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  • The show was a great Canadian production that had a real California feel but a Canadian flavor. The energy of the cast was felt on the screen. Being a Canadian who loves the thrill of our 3 month summer, I loved the memories it brought out in me.

    I was particularly impressed with Steve Byers. He was sensitive, caring and charismatic yet the real Canadian boy that I remember from cottage days in the Muskokas. It was refreshing to see someone who was respectful to adults as well.

    The ending made me hope that a series will follow. When will we know if a series will be made of this great show?
  • lawlorwalter12 August 2018
    As far as cheesy teen dramas go this one isn't so bad. It's nowhere near as good as the original DeGrassi series as far as realism and drama and acting and writing etc go but it's better than say The OC or 90210 (at least the new one). It's campy and the acting is bad but those other show are way more over the top and don't care at all about performance so much as the hair of the 40 year old actors playing high school kids. Worth checking out if you're into this stuff just don't expect too much and you'll be fine.
  • pancake_repairman9 March 2007
    Watching this show I wasn't sure if it was meant to be a parody teen show or if it was supposed to be taken seriously. It exaggerates the unrealistic drama of teen shows by removing any trace of personality from the characters and emphasizing their emotional reactions to things. The plot points seemed deliberately contextless and rushed, the characters seemed deliberately one-dimensional, at times the acting seemed deliberately bad, but it never got silly enough to make me laugh. After googling the show nothing seems to label it as a parody or satire, so I guess it really is just an unintentionally fascinatingly stupid show.