When Hrithik Roshan jumped off a 30-foot-high clock tower in Singapore for an action shot, a cable broke in a freak accident. He fell to the ground and would likely have ended up dead or in a wheelchair had it not rained before the shot. This caused the crew to install a canopy on which he promptly fell. He was not hurt and continued shooting some minutes later. The Roshans feel his life was spared by divine intervention.

To play the role of Krrish, Hrithik Roshan lifted weights and dieted for two months to add 15 pounds of muscle to his frame. Roshan is used to shaping his body for different roles: for Koi... Mil Gaya (2003), he lost weight to look more childlike, and for Lakshya (2004), he gained weight to play the spoiled and lazy youth.

Hrithik Roshan received special training in Hong Kong for the special leap he makes in this film. Hrithik's super powers include super strength, speed, and the ability to jump superhuman distances. Like his father, objects that Krishna throws keep traveling through the air!

While performing a stunt scene on the circus set, Hrithik Roshan suffered a hamstring tear in his right leg. Doctors prescribed bed rest for two weeks, but he continued shooting after two days using painkillers. He also singed his hair while running through a fire in the same action scene.

Amrita Rao was the first choice for the role of Priya, but Rakesh Roshan saw Priyanka Chopra's performance in a special screening of Aitraaz (2004) and was so impressed that he decided to cast her instead. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was also considered for the role.

The film contains product placement worth ~Rs. 12 crore (~US$3 Million).

Like all the movies produced by Filmkraft Productions, Krrish has a title name starting with the letter 'K'.

Hrithik Roshan broke his right thumb and a toe during the strenuous training for the ambitious wire work used in the film. Despite only 25 days of training in China, his instructor, Siu-Tung Ching, thought that he could pull off stunts that usually take years of training.

Rajpal Yadav was approached for Hemant Pandey's role. He later appeared in its sequel.

When the film was launched, it was titled " Koi...Tumsa Nahin".

Rakesh Roshan had registered the title " Kaisa Jaadu Kiya ". He was almost going to name the film with this title. This was to cash on on the character of "Jaadu".

It is the second film in the Krrish series, being the sequel to Koi... Mil Gaya.

Filming was done to a large extent in Singapore as well as India.

The film was released worldwide on 23 June 2006 at a budget of 450 million Rs. and on 1000 prints, both near-record amounts for an Indian film at the time.

Krrish received mixed reviews from critics in India, but got a record opening week at the box office.

A blockbuster , Krrish grossed a worldwide total of 1.17 billion Rs. becoming the second highest earning Indian film of 2006.

The third film in the series, Krrish 3 was released in 2013.

In November 2004, the Roshans confirmed he would produce a sequel to Koi... Mil Gaya (2003).

The story will start where Koi... Mil Gaya ended."

Rakesh Roshan hoped that the film would be remembered as the first to prove that the Indian film industry is equal to Hollywood.

The story combined elements of Hindu religion and ancient Indian texts (the main character's name Krishna alludes to the Hindu Lord Krishna), Chinese martial arts and Hollywood films to set itself up as a film of global significance.

Rakesh Roshan He hired Hollywood special effects experts Marc Kolbe and Craig Mumma, who had both previously worked on such films as Independence Day , Godzilla and Sky Captain, to help create the visual effects for the film.

Roshan hired Hong Kong action director Tony Ching after admiring his work in Hero .

A story board of the film was prepared and sent to Ching to help him develop the action sequences.

Before production began, Hrithik Roshan went to China to train with Ching for the cablevwork that would be needed to make his character "fly".

Additional production credits include: Farah Khan as dance choreographer, Samir Chanda and Sham Kaushal as art directors, Baylon Fonesca and Nakul Kamte as sound, Nahush Pise as makeup artist, Sham Kaushal as assistant action director.

Krrish was the first Indian film to be shot in Singapore under the Singapore Tourism Board's Film-in-Singapore subsidy scheme, and more than 60% of the film was shot there.

Shooting was accomplished on location over a span of two months, from September to November 2005.

Another major filming location was Robinson Road, where heavy rains caused production delays.

Locations featured included the Singapore Zoo , the Gateway building, and the Singapore National Library .

Author Audrey Yue noted that the film shoot benefited Singapore by leading to domestic and Indian film induced tourism.

The Singapore police were on location to block roads and protect the filming equipment, such as when the film's action scenes required two 250 foot high industrial cranes.

Roshan suffered many injuries during the film's production.

During filming of a flying stunt, one of the wires that was tied to Hrithik Roshan broke, causing him to fall 50 feet, though he landed safely on a shop's canopy.

Indian firm Prasad EFX assigned a team of more than 100 VFX specialists to work with Marc Kolbe and Craig Mumma to create the visual effects for the film.

Describing the effects, Rakesh Roshan stated, "If you liked the visual effects in Koi... Mil Gaya , you will find them far better in Krrish .I do not think audiences have seen anything like this in Hindi films."

Lyricists included Ibraheem Ashk, Nasir Faraaz, and Vijay Akela.

Included were sophisticated 3D modelling and computer animation , including whole body scans, 3D replicas of vehicles, fire sequences, complicated wire removals and compositing work.

Salim-Sulaiman provided the background score.

Critical reviews of the soundtrack were generally favourable, though some in the media called it a disappointment.

Joginder Tuteja of Bollywood Hungama gave the album a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The final budget of Krrish came to 450 million Rs. which at the time was considered big budget film by Bollywood standards.

It was the first Indian film to receive payments in advance for product placement, music, and international distribution rights.

On 21 August 2006, it was released for all regions by Filmkraft.

The film's DVD was released in Region 1 on 18 August 2006, by Adlabs .

After the success of Krrish, Rakesh Roshan announced that he would be making a sequel, tentatively titled Krrish 3.

Krrish had a good opening week, and tickets were reportedly selling for many times the original cost at some locations.

Overseas reviews were consistently positive.

Krrish received mixed reviews from critics in India.

For this film Rakesh Roshan won the Creative Person of the Year title.

Preity Zinta made special appreance in the movie

The film also took Best Picture honours at the Matri Shree Media Awards.

In a showing of the film's popularity with children, Krrish swept the major film categories at the Pogo Amazing Kid's Awards, which are voted on by children across India.

Krrish won numerous awards, including three Filmfare Awards for Best Special Effects, Best Action and Best Background Score and was nominated for the awards of Best Film , Best Director, Best Actor , Best Supporting Actress , and Best Villain .

In the film Preity Zinta as Rohit's wife Nisha in a flashback cameo.

It became the seventh best selling Bollywood soundtrack of the year.

The film was released on 23 June 2006 with 1,000 prints,and in five languages simultaneously.

Aishwarya Rai was approached for the film but the offer did not work out.

Krrish was conceived to be a film of global significance and a trendsetter in Indian cinema, with visual effects on par with those from Hollywood.

Rakesh Roshan wanted Krrish to be a trendsetter in Indian cinema, with visual effects on par with Hollywood films.

Filming also took place in Manali and Film City in Mumbai.

The film's soundtrack, composed by Rajesh Roshan, was released on 28 April 2006 by T- Series.