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  • pixystik683 February 2007
    If you are looking for an excellent anime to watch then look no further. Pretear is about Himeno a young girl feels that she has no reason in her life, and she feels as if she is not wanted in the world she lives with. This anime is Snow White meets Cinderella. Her mother past away when she was younger and her father marries a wealthy widow. Himeno gains two stepsisters and 7 elemental knights that watch over her. These knights are called the Leafe nights. Himeno is found by these knights to be the Pretear, the defender of all Leafe. Leafe is the source of all nature. Himeno protects Leafe by merging with the Leafe Knights. Even with the knights she feels that she doesn't belong. She is looked down on by her peers at her school. The knights then get to know Himeno and accept and some of the knights end up falling for her. If you are looking for an anime that has romance, drama, and fantasy then watch this wonderful anime.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (MINOR spoiler-ish stuff in this review, read it at your own risk)

    This, my friends, is an example of the mahou shoujo (magical girl) genre done right. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Pretear. If you're a fan of anime like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew, and so on, I really suggest you watch this one.

    The Good Stuff: The storyline is really something you don't see every day. It does have its clichés, but there's a lot of unexpected stuff in there too. I like the villain; how she's not evil just for the sake of being evil. There are a lot of little twists in the story that really caught me off-guard, such as one of the characters moving over to the "dark side." Even though you can probably guess how it will end right from the beginning, it's the journey there that counts- and I'll admit, I was really worried a few times! Rabid bishounen fangirls (and possibly fanboys) rejoice; it has hot hot bishies. Oh yes.

    There's lots of random hilarity. A lot of it involves Mayune, the main character's stepsister, and her involuntary (and useless) "henchman," Tanaka, trying to play tricks on Himeno, which usually backfire horribly.

    Mushy-love-doveyness is, strangely enough, kept to a minimum. There is some, but it manages to be sweet and not nauseating, and Himeno and Hayate's "romantic" moments often end in some sort of amusing mishap.

    Himeno is a pretty awesome character. Even though she's scared and a little confused, she keeps fighting and doesn't back down (though she does go through some moments of angst, which shows she's just human).

    Also, the transformation/attack sequences don't take up half an episode. Woo hoo! The Bad Stuff: It's a little cheesy- then again, "magical girl anime" is practically synonomous with "cheesy." It's not unbearably so- not nearly as bad as Sailor Moon can be, I'd say. I mean, the villain is called the Princess of Disaster. Sounds a bit more laughable than menacing.

    The monsters in the series, though they don't quite follow the tired "monster of the day" formula, seem like there wasn't much thought put into them. They're not very impressive (although I'd imagine if I were to run into one of them in real life I'd think otherwise). They're icky though, so I guess it works.

    The ending is predictable, especially if you know the whole title- it refers to Himeno as "Shirayuki Hime" (Princess Snow White). You'll know right off the bat who Himeno is going to end up in love with. It could have one of two effects on you; a happy-bubbly feeling in your stomach while the end credits roll, or a more nauseated one. I'm a sap, so I got the happy-bubbly one.

    Overall, Pretear is definitely worth a look for Mahou Shoujo fans. I suggest Japanese with subtitles if you decided to watch it.
  • I love magical-girl anime series. And this anime is one of my favorites, along with Princess Tutu, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and Sailor Moon. The series is about sixteen-year-old Himeno Awayuki, adjusting to her new life as a millionairess' stepdaughter. But one day, she meet a group of boys known as the seven "Leife Knights". And the knights had chosen Himeno to be a magical heroine known as Princess Pretear to save the world from the Princess of Disaster.

    There are parallels I had found from fairy tales in this anime: like Himeno's mother dies when she's very young and her poor, novelist father remarried a wealthy widow with two daughters, just like in "Cinderella". As for parallels from the "Snow White" fairy tale, first: the seven Knights correspond to the seven dwarfs or seven Knights like in Alexander Puskin's version. The title itself, is a superficial connection, bearing more to the nature of Himeno's growth and role than to the real "Snow White" tale. The kiss at the end of course comes from the awakening of the princess by her prince, including Snow White. The other parallel is the Queen and Snow White to Takako/Fenrir and Himeno.

    I love Himeno & Hayate and I think they're a cute couple. Overall, I thought this an excellent show to watch - thumbs up all the way!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I definitely thought this was such a great anime to watch and has been lying on my watchlist for a good one year. Yeah there's tons of anime folks to get through lol. I absouletely ship both couples Himeno&Hayate as well as Sasame&Takako. I almost wept when I thought Himeno, Sasame and Hayate were dead but thankfully all ended up alive, so thankfully I didn't waste having tears lol.

    I really liked the humour, the characters and the storyline. This definitely is worth a watch if you like the Magical girl genre.