Barthalomew: You friend Harlan walks like a black man and breaths like a killer.

Ice Cool: Dink-D!

Dinky-D: Ice, what up homes?

Ice Cool: Same shit, different toilet

Dinky-D's Lady: [showing gun inventory] How you planning on paying, cash or cash?

[from trailer]

Max Stevens: You betrayed me, and now I'm coming after you!

[from trailer]

Ice Cool: Now you gotta drop it like it's hot!

Jada: [to Harlan] Why are you whispering?

Ice Cool: Did you ever consider anger management?

Harlan Banks: Yes, I did, but this worked better.

Ice Cool: Go and show him how many languages you know. If he don't understand, I'll get out and teach him some gun-fu!

Ice Cool: What took you so long man?

Harlan Banks: You wouldn't believe me if I told you

Ice Cool: I was thinking you might've split town without your soldier

Harlan Banks: You got the wrong guy man

Ice Cool: I got love for you too OG

Harlan Banks: Look, let's get the money from the bad guys so we can take it all

Ice Cool: Both our asses are on the line. I watch your back, you watch my back, and I'll help you give all them bastards first class tickets to hell! Maybe that'll be the medicine for your amnesia

Harlan Banks: You know what man, I feel it! Its comin! My memory's comin!

Ice Cool: Halleujah!

Harlan Banks: Its comin' back!

[first lines]

Jada: Should I be worried?

Old Tarot Reader: Death sometimes symbolizes change.

Harlan Banks: Hey, Max sent me.

Taggert: Bullshit, he's dead.

Harlan Banks: Bullshit happens, you know.

Harlan Banks: [about boss getting shot] You alright?

Agent Rachel Knowles: I sure wish I could'a done that.

Ice Cool: Moon jumping cattle battle?

Prison Guard: What?

Ice Cool: Pyjama mama on Pico pimpin'?

Prison Guard: What?

Ice Cool: Sneeze oozin' on a sunset stripper?

Prison Guard: *What?*

Ice Cool: Fool, you don't know G-bonics? Nigga, I said good night!

[Harlan Banks knocks out the Prison Guard from behind]

[last lines]

Jada: [about little girl] She'll be okay.

Harlan Banks: I know.