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  • My reaction to the late avant-garde pornographer David Aaron Clark's work is hard to pin down, simply because he tries hard to be different but covers much of his work with the most outlandish pretention possible. This incomprehensible (on purpose) edition of his Asia Noir series has "hey, I'm literary!" quotes preceding each vignette that are more turn-off than enlightening.

    Religion is the theme here, with cryptic visual and thematic references that left me in the dust. It's all regimented porn based on his scrupulous Black Stud/Oriental Beauty couplings format, which tends to dominate any ideas DAC may be bringing to the table. Not merely a commercial crush, but harmful to his delusions of being creative.

    For example two scenes have Tyler Knight dressed in suit and tie in a wheel chair in a room flanked by a huge woman's shoe sculpture as prop. He is serviced by a lovely but wooden ice maiden newcomer Lacey Tom (who gets the usual "introducing" credit) and later by Lucy Lee wearing white angel's wings, who cures his paralysis, then humps him and has him return to being a cripple afterward.

    Flashy camerawork and allusions to the devil permeate the sex action, with the usual quota of bondage, domination and fetish content. Quotes that almost make sense with the action are attributed to Marilyn Monroe, Mary Shelley from "Frankenstein", a Shakespeare sonnet and even Philip K. Dick, all of which definitely failed to impress me.

    Where DAC is really coming from is reflected in two bonus scenes, one of which is saved from the cutting room floor of a previous Asia Noir shoot in which DAC trades barbs with elusive leading lady Jade Hsu, who had the temerity of comparing Clark unfavorably with rival Andrew Blake, plus an "after the shoot" backstage threesome of Knight, Lucy Lee and busty Maja Lee, plus trailers for Clark's many gonzo "Azn" femme porn content.