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  • I walked into this movie expecting something completely different than what I got. While most people are using this as an excuse to hate this movie, It made me like it even more. The acting was excellent. Justin Chatwin and Margarita Levieva are incredibly believable and both seem to really enjoy the material. I can understand why some people would be mad. Most people were expecting the teenage horror flick. I am so glad it wasn't. There was so much depth and beauty to it. In my opinion if you didn't' like it either you didn't understand it or you are a horror obsessed teen. The soundtrack also was amazing. I loved everything about this movie. The promotion(meaning Trailers) could have been done a lot more differently and better. Still i strongly encourage this movie to those of you who love deep, thought provoking, beautiful, and emotional movies!
  • Despite all the bad reviews on here, I went to see "The Invisible" and I was not disappointed. I really loved the underlying drama and self discovery the movie relayed throughout the story. It made you feel for both the victim and the villain and feel their pain and sacrifices. It went past the usual story line of romance and macho heros, but looked deeper. And above that, my friends and I loved the main character :) He is very good looking. Apparently the other reviewers don't have the ability to see past explosions and fake fights in films to see the depth portrayed in this movie. Definitely give this one a try. It made my day and made me think very hard about life. Not to sound too cheesy...
  • rlange-328 February 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    The underlying plot is perhaps do-able if it were presented with good acting, and believable screenplay, but this one nose dives from the start and flies lazy boring circles all the way to the pathetic impact with the ground at the end. The characters are neither believable, nor well acted. There are a few designated villains, whose only role is to be villains. An uncaring mother who actually cares. Whoa, exciting stuff eh? A bad girl who is really OK, it's just that she has a tough family life. Even for bored suburban kids this is just pathetic. It's not just plot holes, but the characters themselves who are unbelievable.

    One of the main characters is a boy who only seems to know how to cringe and whimper. He's supposed to be the protagonists best friend, but what really pulls or holds them together? Nothing that meets the eye in the film. He gets a little cut on his hand and falls apart. The protagonist pays his bills for him like a wimp. His Mom finds out he is flying to London and he immediately abandons his carefully laid plans without a squeak. He even throws/gives his ticket away. What a maroon.

    What really cooked it for me is when he is standing there while Annie takes a shower. He isn't even looking at her. OK, fine, no problem with the idea that the audience doesn't get to see anything, but what 18 year old straight (the film seems to indicate this) male is going to stand next to a good looking young woman and not even sneak a glance. Unrealistic? Floridly unrealistic. He doesn't even appear interested.

    Or how about when Annie pulls a gun on the cops and manages an impossible escape, then breaks into the school with the flick of a knife (no alarms?), and sleeps on a mat in the gymnasium. In fact, she seems to have the run of the whole set with impunity. And speaking of running and getting around with ease, how do you do that after a major gunshot wound to the abdomen? We get a sappy sound track, a sappy background story about the girl and her little brother, and a long, drawn out, uninspiring, uninteresting plot with unbelievable characters and plot holes galore. What's not to like about that? I gave it a 3.
  • pratikgreat24 August 2009
    The invisible is one of those movies that you walk into expecting something totally different, and the movie doesn't fail. Loosely following the theme of The Sixth Sense, the Invisible is less darker and delves into deep character study of the protagonist and the antagonist all the while providing enough twists to the plot that one hangs onto his seat anticipating the next twist. Those who couldn't appreciate this beautiful movie are either too realistic or action/horror obsessed. Justin Chatwin as Nick Powell is just awesome, portraying the frustration and desperation with finesse, extracting sympathy for the 'perfect' teenager. Margarita Levieva as Annie Newton is also fantastic as her character undergoes transformation and redemption through the course of the movie. The Invisible dares to chose a different path from the typical and comes out with flying colors. If you liked Sixth Sense, you are going to love this one.
  • reenis25 December 2006
    This is a remake of the Swedish movie 'Den Onsynlige' and there is no doubt that its worth your time. One of the best movies I have ever witnessed. There is little to no fear elements in the movie, but it's such a beautiful story about a ghost that it can't be ignored.

    If you think you can figure this movie out by the synopsis above, think again- 'The Invisible' is a epic story about life, death and the choices you make during your time on this Earth. For such a bright film, it's quite Gothic in a sense of the irony the story evokes. In the end, what really matters is making your life worth something and taking control of it on your own- the lesson is a great one, and hopefully this movie will entertain along with inspire. Check it out if you can.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    David Goyer's "The Invisible", a remake of a film I have not yet seen, and a rip-off of Hiroshi Teshigahara's "Pitfall", kicks off with an interesting premise that it does not remain faithful to. A young student is murdered by a trio of arrogant classmates with pseudo-cynical attitudes. After they bury him in the woods, he rises from his own damaged body and walks amongst them as an invisible man. We see him, but they don't. This guy can't communicate with them or interact with material objects (at least not initially), but he can hang about and eavesdrop on their screwed-up lives. Obviously, he learns why he was killed , and he eventually gets to see some justice. The problem with this premise is that our hero does not drive the story. He witnesses it. Because he can't be heard or seen, he's an observer who comments on what's happening. His commentary is not without interest, but after the forty-five minute mark, the premise collapses. Goyer must have thought so, too, because he starts breaking the rules he's established. Some characters become aware of our hero's existence, and some characters start to hear him. As the authorities get closer to solving his "murder", there's a murky understanding that this is why our hero is becoming more visible. In the end, it doesn't work. The film's first half hour is hypnotic, and I felt sure that I was in for a treat, but the set-up bites off more than its third act can chew, and the result is a very disjointed, unsatisfying experience.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really shouldn't get this emotionally involved, but I was angry when I saw this film. This is not the film I wanted to see when the trailer broke last October. There it was in big grandiose lettering, "From the producer of Sixth Sense and the co-writer of Batman Returns." How could you not be intrigued with this team? I was lead to believe this was going to be a murder mystery about some guy trying to find out who killed him and how he was running out of time to solve that mystery. In the trailer he encounters some old man in a hospital or something, who explains to our protagonist that if he can solve the mystery of his own death, then he will come back to life. I was excited to see this movie. It was supposed to come out at around Christmas. Then something strange happened. Instead of launching it at the lucrative Christmas season, the inconspicuously and clandestinely delayed the film for four months. Instead they dumped it into theaters one week before Spiderman 3 came out and they edited the hell out of it. No longer did you have a film about a teen trying solve his own murder, you simply had a film about some kid who gets murdered. That's it. Nothing else. From there, while in ghost limbo, he follows around his murderer. Not the two male thugs who helped perpetuate the murder, but the "mysteriously" hot chick who kicks him to death. You see, she has a dark past. She is ignored and possibly abused at home. So naturally she decides the best way to compensate for this is to beat up guys twice her weight and then of course kill them. Because, you know, that's what normal disturbed kids do. They kill people. And this is just the beginning. Because now we have the "good guy" following his own murderer, and get this, once he sees her take off her hat and dance at an "E" club, she becomes illuminated to him. And then he decides that she isn't such a bad girl after all. Of course. This is the girl that KILLED YOU and because she has a nice rack, is nice to her baby brother and has had a few unfortunate bad breaks in life, you fall for her. And then at the end of the movie, it actually wants us to believe that she is the only one that can save him. She must go to his hospital room and sit next to him and then will him back to life. SIGH! The problem with this film is that it suffers from a lack of everything. It doesn't make sense and I think that is the studios fault. Maybe they screened the film for an audience and they didn't like the direction the film was going. So instead of tweaking it, they butchered it. They took the Sixth Sense element out of it and what you have left is a Steven Seagal movie with a ghost. I want to watch the movie I saw in the trailer. Where is that movie? It's out there somewhere. It has to be. They edited it to make is something terrible. How terrible.

    Here are some other terrible plot points. After the guy is murdered, his best friend, who is also at the scene, doesn't go to the cops. He is too afraid of this 5'2, 98 pound girl. He just lets his best friend rot at the bottom of a sewer or something. I mean, where is the logic in this film. AT one point, it looked like they were going to introduce a twit where his best friend might have been involved. But even that went nowhere. There are literally a half dozen more plot points that were just silly beyond belief. I really struggle to understand how shoddy writing like this is allowed in Hollywood.

    This film could have been so much more. The idea and concept and original trailer were very well done. The film is not.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am marking this as having spoilers because it is so filled with cliché's that it's hard to imagine any discussion of it not giving away the plot. There is not a single surprise anywhere in the movie. Will the son and mother come to understand each other at the end? Of course! Will the girl, who almost killed him, and the main character wind up understanding and loving each other at the end? You betcha! Will the police overlook pretty much every sort of standard operating procedure to miss getting their gal or guy? Of course!

    And the plot holes. Why in the world would the almost dead guy's buddy, who was taken to the killing site at gunpoint, be afraid to go to the police. Supposedly because "he was there". Right, that makes sense, just like a bank teller at a bank robbery would be afraid to call 911 because "they were there". And when the bad girl, who wears a knit cap or hoody almost the entire movie does take it off her hair, which has probably not seen the light of day in days, is just gorgeous. And her makeup is always perfect also, even when she is killing people or on the run for days. And the cops... Even though the site of the "almost killing" consists of a car crash into a sign and tire marks in soft ground followed by 4 people tromping thru the woods carrying a bleeding victim they can't follow that trail nor can their bloodhound pick up the scent. And who puts a storm drain grate in the middle of a forest outside of town??? And when the Dam gates at a hydro-electric facility are supposed to open and flood the river at a critical juncture the police don't have the sense to call the dam operator and ask them to delay the opening. And when it does open it only stays open for about 3 minutes!! What dam system would go thru the trouble to open it's floodgates for 3 minutes???!!! And how come that up until that time the almost dead guy can't physically move anything but just this *one* time he's able to pull his own body to higher ground? Heck, if he can do that why didn't he just go get his own body and haul it to the hospital days earlier!

    And when the killer girl gets shot in the gut by at least a 9mm by her bad-news boyfriend she clutches the wound and holds on for several more hours including having the strength to drive his car many miles and then engage in a high speed chase with police (with both hands on the wheel, no more clutching her wound), then crash broadside into a cop car, and still get out and limp away without the police who are 50 feet away being able to run and catch her. Toward the end, in the hospital with the almost dead guy in the ICU, there is no one around but the mother and killer gal for minute after minute. I'd hate to be cared for in that hospital, they must have a single ICU room on a separate floor that's off limits to staff.

    This was one of the most absurd movies I've seen in ages, it's practically a MST3K movie even without adding commentary. Still, the characters are all so pretty that there is at least that to recommend it. The cable guide gave it 1.5 stars, that was generous.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Long, painful remake of a Swedish film loosely based on a novel, The Invisible gives teenagers a rough time as we endure a troubled girl, Annie who carries around lackeys, an idiotic boyfriend and has other teens owing her money. She's essentially the main character of the film because the rest of the story involves another character, Nick, who spends the entire film convincing Annie he's still alive.

    Nick is moving on up in the world, moving around his mother and going to London, England to further his writing education and career. It comes to a sudden end when Annie is tricked into thinking Nick sold her out to the cops when an earlier burglary is discovered. Annie kills him, and Nick is a ghost ... but is he really dead?

    Justin Chadwick is Nick and apparently War of the Worlds played a role in his hiring. Like the earlier film, in where he was yelling and complaining to his father during total alien Armageddon, this time around, it's Marcia Gay Harden who gets the similar/beat-down treatment. Nick yells and complains to his mother about controlling his life and whatever until he finally dies. The real conflict, that isn't fully explored is between Annie and her father. If her Dad didn't work the night shift, so she would be stuck with her step-mother and he could spend time with her and Victor, it would have saved plenty of screen time and the inevitable conclusion of this sour film. The entire emo feel of this film just didn't work. There are plenty of better films out there that deal with the subject matter of The Invisible.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This Americanized re-telling of the Swedish chiller-hit "Den Osynlige" certainly isn't a bad film, but it sadly is just a tad bit too sentimental and unmemorable. The film describes itself perfectly as "Ghost" meets "The O.C." The plot deals with supernatural themes and sincere human emotions, while the characters (and especially the soundtrack) seem to come straight out of a pretentious high-school TV series. The protagonists are all beautiful and spoilt teenagers, so it's pretty difficult to believe they're dealing with life-altering issues like murder, poetry and spiritual redemption. But nonetheless "The Invisible" remains an occasionally very engaging and fast-paced thriller, admirably translated to the screen by genre-expert David S. Goyer. Nick Powell is a popular high-school student who lives alone with his overly protective mother ever since his father passed away. When the local troubled girl Annie and her gang of youthful thugs wrongfully assume Nick told the cops about Annie's involvement in a jewelry theft, they beat him up badly and leave him for for dead in the woods. Slowly approaching the light at the end of the tunnel, Nick returns as an invisible spirit and painfully witnesses how the police investigation regarding his disappearance evolves extremely slow and frustratingly. His last and only chance is to somehow get into contact with Annie and convince her to correct her mistake with a good deed. David S. Goyer attempts – fairly successfully, I may add – to add as few fancy special effects and false scares as possible and puts the emphasis on the characters and the atmosphere. The characters of Nick and Annie clearly gain maturity throughout the story and by the end of the film, they evolved from annoying teenage brats to ... LESS annoying teenage brats. The handful of sub plots, especially the one focusing on Nick and his mother, are rather redundant and only make the wholesome even more irksome. The performances are pretty good, though. Justin Chatwin ("Taking Lives") and Margarita Levieva are terrific and actually manage to make their implausible characters convincing and at least a bit likable near the end. The obtrusive moral of the story as well as the overly melodramatic twists when reaching the film's finale are a bit difficult to cope with – especially if you're primarily a fan of horror and thrillers – but I bet other types of audiences will have tears when walking out of the theater. "The Invisible" has the same producers as "The Sixth Sense" and definitely also shares ideas and plot-aspects with that occult thriller hit. The little kid in the former saw dead people who didn't really realize they crossed the line to the other side, whereas Nick damn well realizes he's dead but there's nobody who sees him. Decent film, at least worth one viewing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm used to viewer ratings being inflated on IMDb. So used to it, that I tend to take them with a grain of salt. And THE INVISIBLE should be regarded as the poster child for inflation.

    I write this review not to reinforce the lower tier ones this movie has received, but to warn unsuspecting viewers. Stay away. Stay far away. This is a movie that is inept on so many levels that I was literally stunned.

    Let's start with the script, which has already been dissected here in detail. These kids were such cardboard figures that their dialog was laugh inducing. Every sequence featured some ridiculously over the top line, as if the viewers needed to be pummeled into "believing" in these stereotypes. My favorite moment? The poetry reading that is supposed to demonstrate how the main character's gentle soul is somehow transcendent. He's nervous to read it in front of his high school class, but the teacher insists (hoping to wipe away the memory of a peer's previous adolescent work). Relucatantly, he begins to read. The music swells. We know the kids are digging it, because they stop talking and lean forward. The music swells some more as classmate after classmate are won over by his genius. It's a pivotal moment in the film, as it demonstrates for the first time the conflict between Nick and his distant mother - how he wants to go to writing school in London, but is thwarted by a mother who (seemingly) doesn't believe in his talent.

    What's the problem? Did anyone who gave this movie a good review actually listen to the drivel that came out? Nick's "poetic brilliance" sounded like bad emo band lyrics. And the crime becomes that his poetry is revisited throughout the film, each time becoming more annoying. More laughable. By the time he was reading the lines over his mother's shoulder, everyone in the room with me was in stitches.

    It's hard to believe that the director penned BATMAN RETURNS. You'd think he's have an ear for realistic dialog. Instead, he seemed intent on proving he could use every camera move known to man to breathe life into this cliché-riddled excuse for a story. Witness the opening shot. It's like Orson Welles dropped by.

    The lesson? When all else fails - when logic is thrown to the four winds and even a five minute crane shot is not enough - don't despair. Just fill very transition in the film's second half with painful emo music. Have each emotion underlined by brain numbing lyrics the equal of the brain numbing script.

    Sorry to be so harsh. If this was an independent picture I might have given it a couple stars for the cinematography and acting. But this was a major Hollywood production with major Hollywood money. All we are left with is commercial exploitation: the producers seem to have bet that the preteen audience would be too self absorbed to recognize the clichés and bad execution. Given some of the reviews here, maybe they were right.
  • JABBAKAHUT5 January 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know that I can find a redeeming thing in this movie. I'm shocked that the guy who gave rebirth to Batman is associated with this crap. It doesn't answer any question it poses and the dialog is only slightly better than something written by George Lucas. The characters don't act the way we expect them to (not in the good twist sort of way, just the horribly inconsistent sort of way). Motivations are vague at best. The big shocker is that the evil girl is a beauty in disguise. It feels like a movie in which the ugly nerd gets a makeover. Like we need to see her shower? Anything that could have been interesting like the exploration of what this limbo state in which he exists in is all about? Including useless characters such as the little brother, the old dieing dude, even the supposed best friend are weak superfluous dry icons. There is nothing thrilling about this movie, nothing is original. Seriously, there isn't a scene that makes sense. Lets take the body which nobody can find and leave it out in the open in hopes that it will just be washed down a river and found later? The cops are portrayed as incompetent at best. Character motivations which are hinted at but never elaborated; such as the stupid drug dealing hottie's father who was a cop and "it's a long story" which isn't explained somehow probably has something to do with the death of her mother? It's possible they just edited this thing to death removing all the exposition which would have helped make sense of this convoluted story. This isn't a failed ambitious attempt, it's a lazy half-ass attempt to be profound. I imagine anybody from the EMO generation loves this movie. By the end every scene is laughable, multiple people are going into this half dead world and communicating with people on life support. I'm glad I downloaded this, I'm sick of paying for crap movies, when will Hollywood get it?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. There was no development of character and there were so many scenes that were irrelevant to the plot. i.e. The opening scene, though well acted and interestingly shot, had nothing to do with the main theme of the movie. At first I thought it was to illustrate how he felt invisible to create some sort of irony in the fact that he soon would be invisible, but there was nothing more about it. It was just that. The Annie character could have been a very interesting and perplexing character but became completely ruined and superficial as soon as she took off her beanie in the club scene. Which, by the way, also didn't make sense since she said she needed "a roof" then went to party and later sleep in the high school. Also, there was no basis for the male character to feel attraction for the female character except for the fact that they are opposite sexes. There was no development of a relationship. Sure, they did a good job at showing their similarities, but, no offense to anyone, I'm not going to feel sorry for someone and fall in love with a person that just killed me. What the screenplay writers and directors should have done was show more about Annie and the cause of her demise. They should have humanized her during the scenes with her little brother and not during a club scene. They should have left the beanie on and taken it off only at times the audience was supposed to feel for her. There was too much of a connection between the beanie and her "badness" and that left too quickly. There were so many subplots that were left unanswered. What about the two goons that helped her kill him? What about her boyfriend who was still alive when she left him? What about Pete, the bad best friend, and his attempted suicide? There should have been follow-up to these because a consequence is expected. Other subplots that were left untouched- her mother's death, sudden or long and drawn out? Annie's relationship with her father; did the bruises on her arm mean that he beat her? Were we supposed to infer that? Annie's father used to be a policeman; why mention he got fired and that it's "a long story" if we never get to hear it? Annie and her life was a pivotal character to the story that was left dry.

    Just a few other things that irritated me: The previews did not give a true synopsis of the story line. There was no mystery to be solved. It is perfectly clear who kills him. Also, this has been compared to Ghost, or, at least, the writer's and PR people have compared it to Ghost. There is no connection, and Ghost, obviously seen through it Acadamy Award nominations, was a well written piece of fiction as opposed to this....not well written piece of fiction. Main difference, and the most important I believe, is that Demi Moore didn't kill Patrick Swayze!! This movie had such great potential and had me thinking it was going to live up to it's expectations, but it ultimately left me utterly disappointed.
  • stang999 December 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    **Slight Spoiler**

    This movie would have made a decent after school special but as a feature length film it was atrocious, where to begin?

    First, all the padding of people walking in the woods, walking down a street, or just brooding shots of peoples faces. If all that would have been edited out you would have had an hour long TV show. Second, having the character find out hes dead in school was stupid, he was supposed to get up from getting the crap beat out of him and he went to school? Third, the first time he threw stuff only to look back a split second later to see everything undisturbed works maybe once or twice, after the 9th time it loses its effectiveness.

    This could have been a lot meaner but this film looks like a short movie made for a film school stretched out to a full feature film, except I have seen plenty of movies from film students that look 100x better.
  • This movie represents a lot of the transition of bad to good that happens in this world. More than any of us imagine the bad people that try and ruin this world every day are destroying the innocence and greatness of things good people do. So often shrouded are the deeds of those who once found it easy to do bad and decide that their path is ill fated and they turn their lives around for the better. Looking at this movies surface, it scratches the idea of hope and teases at the idea that good deeds can be performed by those who have led lives of misfortune and displacement. My experience...I was up late one night and was fiddling through the Starz' movie channels when I saw the title , "The Invisible".Reluctant to watch, because it already started I opted to give it a try. I didn't recognize any of the names in the movie and saw that it came out in 2007 so I gave it 10mins of preview time. The second I saw the character, Annie Newton, and realized what was going on with her and Nick I was drawn in. The director does an excellent job in implementing the difference of emotions and levels of the caste system that is high school. Starting the movie more than 20mins in I was able to follow with ease gladly adjusting to the changes in the story and characters. At the end I was happy for one character but rooting for both as I hoped their chemistry and new found understanding of each other would overcome all. For right now, this movie single handedly gives me hope for other late night discoveries and am looking forward to such.
  • Definitely NOT a copycat of "The Sixth Sense" this film instead is highly original, sets its own mark, goes its own way.

    Although I haven't been a teen in decades, I know them well enough to say the portrayals of the central characters are as on-the-level as I've seen lately. This never-dull and unusual story kept us involved more than we expected, and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys either teen movies or supernatural thrillers.

    If you rent it from Netflix, please beware of a similar titled film, a dreadful movie about two young American stone-heads pretty much comatose in a cheap flat in Paris. Dull and stupid.

    The soundtrack of INVISIBLE is truly good and proves that good music is still being done in 2007 even if they don't ever play it on the air.

    One way films have improved: When I was a teen there were never any teen movies with characters you could either believe or relate to. Now they make such movies frequently. After all, the most complex problems in a lifetime are during the teen years. Everything after that is easy once you've survived the basic training of that age. Once you know that you've got an over-sized field of ideas for good movies like this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While the idea of having someone linger between life and death, invisible to the world at large, is intriguing, it gets lost in a confusing morass of a script here. "The Invisible" features one of those stereotypical small female "tough guys" who are somehow capable of not only ordering larger males around to do their bidding, but also to physically intimidate and beat them up. Wow- we've never seen anything like that before from Hollywood! Annie, the tough high school girl who always wears a stocking cap on her pretty little head, is evidently the leader of a ridiculous "gang," which consists of three other males. Two of them are fellow students, who somehow obey her orders (why?) The other is an adult, her boyfriend, who is on probation and obviously has a criminal past. Annie is mad- you know, the teen angst we've seen from Hollywood ever since "Rebel Without A Cause." The only rationale behind her anger, and subsequent life of crime, is that her mother died. Her father is shown only as a laborer who works nights; he doesn't seem to be a bad guy, but Annie tells him at one point that she plans to come back and kill him. Huh? Motive? Yes, her stepmother seems irresponsible, and doesn't appear to be parenting Annie's younger brother properly, but really there is nothing in her home life to justify her perpetual, Brando-like sneer, or the crimes she commits.

    There are so many absurd scenes in this film. How about the cops who question Annie, after they've found stolen jewelry in her locker? Annie treats the cops with disdain, as she does everyone, and is totally fearless under their questioning. This questioning is almost nonexistent, and after a few softballs, she simply walks out. Huh? Why wasn't she charged with anything? If she was, how did she get out? Did her incredibly poor family place bail somehow? Then there is the male cop questioning Annie's adult boyfriend. This cop doesn't even touch on the issue of statutory rape. He doesn't realize that this boyfriend, who is obviously an adult (probably at least 25), is engaged in an illegal relationship with this underage high school girl? Nope- nothing said about that, just more typical Hollywood cop mumbo-jumbo. Later, Annie will overpower this much larger, criminal adult boyfriend, while he is armed, and then make a few amazing, superhero type jumps as a slew of police officers simply watch her passively, refusing to chase her at all. One of the most ridiculous scenes I've ever seen in any film.

    Of all the odious messages "The Invisible" sends the audience, the most twisted is the tired old bad girl is actually good at heart nonsense. This used to be a staple of film scripts, but almost always with the bad character being the bad boy, who somehow attracts the sweet heroine away from the boring boy next door. No telling how many girls absorbed that disastrous message and left a nice guy for some future alcoholic- wife beater, because Hollywood basically told them it was the "cool" thing to do. Anyhow, Annie is shown to be actually a good kid at heart, even if she is behind the attempted murder of the main character, who inexplicably ends up loving her anyway. She also kills her boyfriend, tries to kill the main characters best friend, and commits several other crimes. But, she does have a soft spot for her kid brother, so how could we not fall in love with her? Finally, the movie climaxes with a totally unexplained and absurd gimmick whereby Annie is the only one who can bring the hero Nick back to life. This is done by her talking to him as he lays unconscious in a hospital bed, and then laying down next to him and bleeding all over him (she had been shot earlier by her boyfriend, but seeing as how she is so tough and all, Annie is able to walk around for hours, and even evade the police during a tired, hackneyed car chase scene, with a gunshot wound to her abdomen). Yes, this makes perfect sense. Of course, how else could the hero be saved? Overall, this is an unoriginal, horrible film.
  • I didn't see the trailer for this film before watching it (i still haven't seen it for that matter) so had no expectations prior to watching it. I also hadn't read any IMDb reviews which I am completely surprised at to be frank. If you like your films sickly sweet or ultra violent or packed with action or filled with CGI then no, you will not enjoy this movie. If however you don't have the attention span of a goldfish and can appreciate an in depth deep film focusing on the characters and the interactions between them then you will love it. Personally, i cant stand indie music but it fit in quite well with the story so even that can't be faulted. The camera-work was superb, the acting was well above average and none of the characters were hard to believe, which is a feat in itself considering the film is about a bloke that no-one can see or hear. In short, watch it if you can sit through a proper adult emotional movie. Don't watch it if you're after something more like 'ghost' or 'Hollow Man'
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was a big disappointment for a number of reasons. As iterated in other comments, the trailer contains footage and story elements that are entirely absent from the film itself (i.e. the old man in the hospital gown telling the protagonist he has a limited amount of time to solve his own murder). Although this IN ITSELF doesn't make it a bad film, I think it's symptomatic of a much deeper problem, namely, it doesn't seem like anybody working on this film had a really solid and cohesive sense of what the film was about or how all the parts fit together. The trailer footage being absent from the film is evidence to me that the film was just sort of thrown together haphazardly and without any thought. This is potently felt while watching it. Also, as noted by other reviewers, the characters were totally one dimensional, surfacey, and straight up archetypes completely lacking in any development, depth, or uniqueness. To me, it seems like a really bad indie film that somehow got a lot of funding and made it into the mainstream market: we have the poetry writing, leather messenger bag carrying, road-bike riding protagonist who wants to be a writer (shocking!) and of course the corresponding mother who is obsessed with making her son into an upstanding, upper-class citizen and just doesn't get him. And we have the token "indie" soundtrack to complement our protagonist's adventure. In fact, the movie struck me as little more than a forum with which to showcase the filmmaker's knowledge of cool "indie" bands. I feel like I can't really make any comment on the acting because, honestly, I can't imagine any actors or actresses who would be able to give this film the animation and depth that it so sorely lacks. In short, save your money and your time, and don't see it. If you're just really curious and have to see it, rent it once it comes out on video. I admit, the trailer looked awesome and you can't blame anyone for wanting to see it based on that. But the fact is that the movie just doesn't live up (in quality...or even in basic plot!) to the trailer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I saw the rating on IMDb, I wasn't too interested in seeing The Inivisible due to that, not only that, but the trailer didn't seem that interesting as well. But I had a free rental and there wasn't anything else that caught my eye and I just figured to go ahead and give this movie a look. I watched it tonite and I don't understand why there is only a 6.0 rating, I think it should be in the high 6.0 or low 7.0, I've just seen so many worse films that for some reason get a good rating on this website. Trust me, The Invisible is one this year's surprises. The plot is like a new version of Ghost, a little bit of a twist, where we show the ultimate killer, your conscience. When you do something wrong, could you stay strong enough to keep it a secret? That's what The Invisible is about.

    Nick is a success at school, he gets awesome grades and has lots of friends, he's going places in his future. But when his "best friend" sells him out to a troubled girl, Annie, and puts him in a situation that has nothing to do with him, Annie takes the situation to an ultimate low and almost kills Nick. She hides his body, but Nick is still alive and his spirit is begging her to help him, she's the only one that can hear him, but his time is running out and she's having a hard time dealing with the harsh consequences.

    The Invisible was a good film, I would highly recommend it. I thought that it was done well and the story was really good. The girl who played Annie was absolutely a perfect cast, I hope to see her in more movies in the future, her performance as Annie was terrific, she doesn't over do the self pity or under do it, she's just right on with the character. Her last scene with Nick actually made me cry, it was so selfless the way these two played it, their chemistry was perfect. I really liked the Invisible, hopefully people will give this movie a better chance, it deserves it.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Potential spoilers surrounded by asterisks* First, the strongest points. The female lead, played by Margarita Levieva (sp?), was a very good actress and I hope we see more of her (*even though for no real purpose she was shown undressing*). The soundtrack was good but incorporated poorly (*uplifting music while running through the woods at night to find my own body?* No.). The creators, in the movies initial stages, seem to have had a good idea, something that hasn't been exploited as much as the romantic comedy (unfortunately they hired the worst writers ever to develop the idea).

    I would be impressed with this movie if a non-English speaking child handed it to me as his/her own work, and even then only because it had good American sentence structure. I couldn't even count the intended plot twists that were just left out for me to question. Who was Annie? Why is she so angry, and what made her feel emotion for this seemingly yuppy kid? *Why was she the one who heard him? I get that Nick was going to London, why was the first 30 minutes of the movie focused on it, and further who cares that he gave that girl the ticket? It had nothing to do with anything (remember, because his flight was changed anyway!*) The supporting characters were atrociously written - if you think your friends or parents suck, be glad you're not this jabronie who somehow wasted an hour and a half of my life.

    And let's just do this quickly - false advertising anyone? If I played the role of "that old man" I'd be THRILLED that my face wasn't associated with the final slop that they called a movie. I thought I was going to see a movie where there might be a little suspense, maybe I'd have to think about what might happen. Perhaps everything wasn't exactly as it seems. Instead, I've spent more mental energy constructing this comment. I actually had to reassure my friend that we didn't pay $22 to see this sludge, we paid $22 for two hours worth of A.C.

    I wish there was still a Mystery Science Theatre style program available. This would be one of the first movies they could pick apart.

    When this movie ended, my friend and I exchanged glances as the credits began to role and couldn't stop laughing all the way home at what a - oh god... I think I'm out of synonyms for "bad" - film it was. If that's you're style, then be my guest, but all the same, go matinée. That way you didn't just ruin your night as I did.
  • Lark_Pash28 April 2007
    I think people are exaggerating over the movie being so horrible. I saw previews of this months and months ago and promised myself I'd see it the first night it came out. I was not disappointed! Afte seeing the reviews here on IMDb I was afraid I'd go and be upset, but nope! It was very captivating and a very neat movie. I do think some of the characters were a little bland, but the main ones like Powell and Annie were not. If you already had plans to see this, I would suggest still seeing it in theaters! As the plot goes, Annie is a very evil girl. I can't describe her any better. The previews make you think she is the girlfriend of Powell. In fact, she's the one who just about kills him. The story isn't so much just about Powell, but both him and Annie. He has to try and tell Annie she can still have a chance to do one good thing in her life by telling the police where his body is. If you enjoy movies that are about the boundaries of life and death, then definitely see this. It can be humorous, but it's a suspenseful and even heartbreaking film towards the end. It wasn't what I expected. Yes, some things are obvious and you can figure them out, but overall it was a good film and doesn't deserve all the harsh criticism.
  • I love this movie because it isn't the same old ghost story you've come to memorize by now. Unlike the cliché disguised as a ghost flick such as The Orphanage, which critics loved, this movie broke rules. It didn't make sense, but that's what made it good. The characters were memorable, unlike the characters in The Orphanage that are so cliché they now have their own genres: Apathetic Dad, Angry Mama Bear Mom, Innocent Child That Can Do No Wrong. The Invisible doesn't use any of these clichés. It makes its own rules and then breaks its own rules. The ghosts don't revert to the same old jump-at-you-AHHH! tactics that we've all seen countless times. They actually try to be more disturbing than that, by being more realistic and not scary.

    I simply don't understand the critics. They trash movies like this that actually try to be different and hail hopeless clichés like The Orphanage. I also don't understand people who do the same.

    Yes, this movie could be labeled as emo, but you'll see this movie has a lot to say that you're not going to find in what the critics call "deep" movies with "moral".

    It's not perfect by any means. I could sit here and name countless technical flaws with the presentation (like the opening scene), but they're lost to the fact that this movie tried to be different. I'm so stunned that something actually tried to be different anything else bad about the movie fell away.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not having much of an idea as to what this film was about, I was still curious. The end result is a film that's just not very good, because it doesn't know what it is. For a rebel teenage girl (weighing 100lbs the most) to be wreaking havoc on any and everyone who comes her way (e.g. other guys in school bigger than her, her boyfriend, police, etc) is just ridiculous. It was so obvious as to who to investigate; that the 'mystery' wasn't solved much earlier is just asinine. Other points to consider:

    • What was the reasoning for Nick's best friend to 'rat him out'? They're best friends, for one. Two, Nick tries to help him out of a jam with the 'gangster white chick bully' of the school; when it didn't seem anyone else gave a damn...or just wasn't that courageous for that matter. For him to then lie on him to 'save his own ass'?? Are you kidding me? What's the reason? Three, what could he have POSSIBLY told Annie that would have her logically think that it was Nick who sold her out, even after he let her off the hook with the principal??? Four, what reasoning was there for Nick's BF's father to be so uncooperative with cops???

    • How stupid were the police? The suspects were sticking out like a sore thumb; was it really that hard to find out who did it?

    • Okay, you move Nick's body from one place to another. From a sewer (in a forest?) where it's completely a dam laid out on some rocks perfectly visible to anyone who happens to look down there. You CANT be serious!

    • Annie, after being shot and near-death, and being the one who inflicted the near-death blow to Nick,somehow convinces Nick's mother to 'talk' to Nick whose on his death bed because she can 'bring him back'. And just how did she do that? I was really waiting for her to administer the 'Kiss Of Life' as she laid there....but it wasn't needed.

    • What happened to Nick's best friend after he tried to kill himself? Or Marcus after he was shot? Twice?? Or the rest of Annie's cronies?

    There was just so much wrong with the plot of this movie. It just didn't know if it was an all-out supernatural film (a la Ghost) or just a mystery story with a twist. The characters and their lack of back-story, as well as implausibilities all around just makes 'The Invisible' a big mess.

    5/10 (i was somewhat entertained for about 30 minutes)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all the kid did NOT die, he was in a coma. Second of all the preview said he had a girlfriend and it showed him laying in bed with a girl. In the movie that girl is the one who "killed" him (really just beat him up). There was no mystery as to who did it, he (and the audience) know who did it. Also, the creepy old guy in the preview who told him if he solved the mystery of his death he could have a chance to live again, that was not in the movie at all. Plus it would not have made any sense at all, because he was NOT dead, he did NOT have to solve a mystery, and the only way to get his "soul" back into his body was to have the girl who beat him up come to the hospital and cry a lot. One of the worst movies ever made, but not as bad as Ax'Em.
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