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  • 1. Poor acting - at the very least poor depiction of what should have been strong emotions such as living without children, scared, etc. Lead character acts as if he just woke up

    Disconnected or no flow at all - such as characters making statements about research they did that they never had time to do (because they spent all time driving or running around)

    The "black hole" would not behave at all the way it did in the movie. Suffice to say that there is no "Science" in this fiction.

    The whole army behaves like it is in a war with another ... human army. Hiding behind walls, carrying guns, etc.

    The only reason I gave it a 2 and not 1 is that it could, nevertheless, be amusing to watch how people have no clue what they are talking about.

  • I knew from the trailers Sci-Fi channel was showing that this one would be totally insane. I watched anyway, figuring it would be at least good for some kitschy comedy, and a chance to see my home town of St. Louis get ripped. It did not disappoint (at being insane, that is).

    A black hole is created artificially in a lab, but the black hole itself is not the only menace, as a strange electrical energy entity (that zaps people into oblivion) hitchhikes with it. This creature was actually kind of a creative plot device, since the movie really didn't seem to know what to do with the black hole other than devour stuff. Since there is a famous landmark in St. Louis, it's pretty obvious where the black hole goes for lunch (always moving along the ground in a 2-dimensional manner, by the way). As for the creature, it was utilized in some intriguing ways; but the explanation of its nature and intent was insufficiently developed, and could have been explored more.

    Most everyone is at least somewhat familiar with basic scientific theory regarding black holes, and therefore will see a myriad of scientific absurdities, but if you view this silly nonsense without taking it seriously, it can be fun to watch. Toss disbelief into the black hole; or just play a game of "find the goofy science" as you watch.

    The actors, given the weird script, really do approach the thing with urgency. When the scientist hero describes his quantum physics theories, you almost want to believe the offbeat premise of this movie. But then another bizarre thing happens and you're laughing hysterically again. There are the usual ploys and clichés: divorced dads, military that wants to use nukes, rogue scientists, TV news reporters doing play-by-play of destruction, etc.

    Watch for loony amusement only. Science has been imploded in this "Black Hole."
  • In this SciFi Channel original, an accident in a nuclear lab in St. Louis causes not only the creation of a black hole, but unleashes an alien creature that feeds on energy. A scientist and his female partner team up with a maverick general to solve the growing menace while the military embarks on a typical blow-it-up solution that could wreak disaster for the world.

    I found the idea of a small black hole created on Earth intriguing, and it was interesting watching it eat up everything around it. (So it "can't" happen, but hey, it is science fiction!) Unfortunately, screenwriter David Goodin, who is responsible for "Larva," another TV movie that flopped, again shows himself adept at giving us a general plot and characters who are tired and clichéd. You know, the implausible story of the world-threatening event that is handled by the lone scientist (instead of every intelligent professional in the world) and simplistic government officials who make FEMA look good! Even if we accept this script as a mediocre formula tale, we would hope for at least semi-intelligent dialogue and a director who had some slight ability for pacing. (Tibor Tacaks has, according to IMDb, directed some 28 films, and I don't think any of them rated over 5). Perhaps with such a weak structure, we can forgive the wooden, lackluster acting from a cast who must have figured at least it was a way to make a quick buck.

    I'm pretty tolerant of formula sci fi, even when the premise is implausible, but this one is bad even for a TV movie.
  • disdressed1226 June 2008
    well,this movie was pretty bad.bad acting,bad story,mediocre special effects,and bad dialogue.the two main actors,Kristy Swanson and Judd Nelson seemed to be phoning in their performances just for a pay check.the supporting cast wasn't great either.the story was silly,and very slow.and i'm no physicist,but i'm guessing a lot of the science was some movies,that doesn't matter to me.for example f the movie is exciting or has sympathetic characters,or a good storyline.this movie has none of those.i just could not get into this movie,and really just waited for it to end.the ending was abrupt and anti climatic,which isn't really surprising since the whole movie was anti climatic.for me,The Black Hole is a 3/10
  • claudio_carvalho12 September 2015
    In St. Louis, the scientists Dr. William Hauser (Kevin Beyer), Shannon Muir (Kristy Swanson) and Kent (Dan Buran) accidentally create a black hole during an experiment. While investigating the phenomenon, Dr. Hauser and Kent die and the army comes to their laboratory under the command of General Ryker (David Selby). Shannon tries to call the prominent Dr. Eric Bryce (Judd Nelson), but the scientist does not answer the phone since he misses his daughter Kayley (Julia Sinks) after the divorce to his ex-wife Elizabeth (Jennifer Quackenbush). When he is contacted, he comes to the laboratory and soon he finds that the experiment has also unleashed a creature that feeds of energy. The Powers That Be wants a nuclear attack against the creature, but Eric warns that the action will increase the black hole. He also believes that the creature may be destroyed and the black hole closed if they are attracted to each other. However, only General Ryker supports his theory while General Tate (Peter Mayer) wants to bomb the location.

    "The Black Hole" is a stupid and corny thriller. The one-dimension characters are not developed and Eric in the beginning is an alcoholic scientist that misses his family and in the corny end is a hero in love with Shannon, who seems to be the pivot of his divorce. The military personnel cannot be that imbecile, using the usual weapons against the energy creature to be vaporized on the next scene. The idea of bombing the black hole and the creature is taken by people without any knowledge is totally unintelligent. And the character that performs the President is disrespectful so ridiculous he is. My vote is three.

    Title (Brazil): "Buraco Negro" ("Black Hole")
  • I am not going to waste too many words on this simply horrific movie.

    The only thing that matches the poor acting the inconsistency in the time line and story telling.

    The Arch which is supposedly torn down by the black hole... can be seen standing in the background near the ending.

    Additionally.. if they shut down the power... the city lights would've been out. While even at the very end all the lights are still on. Which makes me think... if you know the creature absorbs energy... turn it off straight away! The only thing going for this movie is the alien if self, which doesn't look too bad.

    Avoid at all costs if you can.
  • Why, oh why, does SciFi continue to create these horrible wastes of time and money? I watched this solely for it being set in St. Louis. There's really nothing good to say about this movie.

    There is just so much wrong here that it's hard to even know where to start. The dialog is horrible and the plot is even worse. Particularly bad is when a character tells you something and then the camera shows you something completely different (e.g. "the black hole is growing" and then shown the same size throughout the entire movie). There are too many examples to list, and I'd hate to "spoil" this movie for anyone who still wishes to abuse themselves by watching it.

    If I had to say something nice, it would be that some of the effects aren't half bad. Not good across-the-board, but not bad. Since you can see those in the ads for the movie, there's no reason to subject yourself to the complete film.

    Please, SciFi, save your money and create 24 episodes of Stargate instead of 20. At least then you'd have four hours of programming people would enjoy instead of this two hours of nonsense.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lets put aside the bad acting, that comes with the SciFi territory. Lets put aside the bad science with a black hole forming for no damned good reason. Lets put aside that Nelson's character is searching for the cause of the trouble by asking what the atmospheric conditions were AFTER the black hole showed up. Lets put aside the fact that he warns them not to drop a nuke on something that sucks energy and could cause it to move elsewhere and make it bigger, and in spite of that they keep constantly claiming that they need to nuke the thing. Lets put aside the sad attempt at a side story on the director who is sick and gets trapped inside the collapsing building. Lets put aside the lame attempt at a subplot of romance that they never take any time developing. And last but not least, lets put aside the notion of a monster that goes through a black hole just so it can run along power lines, is smart enough to take a trap and throw it at the soldiers trying to trap it, but is too stupid to avoid getting on the back of a generator truck heading back towards the black hole. Now that we have put all that aside I can tell you all about the movie in one sentence. It sucked hard. Wow, what a stinker. I wanted my money back and I didn't even pay to see it!
  • I can't believe that I watched the whole movie.

    The title was perfect! I was expecting a lot, but all I got is a lame scenario with a weak plot, lame actors, and the creature! "The entity"… That was awful.

    There's no doubt, it's not the movie that I'll watch over and over. Besides, it was pretty educational. I can now recognize poor stories in the fly… and these are some tips : 1) If actors seem to read their script to act, just stop watching ; 2) If you got a lot of definitions, to explain obvious stuff, also literally read, just cut the damn movie off; 3) If you see a creature supposed to come from nowhere, following a logical path, I'll say it again : just-cut-it-off.

    The theme was interesting. May be if they've concentrate on characters and creature development instead of trying to look scientific, making some theory heard and said takes form… This movie shouldn't even exist.

    Whatever, it reveals what American people are expecting from their government facing the unknown : nuclear bombing, a little good talk to morn the loss, and right after explain that it was a painful but a necessary decision…

    Can't we put negative score to punish the weakest stuff?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've read better stories in fanzines. Judd Nelson gave his worse performance as the lead in this film, whiny in his righteous regarding his idea of getting rid of "the great energy entity", whiny about being separated from his kid, whiny about every decision he had to make. Everything that happened, every character written within I could cross-reference with another made by Sci-Fi channel film. I'm surprised David Keith didn't show up as the made-to order bad guy. I can't believe I had been so anxious to see this clap-trap. The hole was not black but a gray cgi whirlpool and even this took too long in the film to show up. Not going to rate this trash as it doesn't deserve a rating.Finally, I'm ending by saying I can't believe I waited ALL WEEK TO SEE THIS FILM and that I'll never watch it again.
  • "Following a scientific mishap, mankind is faced with total annihilation as a threatening black hole appears over St. Louis. Now, time is running out to obliterate the black hole and the electricity-feeding alien it has unleashed," according to the DVD sleeve description. This film has nothing to do with either the original "Black Hole" movie or a real astronomical black hole, which could not make an appearance like the one depicted in this film. It plays more like an episode of "The Outer Limits".

    "The Black Hole" stars hairy Judd Nelson (as Eric Bryce) and pretty Kristy Swanson (as Shannon Muir). It was a "Science Fiction Channel" original, featuring David Selby (as General Ryker) in a substantial supporting role. Ironically, the network stopped airing repeats of Mr. Selby's "Dark Shadows" in order to present more first-run entertainment (like multiple airings of this movie). Although Selby is always a dependable player, this program made you want to see "Dark Shadows" return.

    *** The Black Hole (6/10/06) Tibor Takacs ~ Judd Nelson, Kristy Swanson, David Selby, Christa Campbell
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This should NOT be confused with Black Hole, the excellent graphic novel that I reviewed by Charles Burns or the David Brin novel Earth which are both must reads.

    This flick (Black Hole starring Kirsty Swanson and Judd Nelson]) is a must skip. In fact, this film should not be confused with anything even mildly connected to the word excellent.

    It was an embarrassing mess.

    It starts promisingly. In fact, it starts very similarly to David Brin's great novel Earth. A black hole is artificially created and stabilized (in the book by Brin, they were looking for a power source and deliberately created the hole. In this addled movie, they were doing quantum research and wound up with a surprise, actually two)

    So, with the black hole comes a creature. No one understands the creature (including myself having watched this piece of crap) or its motivations other than it likes electricity and hates loud noises. Somehow it's affiliated with the black hole, which looks like a miniature hurricane and moves just as ponderously, wiping things out in its path.

    First about the's terrible but I know Nelson is capable of better. The script is to blame and some of the lines are real howlers. Nelson seemed embarrassed the entire time and had NOTHING to do until the end, when he saved everyone. There's half a plot line that he's divorced and his ex-wife and daughter finally see his value as he's saving the world. Of course, there's another jarring plot line where he's either in love with Kristy Swanson or had an affair with her or something. Boy, it's ridiculous.

    Swanson looks good. She's never been a brilliant actress. In fact, the only movie I can recall where she impressed me was Higher Learning and that was only because I dug her plot line as a bi-curious chick seducing Jennifer Connelly.

    Last, the physics. A black hole would not sit on the surface of the planet if it were released there. In fact, what is most likely is that it would sink immediately into the earth and orbit the core, eating the planet from within, a place we can't get to. That was the plot of Brin's novel (among many other plots) and it was much better than either this addled flick or (for that matter) most other hard sci-fi novels. Next, whatever the creature was, I don't know why they felt the need to make it humanoid. If there are creatures that live in black holes (black rabbits maybe?) then I doubt they need musculature, faces or would need to tap electrical power lines. What was it eating before it popped out of its hole?

    Skip it. It's worth neither the time to watch nor the effort to write this review. Spend the time either reading Brin's book (Earth) or getting the graphic novel (which is science fiction but nothing like you'd expect). Click below for links to those.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I originally picked The Black Hole up because I thought it was the original seventies one. So I was already a little disappointed when I discovered this was some TV movie from two years ago but I watched it anyways and I'm glad I did. Certainly it's not going into the sci-fi hall of fame but considering it's a TV film on a TV budget it's a decent little flick with some campy acting but somehow a relatively decent story and even some very decent special effects. It would appear as though director Tibor Takács is one of the masters of TV horror camp. He has done no less than 20 of these types of films so he should have some sort of talent involved in it and he does. He uses the story and budget and effects the best that he can to make a decently watchable flick. The plot of the film is actually very good for sci fi fans. A man made black hole releases a monster of energy that begins to destroy everything in it's path. Focusing rather heavily on the city of St. Louis they certainly create a destructive path in the city.

    Judd Nelson plays outcast scientist Eric Bryce who becomes the unwilling hero of the story. Nelson can act...we've seen it before but he seems to be getting caught in these roles of the washed up drunk but even still he does a pretty decent job of carrying this film. He's watchable and actually makes a very down to earth hero in the end. Kristy Swanson is fellow scientist and love interest Shannon Muir. Swanson looks like a deer in the head lights for most of the film but she supports Nelson decently enough although their romance and tension is a little strange to me. She is okay in the role but not the stand out performer by any means. David Selby is really terrific in a very subtle kind of way as General Ryker. He is also a hero in his own way and although he doesn't get a lot of dialog he does a really great job in the role and is probably one of the stronger characters in the entire film. I think he could have carried the film himself.

    The Black Hole won't put you on the edge of your seat by any means but to kill an hour and a half it's not the worst thing you could watch. The decent story and decent acting makes it worth seeing if you're a sci-fi nut and looking for something different. As mentioned earlier the special effects really aren't that bad, in fact they are well done. Watching the St Louis arch fall apart was very cool and although it's probably stock footage...the actual city being destroyed was also very cool. All in all I suppose you'd have to be a fan to really bother watching it but there is far worse out there in Television and on DVD for that matter. 7/10
  • As a resident of the city in which the movie took place, I enjoyed it mostly for the amazingly silly geographic liberties the filmmakers took with St. Louis. I knew it was going to be entertaining from the moment the Planetarium/Science Center - one of the most well-known buildings in the city - was labeled as the stand-in for the nuclear physics institute where the whole mess started.

    From there, it was a silly and stupid ride through bad science and locations that left most of my family going, "But isn't that building in the area they just said was destroyed?" My favorite moment was after the Arch and Downtown St. Louis were destroyed and then we saw Judd Nelson racing down a downtown St. Louis...toward a darkened but obviously still visible and untouched Arch.

    The actors performed their roles with earnestness and deserve credit for doing what they could with the silliness of the plot.
  • This movie is one of the worst of the "shovelware" the Sci-Fi channel shows. The acting is awful, the plot is broken, the characters are contrived, and the end result screams "Mystery Science Theater." This is a true rotten tomato if one ever existed.

    On the other hand, if you're a St. Louisan, you're bound to get some entertainment out of this movie, if for no other reason than to see the local landmarks. Of course, you'll be shocked to discover that the St. Louis Science Center is, in fact, a quantum laboratory and that Busch Stadium was apparently not demolished in the way the local news claimed!

    The local appeal aside, this is an utterly awful movie that is only watchable if your friends like to make snide remarks during the pitiable conversations. If you like movies like "Reptillian" or "10.5: Apocalypse," watch this film. For the millions of others of you out there, run away. Far away.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Judging from the commercials, this was going to be about the stupidest thing to hit the airwaves since Deep Core, but in the end, it didn't insult my intelligence nearly as much as I expected. Some scientists are running experiments with a particle collider, and something goes wrong. They don't know what it is at first, but soon an odd phenomenon starts forming: A black hole! It wasn't done in nearly as idiotic a fashion as I had expected. Anyhow, of course it keeps growing, the female scientist has to call in her ex-boyfriend, the big brains of the outfit, to figure everything out, and the military shows up...actually, they show up to help, unlike 99% of the movies in this genre where they're just there to prevent the heroes from doing what must be done to save the day. David Selby (Dark Shadows fans may remember him as Quentin Collins) does an excellent job as the military General, trying to let the scientists do whatever it takes to stop this thing, while his bosses want - of course - to nuke it. Just because that's what they always want to do in these movies. Oddly enough, there's some sort of invisible, power-consuming monster that comes out of the black hole and starts following the power lines to the main generating plant. Much of the plot is concerned with dealing with this guy.

    The ending is a bit silly, but they always are in this sort of film. I thought the special effects were a cut above average, and a bit creative as well. Sure, the science is completely wacky, but that was expected. You could hardly do a movie about a black hole and have the science be plausible, because the movie would just consist of the characters saying "We're screwed", and then the credits could roll.

    Overall, a somewhat above average effort for the Sci-Fi Channel. Likable characters, semi-believable plot (stress on the "semi"), and just some good old B movie fun.
  • rps-212 April 2008
    Put it this way. It's probably better than going to bed early with a box of crackers. It reinforces my view that nobody ever has made a good sci-fi flick. Having said that, it whiled away a dreadfully wet and miserable April evening. The effects are passable, the acting is competent if undistinguished, the science is questionable, the characters are stereotypes and the plot is predictable. And for some inscrutable reason, it was made in St. Louis. I suppose if one must destroy a city, St. Louis is as good a choice as any! Then there is that ridiculous business where the troops confront the zapping electricity with automatic weapons at the ready. Maybe they were also on the look out for copper wire thieves. Or terrorists. In any case, the DVD (and do you really expect great movies from the Wal Mart bargain bin?) will make a nice coaster for my coffee cup.
  • I generally like SF movies but they need to have some "this could be true" or scientific realism. This movie shows a black hole on earth and a creature that is connected with it? I could not stand it half way and watched the other 50% on fast forward. The story line is so typical that it shows nothing new. This movie is a waste of time and effort, sorry to be so negative. It could have been better without the alien creature and a more scientific approach. I think people that rent / watch this movie are very conscience about if things that are shown are possible and appeal to the SF sense. I like the basic idea that something really bad can happen in a particle accelerator because of "hurting God's feelings" by discovering more than we should or do things we no nothing about and therefor taking risks beyond our comprehension...
  • I gave this a 5 star because this was either absolutely horrendous, or screamingly funny, depending on whether you want to take the movie seriously. It was so bad it was wonderful! The stereotypes were painted with a brush as wide as a superhighway, complete with beautiful young assistant in love with her boss who's a discredited (but right!) older man with "issues." She, of course, loves him in spite of it because, after all, he's just misunderstood! It has a mysterious creature from another dimension. Growly voiced and intellectually challenged generals. Sycophantic bureaucrats! Helicopters immune to the gravitational forces of a black hole! Panic in the streets! Come on! This is classic stuff!

    The disclaimer at the start gives the watcher the anticipation that the science will at least have some basis in truth. Alas, this is not to be. But I don't want to give it away. This is a great party movie for a frat house beer bash. Or Mystery Science Theatre 2000.

    Judd Nelson did a bang up job as the still-inebriated and hung over physics genius trying to save the world. I never quite understood the need to have his "family" in there, but what the heck. Julia Sinks was cute as his clueless daughter, lost in iPod land oblivious that the world is about to evaporate, asking her mother at the single most inappropriate time why her parents were separated. (Correct response:"Who the &@*# cares?? We need to get out of here NOW!" Actual response:"We just don't get along, honey. You'll understand when you're older.") This movie will undoubtedly reign along with Santa Clause Conquers the Martians as one of the all time worst movies. But in my book, that makes it a winner! Grab a case of beer and have a few friends over for a truly memorable event!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The idea of a black hole being created due to a failed experiment in a experimental lab on our own planet was the thing which made me watch this film. And of course being it a science fiction movie. The first 10 to 15 minutes were not bad, after that it is a complete waste of time. They come with with the idea of alien creature which uses the black hole as a kind of portal to consume electricity on our planet, and which is annoyed by sound. It also uses electric power-lines to move around. The scientists do not explain how it is possible for a being consisting of energy, to emerge from a black hole, which supposedly consumes everything, even light (which is a kind of energy as well), hence the name black hole. It looks like a black hole because the gravity pull of it consumes everything. Not in this movie. The black hole in this movie looks more like a tornado. The best part of the movie is the way they make the Gateway Arch of St. Louis crumble down. Watch this part, and skip the rest, because the rest is a complete waste of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Spoiler/plot- The Black Hole, 2006, With a scientific mishap, humanity is faced with a growing galactic black-hole in St. Louis with an electricity feeding life-form that was unleashed from another space/time dimension.

    *Special Stars- Judd Nelson, Kristy Swanson, David Shelby

    *Theme- Science often probes into matters that are better left unknown.

    *Trivia/location/goofs- TV movie, Watch for the electricity eating alien in this film.

    *Emotion- It looked like this film was 'cashing-in' on the era's black-hole studies making into nightly news reports. It's very bad and a waste of the starring actor's talents. A rather crazy film with the low-key dramatic situations but somewhat saved by the rest of the film's good horror pacing. The slow and tedious plot make the viewer over-interested in the electricity eating power alien of this film, but it is a buzz-kill plot element too.
  • johntg-278-87516629 January 2012
    All I can say is that within one minute of the movie beginning, the hokeyness began... don't waste your time!

    A monster from a black hole? Give me a break!!! Feeding on electricity, well... it sort of reminded me of the Id in "The Forbidden Planet" (which was 1000x better and released in the 1950s!!!). I don't know what else to say other than it was terrible, and trying to come up with ten sentences for a review on a movie this bad is just piling more waste of time on a waste of time, so let's see if this is enough.

    OK, let's see; soldiers shooting bullets at an energy monster? What did they expect to happen?

    The main protagonist is guy whose hair is worse than that scientist in "Back to the Future", but no where near as funny looking, just dumb looking.

    The government knows nothing about black holes, so they propose to nuke it? Whose lame idea was it to write that in the script?

    All in all,everything about the movie was totally ridiculous. I'm sorry if this review doesn't pass muster, but then neither did the movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Most of my charitable 4 rating comes from the underlying idea of a black hole spawned on the planet and slowly growing. It could make an epic disaster flick, and even if some of the rules of science were bent or broken, still be a darn good flick.

    This however is NOT the one. I mean, not only a black hole but an "energy creature" that walks around following power lines? That's like watching War of the Worlds and suddenly Godzilla shows up as well. It moves it from Science Fiction into the Theatre of the Absurd.

    This doesn't seem to be that low of a budget movie either. There were passable and sometimes good special effects. A lot of helicopters, although they were mostly budget helicopters. The acting was for the most part OK.

    So how to excuse the ridiculous plot holes and goofs pointed out in many of the reviews? How to excuse the stereotyped hut hut hut soldiers, or the Evil General, the One Scientist does it all approach, the ridiculous side plot of the little girl etc etc etc? To say nothing of the obviously telegraphed ending, half way through the movie? It's like a cake with decent ingredients that was simply not properly cooked. Worth watching to pass the time but as good sci fi? bleh
  • I was bad in Physics at school... I admit, I was really bad, and only reason I got "C" grade and not Failed, was because my own grandma was the teacher.

    BUT - even I was laughing at the scientific side of this nonsense.

    One must be REALLY, REALLY high, to watch this movie and believe anything in it.

    Beside the nonsense plot, everything else in this movie is bad. acting, scripting, effects... total waste of time.

    Before this movie, all I knew about Black Holes was that they exist somewhere out there, and they are bad things... now I know why they say so...
  • kim-as4 August 2006
    This is horrible..... And it is embarrassing to watch with the actors doing les than optimal performance...

    and come on ... nuclear weapons on a black hole ... how XXXXXX can u get.

    and would you really think about food and water when there is a black hole in town .. lol .. just makes me want to cry.

    ###### This is horrible..... And it is embarrassing to watch with the actors doing les than optimal performance...

    and come on ... nuclear weapons on a black hole ... how XXXXXX can u get.

    This is horrible..... And it is embarrassing to watch with the actors doing les than optimal performance...

    and come on ... nuclear weapons on a black hole ... how XXXXXX can u get.
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