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  • If you want to spend a evening with a nice, little, funny romance-comedy you would not be disappointed giving this one a try.

    If you want to get into nostalgic mood about West Germany in the 60s you will even more like it.

    ...but if you are crazy about soccer, it is your duty to watch this movie! You will have so much fun watching it and in the end you finally know the „real truth" about one of the greatest German soccer players of all times „Guenther Netzer".

    Only thing you should not do is – like almost every time – relay on the trailer. If you have seen the trailer you think this one is going to be a big laugh, scream comedy full of nasty humor and slapstick. But it is not! All big laughs are already included into the trailer. The other 85 minutes of this movie you will have a great time with a huge smile on your face, a small tear of emotion running down your cheek and the warm feeling in your heart, you always feel while listening to the „old stories of yesterday". (And this worked out even for me being born in the 70s and never seeing Netzer playing soccer live.) All in all a fine, uncommon and very special comedy!