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  • Being a big fan of Christopher Lambert and of "traditional" type Vampires, I was delighted to hear a couple of years ago that 'Metamorphosis' was happening.

    Although the writers of 'Metamorphosis' were enthusiastic to portray an "original" take on Vampirism like most modern movies featuring our fanged friends do, they are still beautiful, genteel ladies and gentlemen and not a street-gang speaking in "cool" Buffy-type slang.

    Mostly shot in Hungary straight after Lambert's 'Day of Wrath,' Christopher clearly enjoys playing the bad guy here, and gives us a performance that I would describe as Lord Rayden in a nastier mood. As usual, his character is a mix of dark and light, but I wish the script had allowed a bit more of an insight into his character as the write-up on the official site indicated there might be.

    Irena A. Hoffman is everything you could want in a seductive Vampire, and I look forward to seeing her in other things. Scenes with her or Lambert as the main focus are certainly the most enjoyable in the movie, as the three American tourists (in real life, one Canadian, and two English) aren't very interesting.

    Corey Sevier is adequate as Keith, but Jennifer Higham and particularly Charlie Hollway are stuck playing irritating, unfunny characters.

    The rest of the cast is filled out by some suitable looking Hungarians, and the production is assisted by the use of genuine medieval locations.

    Metamorphosis is a little light on blood and Vampire action, and struggles a bit to keep it's plot moving, but I enjoyed it.
  • keeping it short this is one of the worst movies i have ever seen and not so much because the setting/idea, but the actors are really.. really.. REALLY bad they are beyond bad exactly how far i don't really know cause i lost sight of em going over the "line of beyond bad"

    it could have been a great movie with better casting, the 3 tourists sounds like they have the script straight in front of em and they are just reading directly from it without taking much notice of what it says lambert does a so so effort to play the vampire ill admit that and Irena A Hoffman also did a pretty good job and her character felt a lil more believable (as did lamberts)

    the starting minute of the movie really made me want more as im a fan of keeping original languages instead of having cheesy accents but boy was i disappointed , this flick is a orgasm of cheesy accents , and the whole.. "college kids" idea is just.. sad so very sad

    the whole movie is a big "could have been" from the beginning (well 1 minute in) to the end

    if i had financed this movie id cry long and hard after seeing it.. why you can prolly guess by now
  • dien28 July 2009
    Abysmal. Horrible. Plain awful. These are just a few words that come to my mind when I think of this movie.

    Let's take a closer look:

    ACTING - practically non-existent, wooden,amateurish overacting;

    ACTORS - horrible 1990s choice of actors and characters (three utterly annoying American tourists) and Christopher Lambert. Yes, that Christopher Lambert, who once was a big star (don't ask me how he ended up in this piece of junk);

    PLOT - makes little or no sense (not to mention the terrible distortion of historical reality and truth);

    SETTING - probably the only positive think in the whole film;

    ENDING - clear and predictable after some 30 minutes into the film; etc.

    I could go on and on, but there's no point to. It's simply one horrible horrible film which should never have been made. And Mr. Lambert should fire his agent ASAP and start making decent films again.
  • Helo everyone!

    I rented the movie yesterday to watch the mesmerizing Chirstopher Lambert in this adaptation of Blood Baroness Bathory story, who actually existed, and must say I was bitterly disappointed.

    First, the moving pictures that I've seen on the screen were in poor quality - not the TV seen, but the photography and cinematography were not what you can expect even in low budget movies as this one. Alone the camera movement tried to capture the mystery/horror atmosphere of the movie, but lightning was just bad - as made from students that just ended their program.

    Second, the Characters of the movie were mostly two dimensional, with no ability or possibility in script to give them emotional(human,when we are talking vampires) depth.

    Don't get me wrong; the work of actors was acceptable, but the Characters were boring. The only ones that stood out were Lambert as the Bad Guy of the story with his performance, that actually had similarity to his Mortal Combat character, and Hofmann as the Elisabeth (the "good Vampire") because she succeeded to grow over the cliché of seductive vampire woman and let me believe that Elisabeth is truly caring about Keith (played by Sevier, who still has to prove himself as an actor).

    The FX were OK, but the some scenes were just not working as suspense visual vehicles for the audience(for example, when brother Alexander sticks his javelin trough sister's Chaterine's heart and Hihgham character, and they disintegrate, the J.J, played by Hollway, stands in the Picture and is not afraid but amazed that the scene is actually taking place...?)Really, not funny.You see this in experimental footage of movie students. The white light of the purgatory works OK, but you can see almost the whole time, that it is not...well, that is fx.

    OK,enough of bad mood. The Idea of "time is slower in purgatory" and the visualization of it was really good.It worked in building the suspense and it worked as the idea of "follow the white light" was finally clear.
  • Perhaps when I watched Metamorphosis I happened to be in the right romantic mood. I liked it, though the story should have been more deepened on the dramatic side.

    This is not one of the horror films, as it is recommended. Unlike average vampire movies, this film does not center upon fangs or bloody images. Its focus is not on horror, and if you expect gore you₼re setting yourself for disappointment. The main focus of the film is upon character and upon exploring the world beyond death.

    The film could have had the chance of being a runner-up to Interview with a Vampire, had it benefited from a larger budget, a better technical crew and less commercial appetite.

    While flawed in many areas (epic, acting, and sound track except the piano part) Metamorphosis is worth watching. I liked the humane way in which the film was dealt with. The idea was good. The film presents real human emotions through the surreal world of vampires. Young Elisabeth has a lonely eternity to hollow in, until she meets Keith and falls in love. An impossible love doomed to be hunted by vampire slayers.

    The conflict between the evil vampire (Constantine) and the humane one (Elisabeth) is the most spectacular part of the film. Lambert is great as Constantine (his lines have really some twisted humor), and makes him fun to watch. Irena A. Hoffman (young Elisabeth) conveys a charm that fits her character perfectly. She was able to hold her own against Lambert, and often stole the scene. Much to my surprise I read she is of Romanian origin, so all the more familiar with the Bathory legend. The piano musical theme suited her beauty and frailty. I think Irena also did a good job in saving this film, otherwise a bit poor on acting.

    The Hungarian and German actors share little screen time but enough to make their characters wholesome. Keith₼s character was also believable, though Sevier overplays his performance a little as if struggling to come into the spotlight. As for Kim and J.J., they kept reminding me of hot dogs and Coke in an atmosphere of castles and historical past. Not a good idea at all to have them around, they block your getting into the Gothic mood.

    To sum up, if you have intent for a drama based around vampires, then you will enjoy this film. My vote is seven and a plus for beautiful Elisabeth.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well where to start with this one, I felt i had to comment on this movie as another person had given it a fairly good review, that person was blind, deaf and extremely dumb. Terrible acting, terrible casting, terrible script, terrible effects, terrible pacing hmmmm i hope i haven't left anything out.

    Being a fan of Christopher Lambert for many years and the B-Grade horror genre I cannot express in words my disappointment with this movie. It really is that bad.

    I watched it to the very end with my wife as we laughed at how many stuff ups we could find, and trust me there are a lot. My 5 year old son has been in a school play that was better scripted, cast, directed and acted.

    So why have i totally punked this movie, lets begin. The actors have no acting ability whatsoever (aside from lambert and Hoffman). Where in blazes did they dig these people up from, sesame street? no that would be giving them to much credit. Now as to the storyline ummmm what storyline, there is a general outline but it is never realized. The director must have come straight from law school because the guy has no idea how to make a movie. Quick question if you had been studying a person for years and was on the verge of writing a book you would at least be able to find the place where the person resided, at least thats what you would assume, yes but not here. As for the whole college student idea yeah doesn't work here.

    Honestly it was never a good idea to make this film, and it is definitely not a good idea to watch it.
  • ailiaq29 September 2010
    If I could have given negative stars, I would have. WHY, Mr. Lambert, did you choose to do this?!? Please, fire your agent.

    I won't bother detailing any of the story line, because I fear that some poor soul might decide it was worth watching. Suffice to say that a high school creative fiction writing class could have come up with a better story. The AV club could have made a better attempt at filming it, in fact.

    There should be a law against movies this bad. Or, at least stiff penalties for having the gall to call this "entertainment."

    The acting was HORRIBLE. The plot was AWFUL. There was NOTHING redeemable about this waste of time at all.

    I think I'd rather have a root canal. Or chew glass.
  • In the Seventeenth Century, while Hungary is fighting the Turks, the population of a small village in the Carpathian Mountains faces the evil Countess Elizabeth Bathory (Adél Kováts), accused of drinking and bathing in blood of virgin women. Count Thurzo (Gábor Koncz) imprisons the Countess in the tower of a monastery and brings her daughter to live with him. In the present days, Keith (Corey Sevier) is writing a book about Countess Elizabeth Bathory and traveling through Hungary with his friends J.J. (Charlie Hollway) and Kim (Jennifer Higham) researching her life. While trying to find the monastery, he meets the gorgeous and seductive Elizabeth (Irena A. Hoffman), who guides the trio to the place. Keith and Elizabeth fall in love for each other, and after a car accident, they have a supernatural journey with revelations and fatalities.

    "Metamorphosis" is an original romance through time, space, life, purgatory and death. I am a fan of vampire movies, and I particularly liked this underrated movie. The story is not gore, actually it is a romance, and maybe that is the reason to have such a low User Rating in IMDb. The unknown actress Irena A. Hoffman is extremely beautiful and has an excellent performance in the role of Elizabeth, showing a great chemistry with Corey Sevier. Unfortunately, the annoying and silly characters of J.J. and Kim irritated me most of the time with their ridiculous lines and plays. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Metamorphosis"
  • teldrassil9911 August 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you don't understand the summary line -- watch this movie.

    Three young Americans travel through a random part of Hungary, because one of them is rather improbably trying to write a book about the Bathory legend. They quickly manage to be obnoxious and annoying towards the locals, and run afoul of a *spoiler* vampire who has a warped dress-sense (what is up with that bodice, and will she have to wear it forever?). The story quickly degenerates from here, especially once Christopher Lambert makes a surprise comeback appearance.

    As the blurb on the back of the DVD says: full of twists. Too bad they're either incomprehensible, or just blatantly obvious.

    This film leaves the audience in Purgatory.
  • When you make an American movie in Hungary with the budget to buy an old car, you get a movie like this one. Amazingly enough, it starred Christopher Lambert and it also had a little bit of originality in the script.

    Three things were good in the film: the vampire girl was cute as hell, Cristopher Lambert was funny (also as hell, him being a vampire too, heh) when talking to the German girl and making fun of crosses and bibles and the last was that the "romance" in the movie reminded me of Quest for Glory 4, for which I keep a fondness in my heart.

    The rest was absolutely wasting time. Not completely unentertaining, mind you, I could watch it and not feel bad about it.

    Bottom line: for a low budget film, it was pretty good. Don't expect horror in it, the vampiric aspect is mostly a philosophical thing. Don't expect action, either, as only editing would make the moves of old Lambert and too young Irena Hoffman look anything but slow. There is almost no sex and the dialogues are ridiculous. So what did I like about it? it was not as cliché as I expected. And did I mention Irena looked sexy and reminded me of the vampire in Quest for Glory 4 ? :)
  • Although this film departs from the standard vampire flick cannons, it somehow gives the impression of having been made in a hurry (time shortage due to low budget?!). It contains good ideas, though insufficiently exploited by the script and rather poorly rendered by the technical team: time freezing in one dimension and going on in another, souled vampires vs. villain ones, love infringing the condition of the doomed, just to mention a few. The film is also too explicit at times: instead of having the characters (J.J. for instance) verbalize situations, the filmmaker should have let the audience discover them themselves, by using close-ups and dramatic music tones. The love scene between Elisabeth and Keith occurs way too soon. Besides, I would have skipped her "I love you " line at the end. Some of the intentionally repeated scenes might fail the popcorn audience, whilst the music (except the piano part) sometimes fails the dramatic moments. Otherwise, most of the vampire film ingredients have been used: the historical background, the portrait, the Gothic atmosphere, castles and candles, wolves and owls, some blood and torture, some combat. The film is worth watching because it's different from the Buffy style and the usual midnight sloppy blood sucking.

    Lambert is great as usual playing the role of Constantine Thurzo, a charismatic, witty and sarcastic vampire that is not hampered either by crosses or the Bible. Young Elisabeth is perhaps the most credible character in the whole film, and I impatiently waited for the scenes where she'd appear, feeling bored by the other three youngsters (undoubtedly some casting mistakes). Irena A. Hoffman managed to free her character of any demoniac traits.Young Elisabeth is addicted to killing by default, being herself one of her mother's victims. Extremely beautiful, slender and long-legged, wearing a diaphanous white dress, she seems to have stepped out of chivalry times of exquisite ladies. Her seduction does not necessarily spring from her sex appeal (though she has the sexiest worked out back I've ever seen) but from her elegance and especially her deep voice, deliciously contrasting her princess-like frailty. All in all I liked this film for its romantic intentions, original open ending, and Irena A. Hoffman's presence in it. I give the film an eight on a one to ten scale.
  • If you pay to rent this film you are deserving of the confusing pile of movie about to be seen. Enjoy it on cable for free. Christopher Lambert is playing the same guy he always plays. The American kids are brash and uncomfortably annoying. I can't figure out why the desperate "vampiress" has chosen the love interest except she has bad eyesight. They play by "Calvin Rules" ( They make the rules of the movie up as they go along) and don't explain half the bizarre twists and turns that magically pop up. I was able to get a catnap in during this movie. On the "poo" rating system this film is 5 out of 5 piles of "poo". A better way to spend a Sunday, unless you enjoy the torture of movie like this, is to clean the refrigerator, mow the lawn and watch the neighbors cook on a grill they mysteriously have place on the roof of the house overnight.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of the worst vampire films I have ever seen. The dialogue was so cheesy I practically winced. Some of it didn't make sense. WHY did Christopher Lambert's character (who was British) call Elizabeth Bathory's daughter a tourist while they were IN Hungary? WHY are people able to bleed IN purgatory? What was with the vampire hunter? The main character is what many call a Gary Stu. A Gary Stu is the male equivalent of the Mary Sue, a very flat, two dimensional protagonist designed to be an ideal that the audience members are supposed to relate to. He's the sort of character that is frowned upon in role playing games for being uncreative and contrived.

    The more you think about it, the less sense the film made and it over explained simple things like the term clinically dead. This was just bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. This felt like a Syfy original movie, that's how bad it was. I can't even put into words how much I disliked this movie. On the list of bad vampire movies this goes up there with the Twilight films, Dracula 3000, Queen of the damned and the Fright Night remake, just bad.

    This was so bad I was tempted to shut it off many times while watching it. It did not make sense. Our "good guy" vampire had wiped out an entire family just because of who they were descended from, it's mentioned repeatedly. But our Gary Stu... I mean hero never questions this or even considers that it might have been wrong to kill innocent people just because of who they were related to or are we just supposed to assume that everyone in Christopher Lambert's character's blood line is evil by default? This film is so bad that not only are the heroes utterly questionable (But apparently it doesn't matter because they're in "lub" yes, I said lub instead of love there) and the Gary Stu completely sympathizes with the poor, misunderstood Blood Countess but also no one working on this film seemed to care about what they were doing.

    When the main character wakes up from purgatory (now turned a vampire because he spent too much time in the realm between life and death and would have died completely if he wasn't turned) he was impaled but somehow there was no bloody hole in his jacket. Vampirism heals clothes now? Also why did all of his friends die from being tossed from the car but he was only "clinically dead" for being tossed from the car and imapaled? (He'd have been all right if he had just returned to his body in time but he took too long so she made him a vampire to save him...) If this was a plot in a role playing game I was taking part in I'd have called the person who came up with it stupid.

    If you want an interesting vampire romance just go watch Bram Stoker's Dracula. This was awful.
  • I'm not a fan of vampire flicks. But the story was fairly interesting and got better as it went along. There was even a little humor in some parts, and the actors played it fairly straight. The ending was totally unexpected. I don't know why people gave it such dismal reviews, because there are movies out there that are a thousand times worse.
  • I've seen films shot using phome cameras that are better than this. This was just a BAD movie. The acting was terrible. What was Christopher Lambert thinking. Not that he's a critically accalaimed actor or anything. The writing was terrible. Scenes were stitched together with some not making any sense in sequence of events. I love vampire movies and some of them are pretty cheesy but entertaining at least. Not this film.
  • This movie isn't too bad, at least the special effects and plot were on par to its competition. The only sad note about this film is something that plagues many could've been good movies... bad acting.

    I don't know how Corey Sevier, the lead male actor, has received so many parts in his acting career; his acting is just plain stale and contrived. His role started out OK, but I'm not sure why the director didn't do his job; i.e., inform the actors when their skills aren't up to snuff. The kid tries, but I think too hard and the result is painfully artificial. The worst part was when he detailing some history he had researched, but the way he spoke of it was like he had been there and experienced it. Just stupid. Oh yeah, I don't know too many historians doing this type of research who appear like they've walked off the beach. Who cast this guy in the role, it should have been someone more fitting and collegiate for the role.

    The second acting faux pas was the Nickelodeon-acting provided by Jennifer Higham. I've seen much better talent at a Jr. High play. Where do they screen these people? Her acting, if you want to call it that, was so off-the-cuff that you would've thought she was trying to make it seem like a joke. Jennifer, you need to not only memorize your lines by get in-character when you read them; i.e., make it at least a little realistic! Overall, given it's shortcomings in the acting department, the movie wasn't too bad, though was a bit quirky at points. If you like vampire films you might want to check this one out, though prep yourself for some B-C grade acting with the leads (Irena Hoffman did much better & hot too!).
  • OK, this is a fairly low budget vampire flick but you might want to check it out. It begins rather slowly, everything seems predictable and unoriginal. However, you keep watching due to the amazingly SEXY leading lady who plays the female vampire and love interest. She is >>>>HOT<<<<< It also helps that the film is pretty well produced, it looks good, very good sometimes. Things really pick up and it gets rocking though when Christopher Lambert takes the stage as a really rotten chief vampire dude. He really brings a lot of energy and his dialogue is zany as heck. I enjoyed his performance and there is some nicely staged action sequences. Also the effects when a vampire gets killed are pretty cool. They sorta turn into this black husk and then flake away like a burning newspaper. Cool. Then, towards the end of the movie it delves into some metaphysical, spiritual, pseudo madness that is kind of dumb but brings some more zany nuttiness to the fun. Maybe it was just me but here is a strong undercurrent of tongue in cheek at work here. The last scene kinda caps it all off and sends you away with a bit of a smile on your face. The Russian couple and a really annoying sidekick steal a few scenes. Other than Lambert and the dude playing the Russian jerk the acting is kinda stiff.

    The bottom line is a mildly entertaining semi farce that might help you waste some time. There are some really interesting tidbits throw in like a iron cross at a monastery that trembles when a vampire is on the property, a vampire who says the lord's prayer and declares the bible to be the best selling work of fiction ever. Then there is a creepy grave robbing scene and vampires that bit each other on the neck. Not to bad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I found this disc at Dollar General yesterday and thought I'd give it a try. It was $3.

    I went home and printed the box art work and chapters sheet out and watch it last night.

    There's no one really in it though that I recognized.

    The film is very quite odd but I enjoyed it. The main evil vampire (Christopher Lambert) is very witty and charming.

    The film isn't that gory or profane (like most teenager and vampire films), it's just suspenseful. I really didn't find it that slow pacing. I'm not sure why most people hate this.

    It is a bit confusing and the ending is kind of odd, but I think it was worth $3.
  • When I started to watch this movie and saw that it is mostly a Hungarian production, I thought "Well, it will be pathetic for sure". And it surely was for the first look. I almost laughed my head off when I saw Ganxta Zoli and Kern András (the first one is a rapper, I was at his concert last Wednesday, and Kern is a well-known humorist and actor) appearing. OK, Ganxta as the Russian tough guy was alright, but please, Kern as a serious priest?

    What was really disturbing those "Hungarians". I've been in those parts of Romania which is populated by Hungarians, and they just don't look that way. Neither in the mainland. I don't know how they found this many stereotypes, but I'm sure they were searching for years. And some actors played so terribly that I could only laugh.

    I stopped laughing when Christopher Lambert appeared. He was just great. I really enjoyed his acting, and the character he played. I think he, and the story was which really saved this movie. The ending, I must say, was surprisingly good.

    This movie deserves 6, not more, not less.
  • David_Brown20 July 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    The most interesting thing about this film besides Christopher Lambert (the evil vampire Constantine Thurzo) , who really seems to enjoying himself hamming it up, and the incredibly beautiful vampire Elizabeth (Irena Hoffman),is how religion plays a huge role in this film the concepts of "Purgatory" and the "Creator" (things you never find in a vampire film (unless it involves killing them)). Here you see Elizabeth with a Cross on, and can go out in sunlight (two things that are generally fatal to vampires). Spoilers ahead: I know a big flaw is how Keith (Corey Sevier) get impaled prior to going to purgatory, but when he returns, there is no ripped clothing. But I think you can blame this on this being a low budget film. The biggest problem were Keith's friends Kim & JJ who bring nothing to the table, and were essentially useless to the film, and the fact it did not know if it was serious or a comedy. I basically give it a 5 because of Lambert, Irena Hoffman, and a different idea on the positive side, versus the big flaw, Kim & JJ, and poor execution of the great idea.
  • While traveling to Hungary for research on a book, a man mets the vampiric daughter of the original Countess Bathory and tries to help her in her quest to destroy the last remaining vampire of a rival clan out to kill her for her mother's crimes.

    An admittedly decent attempt to mix together a romantic vampire storyline with one about dealing with a dangerous member on the loose, it ends up becoming fairly decent when it gets down to it. The scenes of the rogue on the loose in the grand castle are a lot of fun, mainly because it's a typically grandiose European-style Gothic castle that employs a fairly enjoyable atmosphere through that, where the vampire is enjoying his time with his victims and verbally toying with them and making comments and gestures so as to encourage them on into a hopeless confrontation, and there's some fun from that to. The beginning stages, though, where it's more of a romance aren't too thrilling, but it does stay interesting throughout and keeps up a fairly nice pace and atmosphere so as to be watchable if not exactly a standout entry.

    Rated R: Violence, Language, Brief Nudity and a mild sex scene.