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  • Producer/writer/director/actor Silvio Pollio manages to do it all and do it all fairly well in the offbeat comedy that is reminiscent of The Player, with a little Pulp Fiction mixed in.

    Pollio is a naive grade Z actor, who is being robbed by his manager Joseph Cortese. Cortese manages to convince him to kill five of his rivals, and Pollio enlists the help of Kimberly Estrada (one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful last year) and Madison Chase to film the job as he does it.

    Cameos from familiars like Gary Busey, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Tom Sizemore. A very promising scene with Tabitha Taylor that could have really made the film, especially if she had gotten in a real cat-fight with Carla Ortiz.
  • I watched this film when it screened during the 2006 Toronto Film Festival, and I couldn't stop laughing at Spencer Spector's get up. Joe Cortese rips up the screen as the gay movie producer and I think his performance was one of the more memorable ones to date. Watch for his interactions with the lead Silvio who becomes his total puppet with his questionable intelligence.

    The entire film was well shot, the casting was great and it was fun seeing all the bad guys coming altogether in this, especially Tom Sizemore, who also rips it up! I enjoyed this and I'm glad I stayed up to catch the midnight screening. Oh and the twist threw me for a loop too, would never expected that!
  • My friend got a copy for us to watch and we fell in love with the star Silvio. We're tired of these movie stars who look like boys and he reminded us of a young Stallone with his looks and raw intensity.

    The whole thing played out unpredictable where we had no idea what would happen like a Lynch film. Joe Cortese was raging as flamboyant producer and his best scene is a fight with Tom Sizemore who plays himself without apologies. Daniel Baldwin steals the show with a character one step away from insanity. From the moment he arrives you know something wild will happen.

    The best part for us is the music video where he sings. Hot!
  • When I first watched Pollio's first feature film, HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN, I was blown away with the story, the style and the execution. I had no idea that the same guy that delivered hardcore grit with his first film would go completely the other way with a glossy and witty SHUT UP AND SHOOT.?? I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and thought it was well done. The ending through me for a big surprise and was not expecting that at all. Joe Cortese does a great job as Spencer Spector and the supporting cast was great. Pollio just skates by as Sonny Westwood and although his character has some fun moments in the film with his singing dancing, Pollio's real acting chops show in his first movie, HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN. Here it just looks like he filled that role himself to save the money he'd have to give another actor as Im sure Pollio had a lot at stake in this movie being the Producer with limited funds too. Overall, fun film and I'd recommend it, but my preference in this guy's movie making style is for sure HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN.
  • Let's Rock! Let's Rock! That song has been in my head for days Sonny Westwood; you rock! Sexy movie, sexy characters, sexy sexy girls and where did Tabitha Taylor come from??? How on earth did they round up this whole cast also and Busey's a riot! I really enjoyed this film and I've seen it 3 times already and it's one of those films that's so intricate that it needs to be seen a few times.

    At least twice, there's a twist and I have not been that thrown from a movie since 'Usual Suspects' The Director did a great job both with the film and the screenplay, which I think was brilliant.

    Watch it and you'll agree. I personally didn't like the fact that Tabitha Taylor didn't get fully naked and I was hanging on the edge of my seat, waiting, but I guess that was what the director wanted, who knows. Funny, hilarious and non stop momentum and that's what I like in movies.
  • lydiansquall21 January 2006
    I was one the few who saw an early edit of this film and really loved what I saw from this fun little indie. With the cameos from John Savage, Gary Bussey, Tom Sizemore, and Roddy Pipper it is worth seeing. And for the hotness of Tabitha Taylor ... Schwing...

    I don't want to give it all away , but the gist of is about an up and comer (Silvio Pollio) whose agent and producer (Joe Cortese) wants him to kill the competing top producers and catch it on film. It goes from Hollywood to Bollywood and back with laughs all the way.

    It is worth checking out for a few laughs. The action will entertain you for an hour and a half and doesn't have any downtime in it
  • I got a free pass to see this at the Vancouver premiere which was pretty cool with a red carpet and paparazzi with the stars which I had no clue Vancouver ever had before. While I'm not a Tarentino fan this film was along those lines with great colorful characters, snappy dialog and interesting visuals.

    It starts off great with a music video of the star Sonnny Westwood played by Silvio Pollio which really sets the tone off well for the film. The film goes by very fast with lots of laughs and Silvio Pollio and Joe Cortese who is a freaky producer have great comedic chemistry. All in all I recommend it to anyone who is fan of film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Up and coming star Sonny Westwood (Silvio Pollio who wrote, directed and everything else) is convinced by a producer that the only way to get ahead in the business is to kill the producers partners. He does it and films the attacks as his next movie. Its a comedy folks, a really bad comedy where the audience laughs at the ineptitude. Looking good, but the pits on every other level, this is full of falling stars (tome Sizemore,Gary Busey,Joe Estevez,James Russo, Roddy Piper) working for a paycheck. Its one of the worst films of the year hands down and destined to become something bad movie lovers watch and everyone else flees. Lets hope Pollio shuts up after this and never shoots another movie.

    2 out of 10 for the unintentional laughs