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  • Nice little film! Took me a moment to understand what the buzzing sound was, until I thought to myself, "I like these fly-on-the-wall shots... Oh, I get it!!!!"

    Great job by all the actors! Nice expression of internal conflict especially by Geoffrey Gould!

    Amazing that the director was able to cast Daryl Hannah, however I couldn't quite see how her part fit in with the rest of the story. It seemed extraneous, as if she was available for the film, so she was fit in however possible.

    Overall, a very enjoyable film.
  • therealshell29 December 2004
    This is one of Amazon's "mini-movies," and, as such, it serves as an advertisement for the site, which seems to have upset some punters, but not me, since I quite enjoy adverts, especially ones as well made as this one. "Careful" has a nice little moral, and it features good work by all of the actors, notably Raymond O'Connor as a sleazy pawn shop owner, and Geoffrey Gould & Patty Lotz acquit themselves nicely as a long-married couple who still are enough in love to make out ( ! ) I checked for some information on one of the writers, Greg Hahn, and he has also worked on the BMW adverts ("The Hire"), which were also very effective pieces of marketing; I'd be curious to see what he could do working on a full feature.
  • In DeMaupassant's world-famous short story The Necklace, a couple slave for 10 years to pay off a loan for a diamond necklace they bought to replace a necklace they borrowed and lost, not knowing the original was a fake. This story has a husband tormented for years after finding out that the necklace he bought his wife was a fake, until he confesses to her. Showcasing Daryl is very misleading. She could have at least worn a nurse's outfit. However her cameo did serve the purpose of getting me to download the film so using her as bait did work. The School of Thespian acting is uniformly good, especially Raymond O'Connor's clichéd, sleazy Joe Pesci-ish pawnbroker. All of these Amazon shorts are vehicles to upsell props from the films so with this fore-knowledge, they take on the feel of a lengthy commercial. This is probably going to be the commercial-format of the future when television, advertising and the Internet finally merge.
  • Daryl Hannah has very little to do in this featurette, except look puffy, but this is a drolly written, well acted gem of a "movie". I really enjoy Amazon's theater feature, particularly the end credits in which the props are listed in order of appearance among the cast list, with one-click links should you wish to purchase them. "Careful what you wish for" is one of the better offerings to date. While it is not a Christmas story per se,it fits well with the season. The ending is too perfect to discuss without spoiling the surprise, but what a lovely little Christmas gift this is, a really positive message about the meaning of giving and love and revenge. Even Grinches will like it.
  • Without giving the plot or ending away, this film starts off slow and ends up hilarious. I saw it on, and despite the small screen and sort of grainy aspects it was quite cute. The acting was so-so (including Ms. Hannah's performance, which by the way is only about 30 seconds long) and the mis-en-scene was fair. The writing and story concept was better and the ending so funny I had to share it. It is definitely worth a look but be prepared, this is not a movie for Darryl Hannah fans. She just isn't in it long enough. I wonder why she even did this film. She must have been a friend involved in it. It isn't flattering to her and she could have phoned in the performance as involved in it as she was. It is promoted as "featuring Darryl Hannah" but you have to look very closely to see her and then she is gone. Other than that, the film would get a 6 on a rating scale.