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  • Kate Wilkinson is a book editor who receives a copy of the diary of Dr. Suzanne Bedford, started in 2003 for her then unborn son Nicholas. We go back and forth from Suzanne's life to Kate's, which is unfortunate because I enjoyed Suzanne's life so much more.

    At the start of the movie, Suzanne is a busy Boston physician who discovers she has heart problems. Because having a baby would risk her health, Suzanne ends up breaking up with her boyfriend who wanted children, and also moves to a less stressful island community to take over a general practice.

    Among her neighbors is the quirky Melanie, who advises her that the house where Suzanne lives and works needs fixing up. Melanie refers her to a man who calls himself Picasso, a Brown graduate who gave up the corporate life working for his father in order to become a writer. Soon the relationship between Suzanne and her handyman becomes more than just friendship. When she becomes pregnant, Suzanne is advised to have an abortion but she refuses.

    Suzanne's patients, including hypochondriac Earl ('What seems to be the problem?' 'What isn't?') care a lot about her. Sadly, all is not perfect in this paradise.

    Kate starts a relationship of her own with Matt, a client who wrote about the same community where Suzanne lived. Meanwhile, Kate reads the diary and wonders if the story is true, and she learns lessons that help her in her own life.

    It took a while, but I ended up liking Suzanne a lot, and I enjoyed her story, even with the problems she experienced, and I wished things had ended differently for her. I thought Christina Applegate did an admirable job, and I liked her goofy neighbors. I even sort of liked her sensitive bearded husband.

    As for Kate, I couldn't stand her. I won't take anything away from Kathleen Perkins' performance, but somehow I couldn't find her appealing, even when the character mentioned growing up in North Carolina. That's the only part of her story I enjoyed, and it lasted about five seconds. Worse yet, Kate's story wasn't even completely in chronological order, though later I understood certain things better.

    I would have been much happier if the entire movie had been Suzanne's diary, with no flashbacks.
  • When I go into movies, after having read the book, I usually go in expecting disappointment. But last night, as I watched Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, I was reminded of just how wonderful this story was. It was beautiful, thought-out, and everything and adaptation should be.

    Chistina Appelgate was wonderful as Suzanne. And Johnathon Schaech, never having seen him in anything except Doom Generation, was the perfect person for the role. And the support cast did their jobs. But my main compliments go to the director/writer: Richard Friedenberg. He understands what fans want, and gives it to them.

    For those who have read the book, do yourself a favor, and watch this movie. For those who have only seen the movie: read the book.
  • Jesse_Stopes28 March 2005
    Christina Applegate had an amazing performance in this movie, the writing was incredible and she brought the character to life. I was in tears at the end of the movie, and even a couple times somewhere in the middle. Definitely hope it comes to video! I was impressed with the movie as I usually do not like made for TV movies, this one however moved me so much that I am running out first thing tomorrow morning to purchase the novel, as in TV land they had to edit out parts to fit the story line, but of the movie was that good with pieces missing, it must be extraordinary in its entirety.
  • At the time I read this book, I was the exact same age as Suzanne, my name is Suzanne, and I have been told by doctors all of my life to not have children as the pregnancy could kill me. Needless to say, I absolutely sobbed at the end of the book!!!!

    The movie was a pretty good adaptation of the book, although I didn't cry anywhere near as much as I did with the book. I agree with one of the other posters above, I wish the whole story was about Suzanne, as her life was definitely more interesting than Kate's.

    I find it hard to believe that Johnathon and Christina's marriage broke up not long after this movie - they had great chemistry!!

    (By the way, I'm now 40, still alive and, unlike Matt and Suzanne in the book/movie, my husband and I decided it was best that I do NOT ever fall pregnant).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really liked that movie. It made me cry! I felt so bad for Matt because he lost his wife and his son, and the boy was only 4 months old! But I'm glad that Suzanne found someone who appreciated her even if the risk of having children is severe. I just felt so sad to see someone go through so much pain. And the fact that at the end of the diary he wrote how he'd rock Nick's cradle at night, though he wasn't in it because he was in the car accident with his mother. And I have to say that I love Christina Applegate, she's a terrific actress! I love all the movies and TV shows she's been in. And the actors in this film were so believable. The emotion they gave was so strong that I could feel the emotion that the character was portraying. I give this film a straight 10 out of 10 because I haven't seen a film that was made throughout the millennium that I've enjoyed this much.
  • lacyblue9828 March 2005
    I found this movie to be one of the best on television in a long time. Christina Applegate is an excellent actress. She doesn't get the credit she deserves for her acting abilities. This was one of the movies where all the actors were good. Kathleen Rose Perkins is outstanding in her performance as Kate. The emotional scene where she is bed reading the journal and crying is one of scenes which should move her onto the big screen. I think she is going to be one of the major movie actresses in the future. The Lady has talent. The expressions in the eyes of Christina and Johnation told of real love. It came across in the scenes they had together. I didn't know they were real husband and wife until I read a bio on Christina before writing this comment. The movie is about love and loss and finding love again. It is a heart warming love story and finally one TV movie that does have an ending that will make you smile.
  • wandaful13 April 2005
    I thought this movie was absolutely beautiful.....

    Better than the book even.........

    All the actors did a fantastic job and were all very believable in their respective roles.

    John and Christina certainly hit the mark with this movie as the chemistry was wonderful and Kathleen was suitably impressive as the "other woman" .....

    I also loved the location and that house was to die for......:)

    Ohhh and alliesun98, James Patterson was actually the executive producer of this movie.... and I'm sure he is very proud of it....

    10 out of 10....
  • patty-8128 March 2005
    I just read the book a week before the movie came out on CBS and had cried my eyes out. I had no idea they were making a movie until a friend told me who was currently borrowing the book from me. I watched the movie which it came out on Easter Sunday and loved it. It was as good as the book or should i say better, the whole time i watched it i had a not in my throat, wanting to cry. I hope they put this on DVD because i love girlie movies and books and when they make the movie i love to see how it compares to the book. If you've seen the notebook or even read the book you'll love this movie and book. I can't help but write love so many times because that's how good it was and how much it touched my heart. Christina and Jonathan were awesome actors in the movie i don't know if being married in real life helped them out but if so they did a great job.
  • slightlymad2218 December 2014
    Christina Applegate is an actress I have long been a fan of, starting with a crush I had on her on my teenage years, through 'Jessie' and 'Samantha Who?' On TV or her work trying to keep up with Will Ferrell and co in the Anchorman movies 'The Sweetest Thing'

    Plot In A Paragraph: Katie Wilkinson (Kathleen Rose Perkins) a New York City book editor, whose relationship with Matt Harrison (Johnathon Schaech)ends suddenly. Shortly after she receives a package from Matt, explaining if she reads what is enclosed, she will understand more about why he has behaved like he has, Katie learns about Matt's past through the diary written by Suzanne (Christina Applegate) for her unborn son Nicholas.

    You can tell where this is headed, almost from the first fifteen to twenty minutes. Thanks to wonderful performances from both Christina Applegate and Kathleen Rose Perkins, plus Johnathon Schaech is OK too, but at times his acting is not on par with the ladies in the movie
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I found this movie on Netflix streaming movies.

    I became a Christina Applegate fan years ago when she was the ditzy Kelly Bundy on the "Married With Children" TV series. I have seen her in several things since then and always enjoy her roles.

    Here she is Dr. Suzanne Bedford but as a relatively young 30-something has an unexpected heart attack. With surgery she is fine but the threat of another causes her to abandon her big city practice and buy a small town practice on an island north of Boston.

    There she meets Johnathon Schaech as college graduate Matt Harrison who writes, as yet unpublished, so he makes ends meet as a handyman on the island. He and Suzanne hit it off, he proposes, and against medical advice she has a baby.

    But there is another women in Matt's life. It is Kathleen Rose Perkins as publishing house editor Kate Wilkinson. She and Matt have a good chemistry also, but right when things seem to be going great he tells her "I can't do this" and he goes away, out of her life.

    But the story is a lot more complex than that, and overall makes an interesting and enjoyable 90-minute movie that plays like a TV movie.

    SPOILERS: The two women in Matt's life were consecutive, but the stories are shown as parallel events. After the baby was growing Suzanne got in the car with their son, she had another heart attack while driving, went off a bridge, the baby didn't survive either. So Matt's new book, which Kathleen is editing with him, was written after he had become single again. He was falling in love with Kathleen but still had memories of his dead wife and son, hadn't worked them out yet. But he gave her a diary to read, it was written by Suzanne, and then she understood. Eventually they got back together, married, and as the movie ends we see a family portrait of Matt, Kathleen, and the young daughter.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know I'm in the minority here, after having read several glowing reviews of this movie, but I felt the need to chime in nonetheless. Perhaps I'm not the right sort of audience for this kind of movie, since I usually find these rom-drams (romantic dramas) horribly saccharine and cheezy, and this one was no different -- in fact, moreso than most.

    First off, let me just get one little tidbit off my chest, and here's a warning:


    Why the heck would someone, knowing that their wife has a heart condition that makes her susceptible to heart attacks, plan a surprise party, of all things, for her birthday?!? Am I the only one who finds this ludicrous? Did the writers never stop to think, oh, maybe that's not a good idea? I haven't read the book, so I don't know if that part was in it or not, but come ON! It made me conjure up my own little sub-plot, where hubby Matt was actually trying to kill his wife, and considering how everything turned out in the end, where he gets his convenient little ready-made family to replace the former one, well, it's not such a bad plot, and maybe it would've made a better movie.


    I knew the wife Suzanne was going to die from the get-go. I mean, come on, they establish a delicate heart condition, and they show the new girlfriend reading her diary, and I've seen enough of these types of movies to know the formula, so it was just a matter of figuring out when and how. That's really the main reason I finished watching this ridiculous drama.

    But of course they have to throw in some moralizing along the way: Suzanne shouldn't have a baby, it's really dangerous for her, she's a doctor and knows the risks -- but rather than do something sensible like adopt a child who could use a good home, she goes ahead and has a baby anyway, because isn't that a woman's true function in life? To be a mother? And, you know, abortion is bad -- even when a pregnancy presents a serious risk to a woman's health, she should just go ahead and have the baby anyway, because then her life is fulfilled!


    Oh, and speaking of abortions, the little twist where Kate gets pregnant presented another moral conundrum. Apparently it's okay for a woman who's casually dating some guy (which is how the movie seemed to present their relationship) to just skip a pill or two, on the off-chance that it "might work out" with her boyfriend. Seriously, that's what Kate tells her doctor when he asks why she missed her pill. I guess she just decided to take it upon herself to maybe get pregnant, without ever bothering to even discuss that with her boyfriend! But god forbid she should get an abortion, because that's just wrong! No, she too should just go ahead with this unplanned pregnancy, because she's a woman, and women are just baby-makers, and it'll all work out in the end!

    Ugh. I think that one word sums up my thoughts on this movie as a whole. Everything about it was designed to be a tear-jerker, and judging from the rest of the reviews, I guess it worked, but I was left at the end feeling annoyed and preached to. Like I said earlier, if you want to watch it from the perspective of this would-be writer plotting to kill his rich doctor wife so he can move into her nice big house, well, that might make a more interesting storyline than this ridiculous melodramatic twaddle.
  • I believe this movie is underrated. I would give it 8/10. I have not read the book so I really have nothing to compare it. The movie is Predictable, but it has a final twist at the end which I love. I love movies with a final twist at the end like Safe Haven, meant to be, the notebook and so many out there. The actors were very believable and just as others have said here its two stories in one. Two women and one man. Each story of the same man Mathew with a different woman. In one Mathew the fun guy, the one that has a child inside, the positive and happy man. That is the man Suzanne got to know. By the other side Mathew the guy that has lost his spark, quite, hard to understand, with sad eyes and with a secret inside.

    This movie made me cry towards the end. I consider worth watching and do not see why someone could give it a bad review. I was entertained all the way from start to finish waiting to see what was the mystery Nicolas had in his life. Of course at the beginning you kind of figure it out but the ending reveals something not expected.
  • I extremely love this movie. I REALLY want it to come out in video so I can buy it, and I certainly know others will too. This movie is one that when I saw it I cried, laughed. It was the best, I really want to see it again but don't know if they're ever going to come out with DVD or VHS or give it again on TV. If someone is reading this and knows how to communicate with the people who make movies. Please suggest to make this a movie on DVD or VHS.If you haven't seen this movie yet well I suggest that you get someone to tell you or someone who recorded it for you to see it. I'm so desperate for it to come out in video because I've been waiting so long for it to come out. Thanks
  • Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas is one of the best books I have ever read. I'm not much of a reader, but I read this book 3 times. I guess I should have known better than to expect the movie to be as good as the book.

    The acting was TERRIBLE. They left out some of the best parts of the book. The movie was horribly cheesy, and did not do the book justice. This could have been such an amazing movie. I'm not sure if the budget was low or what, but it was just so disappointing. Maybe someone else will try again with a better cast and a bigger budget. I hope they apologized to James Patterson after making it.

    I need to go re-read the book now just to get the movie out of my head!!