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  • lor_12 October 2020
    In the BTS on the Adam & Eve DVD Nina Hartley explains that she chose the topic for this educational video because they'd covered nearly all other sexual subjects already in the dozens of previous releases. What we get here is an obviously specialized how-to on a particular kink, making me wonder when guides to Purple Wand or the Pinwheel will be forthcoming.

    Ably seconded by co-host Kylie Ireland (latter clad in latex with a big cutout revealing her naked bum), Nina counsels us on the fun possibilities of Erotic Spanking. As usual, she stresses the importance of consent, boundaries and basically taking all sex acts seriously, with emphasis on the partner's desires and participation.

    She demonstrates on Kylie's body various techniques involving bare hands, leather gloved hands, caning and paddling. Always the goal of stimulation rather than pain or injury is clear.

    A fictional scene has her as dom and Kylie as sub acting out a lesbian sex scene featuring spanking, but also including a strap-on dildo.

    Traditional ritualistic BDSM spanking is enacted by the real-life couple of Audrey Hollander and Otto Bauer, going gonzo for the fans.

    Neither strictly porn nor educational material, this is one of many Nina efforts to demystify sexual practices for a curious audience.