one can already determine who is the culprit. This is all too predictable for me. Moreover the narrator (Sharon Martin) has a very annoying voice as she an odd way of speaking.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The older ones were better - where they focused on the killer. "Born in 1968, Mary grew up on a farm..." and we find out about what lead her to where she is.

    Now they focus on the victim. We get a good 5-7 minutes of the victim's life, stuff that has ZERO to do with the story. No one cares.

    They've essentially run out of good stories and now are doing cases that the cops clearly knew who the killer was within a few hours but they have to drag this out to an hour so you get tons and tons of filler.

    I mean honestly, Snapped should have always been a half hour to begin with. There was ONE season they did do half hour episodes and those were the best. But even the hour ones with the terrible robotic sounding host (that lady has no business doing voice over) were better than what they're putting out today.

    The older ones used to always have the "psychologist" to let us dumb people know that "she was filled with rage when she shot him 16 times." They stopped doing that, so that's good. They've also apparently stopped having "guests" speaking who have nothing to do with the case, like the "bartender" who worked at the bar where she sometimes went in and the bartender is filling us in on the story that he has nothing to do with - the producers have given him a script. It's annoying.

    Still the stories they're doing these days are relatively boring and even more boring with the long drawn out slow motion recreations.

    I still say if they went back to a half hour and just do the meat of the story and stop with all the filler, this could be a great show. STOP with the 2 minutes of "coming up" baloney that everyone fast forwards through. Stop with all the pointless filler that doesn't add to the story. We don't need to know about the victim's hobbies or his previous three wives. But naw, they won't do this. They need to fill out an 44 minutes or programming so it's always going to be drawn out.

    This show won't be around much longer.
  • Women kill their husbands and boyfriends for various reasons.

    I would rate the first 6 seasons 6/10 and everything after that 2/10. The first 6 seasons were brief, quick and to the point, and the narration was okay. From season 7 on, some smart producer decided to double the episode time and make the narrator emphasize the last word of each sentence which gets annoying after a while. I didn't like either of these changes and stopped watching.
  • tim_speckmann-0595713 August 2020
    Too long and predictable. Annoying Interviews and bad storytelling. Hard to watch.
  • How can a greedy wife and her lover murder her husband for the life insurance money
  • baoboa10 December 2019
    Yet another murder, killer, evil, prison, death etc etc etc "documentary" show. Just what the world needed. Surely, gonna be another American hit TV show. Garbage.