Min Su-yeon: [Kim In-ha taps her on her right shoulder without her knowledge] You've scared me.

Kim In-ha: [smiles] I really loved to give you a shock.

Choi Jeong-won: [when Choi Do-hwan urges him to go to bed seeing him drunken] I am your flesh and blood.


Choi Jeong-won: I admire you very much.

Min Su-yeon: I think I should have been a princess long ago.

Min Su-yeon: Why did you phone me?

Kim In-ha: Because I want to apologize.

Seo Jin-hee: Kim In-ha is still alive. He's here.

Min Su-yeon: I know.

Choi Jeong-won: How do you want to manage the ISIC Company?

Choi Jeong-won: Do you have any detailed information about the casino in Ki Joo Island?

Min Su-yeon: Please wait for a while.

Kim In-ha: [without facing Jeong-won] Although I have withdrawn, I hoped you will win.

Choi Jeong-won: In-ha!

Min Su-yeon: [weeping, crying and holding In-ha's hand] In-ha, open your eyes. It's me.

Kim In-ha: If you win, what do you want?

Rie: Actualy, I want you to hug me.

[In-ha hugs Rie]

Chairman Seo Seung-don: Don't reiterate about In-ha in front of me!

Chairman Seo Seung-don: Kim In-ha wants to take over the hotel.

Kim In-ha: You're eager to give me a chance.

Chairman Seo Seung-don: I believe you're going to win in this game.