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  • Warning: Spoilers
    These are not spoilers, but my personal opinion: (1) The guests have been invited to eat in the restaurant, possibly without having to pay, and knowing full well that they may not get their meal and that they are being filmed for a TV show. (2) Gordon's history and reputation has been briefed to the cooks, so know what they signed up for and how he will treat them. They then agree to appear on the show anyway.

    So, don't feel sorry for either when watching -- they all know what they're in for. Some people here have commented that the show is fake and so on, but it's really just due to the two items above that make it feel that way.
  • This is not a creative cooking contest. It's not supposed to be. If you want a show where the chefs get to display their culinary ingenuity, hit up Top Chef or Iron Chef, etc. That being said, this is a great show if you take it as is: it's about people getting yelled at by Chef Ramsay for not working and cooking his way. The chefs are not there show that they have their own style of doing things, but to prove they can survive the stress of working in one of Ramsay's kitchens.

    I'm a fan of both Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen. When I want to see innovative new dishes and salivate over the deliciousness on the TV screen, I watch Top Chef. When I want to watch people get yelled at (and live vicariously through Chef Ramsay because who wouldn't want to get paid to yell at people for doing dumb things? C'mon, admit it, there are people you work with who you'd love to yell at...), I watch Hell's Kitchen.

    Enjoy it for what it is. Don't bash it for not being something else.
  • Two teams compete for an ultimate prize, but this isn't "Survivor" or "The Apprentice".

    The prize is a restaurant for the winner to operate. And Chef Ramsay isn't a mere host like Jeff Probst, nor a hands-off boss like Donald Trump. He's with the contestants all evening, as they attempt to operate their restaurant, "Hell's Kitchen". He serves as the order co-coordinator, with final say on whether dishes are presentable. And if one dish in an order isn't acceptable, back the whole order goes. He grating and foul-mouthed, and almost brings the contestants to tears. He's more drill instructor than chef at times, berating those who aren't performing well. Customers aren't immune to Ramsay's temper; he'll yell and curse at patrons who dare to "speak to the chef".

    You feel so bad for those getting the brunt of Ramsay's wrath; you want to look away, but you can't. It's an interesting twist to the elimination-style "reality" show.
  • I hate reality shows. Always have and I probably always will. Hated Survivor since the 1st 5 seconds I watched of it. Came off as corny. Was forced to watch it again because my friends were addicts of it and that didn't change my opinion of it. The FOX goes and makes 20 of these every season. Remember Murder in Small town X or ever it was called? Cancelled after what, 2 episodes. Point is, the reality show is over done, specially the reality game show.

    This said, I liked Hell's Kitchen. For once the contestants are involved with something that the viewers can relate to, working in a hot kitchen with a boss yelling down at us every chance he gets. The "we can relate" factor is very high in this show.

    And Ramsey may be an jerk in the kitchen, but i get a little smile every time a customer is yelled at by him. It can warm the heart of anyone one that has had to deal with customers in a restaurant or retail job.
  • Network: Fox; Genre: Reality, Game; Content Rating: TV-14 (strong language, mostly edited); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

    Seasons Reviewed: Season 3

    Had this been written about season one of "Hell's Kitchen" it would have been a completely different review. Still reeling from the reality series hostile takeover, I was un-amused by British tornado Chef Gordon Ramsey's blood-vessel bursting tantrums over food and sadistic treatment of his would-be chefs. A treatment that was a perfect metaphor for the way Fox was abusing it's own viewers.

    But flash-forward to season 3 and Chef Gordon Ramsey and his team of inept contestants have grown on me. "Hell's Kitchen" is every bit a reality show and all that that implies. You've seen it before, but this time in a kitchen. Teams of chefs – divided by gender "Apprentice"-style – live in suites by night and compete in cooking tasks by day. Tasks like designing their own menu, cooking for an elementary school, turning traditional dishes into cuisine or blind taste tests of their palette. Each time a team looses, people are picked to eliminate and Ramsey picks one to be kicked off. And yes, like any reality/competition the most talented contestants are kicked off for something insignificant so that the most interesting personalities can be standing in the final rounds. No doubt, Ramsey is just as shrew about audience interest as Simon Cowell.

    But there is a fiendishly entertaining bent to "Kitchen" that only Gordon Ramsey can deliver. A sadism to the high school reminiscent eliminations that is only bubbling cynically under the surface of other reality shows. When Ramsey eliminates people he tells them to "f*** off" then smacks their chef's jacket on a meat hook with a Leatherface-like zeal. It's hard to deny how entertaining it is watching Ramsey scream obscenities at the more inept contestants, shoving food in their face and putting together a string of expletives involving Risotto and Wellington so creative it demands an uncensored DVD release. The show does say a few things about the love and creativity of cooking, but that get pretty buried under it's hyper-sensory reality series excesses. Ramsey has taken this one-note act and spun it into quite a career.

    This is not TV for the drive-by viewer looking for something to make them feel good after a day at work. It will be too stressful, too sweat-inducing, too claustrophobic and manipulative. Like any reality show it trusts the audience is stupid and is crammed with unnecessary narration and flashbacks of events we just saw 30 seconds ago. The cooking and elimination action is put together with the ridiculousness of an overblown Michael Bay film, and yet the "world-is-at-stake" action movie music and quick cuts to horrified faces doesn't fail to send up a giddy tickle of guilty pleasure entertainment in my belly.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see "Hell's Kitchen" on a list of the worst shows of the year by the HBO-loving, "American Idol" cow-towing media. But I'll take Ramsey's hysterical wrath on inept contestants over reality shows that reach further to mean something any day. This is solid mindless entertainment of the first order.

    * * * /4
  • As a rule I am not a fan of reality TV. What makes this show go with me is Gordon Ramsey. He is very very good at his role on this.

    Where do they get these contestants? I don't think any of the ones on the latest installment should win anything. I'd think there must be better people than this show comes up with.

    The best on the show usually gets tossed & some of the worst I could do more around the kitchen than these losers & it has been 30 years since I was a hospital short order cook!

    We have princesses who want run a place but have no ambition to do any labor themselves. We have ego maniacs who think they are the world when I can't even understand why they even qualify to collect garbage. I am Glad when Ramsey lashes into them.

    At least when Ramsey gets rid of some these losers, he doesn't always say "this is a tough decision." That is because sometimes it is a no Briney.

    Still, I do find enjoyment in watching Ramsey go through these paring them down to find a winner. Wish they can find him better candidates in future seasons.

    "Get out of Hell's Kitchen!" If you don't like that concept, then go cook for yourself. I may not have cooked for many years, but I never took food out of the garbage.
  • I_saw_it_happen16 August 2010
    I started watching this show several years ago, when it was new (in America) and fell in love with it. It had a good first few seasons, But then it began to parody itself, and seemed to dumb itself down painfully. It became more about 'the characters' then food. The premise becomes hard to take seriously. At this point, each episode is perhaps 30% flashbacks from within the episode itself. It feels like filler--- which is good neither in food nor TV. Now, the announcer explains every five or so minutes that something incredible and brand new and never before done will happen... and the hype gets exhausting.

    I made the mistake of closing my eyes for a few minutes, just listening to the show as it played. It was laughable without the flashing camera back-and-forth. Loud, dramatic music with pounding drums, Ramsay screaming about "french fries oh god what the HELL is wrong with you oh you donkey NOOOOOOOOOO O Chef NOOOOOOOO (clanging pans) It's RAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW CHEF! CHef O NOOOOOOOOOOO (louder drums) GET OUT! GET OUT! NOOOOOOOOOO. YOU moron, you can't COOK FRENCH FRIES JUST GET OUUUUUUT!...." Yeah, it gets silly.

    At a certain point, if Ramsay's letting people who deserve the verbal abuse he's giving them as deep into the series as he does, then the show's not realistic, unless it's not really about cooking. If it's not really about cooking, then it's just 'the Real World', maybe dumber.

    The season finales are always great big emotional releases... but it's becoming more and more painful to sit through a season to get there.
  • I've seen too many contestants touch their hair, faces, clothing etc. and then immediately begin touching and cooking food.... And the sweat! It makes me wonder if I ever want to go to any restaurant again...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hell's Kitchen isn't a show about learning how to cook well. It isn't a How-to show in cooking. The whole appeal is in Gordon Ramsay tearing people apart. Either you enjoy that aspect of the show, or you don't. It's an acquired taste (no pun intended).

    Ramsay's purpose is not to teach people how to cook better; he assumes their ability in the cooking department is already exceptional. He is taking them a step further by teaching them to work as a team and, at the end of the season, work in a position of power in the kitchen. The show is very successful when you take into account what it is attempting to do (other than make money, which it is still successful at). It places these already incredible chefs in a situation of becoming more than a great cook, which is why the focus is not on the food but the people.

    Without Ramsay, however, this show would be yawn-worthy: he adds a certain spice to it (ok, that was intended) that any other reality/chef show can't hope to compete with. For a reality show, it certainly isn't a disappointing romp, and if you were bored at 9:00 on your Tuesday nights (like me) it certainly had its appeal.
  • What's been already said here pretty much wraps it up, but i wanted to throw in my own two cents for Ramsay. I'm not sure which episodes of which seasons i was watching, but i saw about four, and i wanted to post this simply in defense of "chef." He's really not being such a jerk. Anyone who has had any experience in food AT ALL should be downright shocked that a single one of the contestants considers themselves anywhere remotely near competent. If I'm not mistaken, every one of the contestants has worked in a restaurant or graduated from a cooking school. I'm dumbfounded. These people are absolute, unequivocal, idiots, and the true pleasure of this show (and yes, true pleasure can be found) is in watching them make complete fools of themselves. Ramsay entered into a bad deal when he signed this contract. The prospect of one of these dolts running the restaurant of a serious chef has got to be a painful one for him even if he's making boatloads of cash off of it. He has every reason to yell his head off.
  • I firmly believe that Seasons 2-6 are enjoyable for everyone to watch but the show's downward spiral has been immanent since Season 9. First of all, Gordon does a lot of stupid things you would never do in a kitchen, I can forgive getting up and shouting right in people's faces and dismissing them halfway through service due to putting in a terrible performance and sending them to the pantry and warning them to get their act together. It's when he makes stupid-ass decisions you would NEVER make if you were him.

    Gordon has inexplicably eliminated contestants over contestants who absolutely 200% should've been sent home and this isn't a rare occurrence this happens at least 2-3 times every season. Some of the worst examples include Elsie over Jessica, Virginia over Garrett, Sara and Keith Shayna over Matt/Rosann, Bobby over Jen, Benjamin over Jason, Emily over Melissa Don(k)ey, Amanda over Carrie, Jamie over Carrie and Elise, Natalie,Elizabeth and Jennifer over Elise, Patrick over Tiffany, Robyn over Kimmie and Brian, Christian over Jeremy/Danielle, Dan over Michael and Anthony over Zach, Gabriel over Richard, Ashley over Aaron, Fernando, Sterling and especially Santos over Roe, Christine over Sarah, Josh over Alison and Milly coming in 4th place whilst Michelle came in 3rd place seemingly only because Milly made some mistakes on the final black jacket service.

    It gets more stupid in the dinner services as Gordon very often throws a whole team out the kitchen when mistakes are coming off ONE station and ONE station only or an INCREDIBLY small minority of the team is making mistakes, you CAN'T do that in a professional kitchen as it's the equivalent of throwing in the towel. Starting from Season 4, Gordon has (once a season or two) forced a contestant (or two/three or even the entire team on two occasions by no fault of the majority's own) to entirely eat a poorly prepared food rather than telling them to taste it and move it. Starting from Season 2, Gordon would sometimes take a contestant to the pantry as a way of warning them to wake up and for the majority of the time, he used it well. Starting from Season 13 however, Gordon would take the WHOLE TEAM to the pantry rather than the one/two individual(s) screwing up and inexplicably telling them to have a meeting, he did this twice before in Season 10 and 12 but it was nowhere near as stupid and common as this.

    It gives me reasons to assume that Gordon is deliberately doing these stupid things for certain reasons. 1. Gordon has developed an ego where he thinks that "Well it's my kitchen, my show so I can do whatever I want with these people." 2. He just wants to please his audiences by doing this as it can be very entertaining 3. It is a ratings ploy by FOX who are telling him to deliberately do these stupid things 4. Gordon just doesn't know how to make a right decision 5. He's does these moronic things he is now doing in Hell's Kitchen to make the contestant screwing up feel even worse for what they did. Whatever it is, Gordon really needs to bring the show back to it's Season 1-5/6 roots.
  • Year after year, this show looks exactly the same with the same "twists," the same band of witless cooks (how can any of these people actually do a good job where they're supposed to wind up if they win?), and the same mistakes, over and over and over... "You've burned the risotto! How can you be so #%$#$ stupid?" Or: "The risotto is soupy and has no salt!" Or "The beef wellington is raw!" And on and on and on, ad nauseum.... I only watch this show because my wife does, but it 's becoming more and more torturous to do so. A good acronym for this show is A-S-S: Always the Same S#@*. Because you're going to hear a cuss word on the show about every 15 seconds; you can set your watch by that. The "goodnight" from Ramsey will always be "P#@$ off." And there will always be terribly overweight cooks dripping sweat into their dishes as predictably as getting bad pizza at Chucke Cheese. Ugly people abound on this show more so than on any other. And it's not just physical. I would swear that every cook was brimming with hatred and bitterness toward all of their fellow human beings if I only watched this show. Being stuck watching this show because of a spouse is in itself "Hell."
  • Hell's Kitchen is one show that keeps the viewer interested. This is one cooking show that has creativity and drama. By watching this show I somewhat feel sorry for the chef to bes to be pressured under Gordon Ramsey's rants and harsh criticisms. Which is in a way good for them because out in the real world people aren't going to be as nice. Gordon Ramsey can go overboard with his temper and start throwing things around the kitchen and shoving people out his way. If the dish doesn't fit his standards he belittle them and sometimes go into a rage and shut the whole kitchen down. I know it's sick to enjoy people getting verbally abused but it's funny when he tells them to p*** off. Some of the chef want to bes are cocky,arrogant,and malicious especially when its time to nominate whose going to be eliminated. Chef Gordon Ramsey is a tough food critic and doesn't sugar-coat his personal feelings about anything. That why I find this reality show entertaining. Chef Ramsey may be a demanding time bomb but at least his chef trainees aren't necessarily out of control.
  • We've been watching this show for years and find the contestants get worse and worse and worse. Where do they find them and how in the world do they think they could possibly run a quality restaurant. The women are actually worse than the men when it comes to fighting, yelling, swearing and basically being as TRASHY as is humanly possible. We are almost to the point of not watching ANY Gordon Ramsey show. Gloria
  • Twenty of America's most incompetent, chain smoking, and mentally disturbed"professional" cooks compete to win Hell's Kitchen. The prize is the head chef position at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants (a job almost never awarded). Wow, what a concept! Almost as interesting as DIY scrotum-piercing or watching paint dry! 20 incompetent dimwits calling themselves "Chef" but the sad reality is that they don't know even the most basic things. Where did these "Chef" learn to cook? Local County Jails around the USA? There are way more interesting thing to waste your time and have a pleasant TV experience, sadly this waste of time isn't.
  • ktteraji2 February 2018
    The scripted editing is insulting. there are way to many cut scenes for comments for everything that happens. it's so obvious this is fake and scripted. the cut scenes are insulting IMO. the production company is trying to show that when someone screws up, they stop at least 2 people to do a side interview on what they are thinking ? it's entertaining but like all reality shows, it's so fake. it kind of sucks that Gordon curses so much in front of kids. not a good example. the show is about yelling, cursing and drama. IMO, they need better editors. stop making it look so fake and stop repeating the same thing over and over and over again. probably the most irritating thing about reality shows. the 3 million need to repeat the same thing over and over and over again
  • nswincdennis19 August 2009
    It should be no surprise this show is painful to watch, due to the inevitable title, but there is more yelling and drama than focus on cooking. I rather enjoy Chef Ramsay, particularly in "Kitchen Nightmares", but this show is just too much. He exceeds the limit of being over-the- top with his anger, sometimes shoving people and throwing objects...He needs to grow up. It's just a game really...I assume the customers know their on a rash show, so why should they be surprised if things aren't perfect? They could always go somewhere else if there's a half-hour wait on the appetizer!

    The contestant's creations are a reflection on him, but maybe if he were a little nicer the quality would improve...But then again, the show's name might change... Also, all that stress, anger, and haste is going into the food...How good could that be?
  • I have to admit I'm still watching this show, even though I'd deduced after the first episode that it was absurd - nobody can possibly do good work of ANY kind when some crazed lunatic is screaming at them and switching the agenda every five minutes (as in the last episode, when he had the four of them switching stations like hamsters in a maze). I would never allow myself to be at the mercy of Ramsey for any price, including my own restaurant (which the supposed 'winner' will be getting - whooptee doo).

    Nonetheless, the show is undeniably watchable, as has been noted by others here; part of it is gaping at how much abuse these poor schlubs are willing to put up with (and Ramsey, a Scorpio, has no limit to the level of sadism he can dish out), and part of it is watching the unbelievably petty ego stuff that's going on between the contestants and the ridiculously high jealousy level (for instance, with the long-suffering-but-still-noble Elsie getting to do the TV show in the last episode, before she was booted off).

    I really don't care who wins, it's the human spectacle I'm intrigued with, sort of like how I used to find myself watching Jerry Springer's horrendous debacle every other night.

    8/2 (a day after the Season Finale) - Here's the epitome of stupidity, boys and girls: after declaring Michael the Winner of his OWN RESTAURANT, Ramsey, in the midst of the celebration, asks Michael if he wants to come with him to London to work beside him, become a better chef, learn the tricks of the trade, blah blah blah. And guess what? Michael says yes. After going through all that torture just so he could get his own place, he agrees to go work with Ramsey in London instead. Doesn't this kind of negate the entire show? And questions remain: does Michael still get his restaurant? Does his girlfriend go to London with them? And most importantly, does Ramsey wind up getting tattoos over nearly every inch of his body?

    6/25/06 - Started watching the second season, and I found myself thinking during the first episode of brutality that this series really shows the amazing gender double standard that still exists in this country. Can you imagine, for example, a reality series where a raging, foul-mouthed WOMAN shrieks, screams and viciously insults her charges for a hour each week, forcing them to work under the most hideous conditions known to the human race? And the charges in question not only submit to this endless torture, but they spend their evenings praying in their respective dungeons that they won't get kicked off, so they can endure more? What Ramsey gets away with here would never be even remotely accepted or acceptable if a woman did it, although, come to think of it, that would make a really funny SNL sketch, wouldn't it, with, say, Tina Fey in Ramsey's part.

    7/17/07 - So now, we're well into season three of this deranged debacle, and the male contenders and Ramsey have taken to calling the female contenders "Hell's Bitches". Sounds like a supremely sellable spin-off to me, sort of like "Charlie's Angels" except they're armed with spatulas and cilantro instead. It would be a horror series, of course. Very much like this one.

    Related notes: Ramsey Revisited ~

    I've been watching Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, where in each episode he visits a different restaurant that's on the brink of disaster and works to revamp and revitalize it. Generally, there's always an ego problem at the core - the owner or the 'chef' usually - and it's a much gentler Ramsey who deals with these deluded freaks. Only in one episode did it actually dissolve into a yelling match (Ramsey won, of course, when the 'chef' slunk away licking his wounds, only to return with nothing but respect for Ramsey for finally putting him in his place). I have to say, I'm impressed with this version of Gordo, and I think he should use these more subtle tactics on Hell's Kitchen, which would make for a far more humane but equally watchable presentation.
  • I love this show! I have only seen it a few times but I would give it 8 stars cos it was entertaining, was to do with food and actually gave me some cooking lessons.I can see why people dislike Rasmay and if you don't like it just turn the channel.I have to give it 10 lines as a decent review so here it comes Rasmay may swear more than he uses non profane words but he likes to be tough and get the kitchen into the right order.Usually when this show is on there's something on but I watch it during the ad breaks.Rasmay may be hard to please such with quotes as " ITS NON STICK!" slandered at the contestants but he is trying to teach the contestants the right way to make their customers happy.I must admit that this is really funny.If you like a lot of profanity,Gordon Rasmay and food you MUST see this show
  • carolbrewer30 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first few seasons of this show are excellent. Great care was taken in the finales to feature the finalists' menus and managerial skills. The finalists were even responsible for designing their own dining rooms and choosing glassware, cutlery and pairing wines - really fleshing out their personalities and creativity for the audience to see. That all ended years ago, and it's unfortunate.

    Since those first years, the show has felt more and more rushed. Production cuts have been evident, such as the axing of the 2-part season finales, and have hurt the product terribly. Gordon seems less invested, legitimate contestants are ignored in favor of whoever acts the most foolish, and there's almost no discernible urgency to win the prize. The format is formulaic and predictable, and the contestant dramas feel contrived.

    I've just watched the first episode of season 17 and I am already tapping out. It was advertised as an "all-star" season, which led me to believe that we were going to see a serious competition between the former runners-up, or 3rd place finishers at least. Not so. In a season where they INVITED these people to return and vie for a head chef job, they have purposely brought back loud-mouths, lazy folks, drama magnets and several who aren't even black jacket alumni. We're supposed to believe that Gordon, wanting to fill a head chef job at the new Hell's Kitchen restaurant, would make his first calls to some of these folks? Not evenly slightly realistic.

    This "all-star" season consists of zero previous runners-up, about four 3rd place finishers, and everyone else is a 4th - 6th place finisher. Without explanation for this randomness, these choices cheapen the show and the new restaurant. It literally looks like a case of "this is the best we could get". What a shame. I was really hoping that this season could revitalize the competition aspect of this show, but that was not to be. In fact, it stands poised to do even more damage to the brand. Other cooking shows bring in the creme de la creme for their all- star competitions, while this just looked bad. Really bad. Put a fork in it, it's done.
  • Hell's Kitchen is my ultimate guilty pleasure reality show. It doesn't take long to realize that the editing is extremely manipulative, constructing certain narratives, creating imaginary drama, and cutting every season into exactly the same formula. And objectively speaking, Gordon Ramsay's behavior in the show is really inexcusable (especially the way he talks about people who happen to be fat or women). Yet the goal of putting chefs through the wringer to cultivate the ultimate head chef, Ramsay's moments of charm and wisdom, and the underlying theme of fine dining somehow give substance to what is otherwise junk food TV.
  • I have watched Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word, and loved both of them. But I cannot stand watching Hell's Kitchen. It seems to embody everything that is wrong with American reality TV.

    To put it in perspective, I have seen every other episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" and "The F Word", but I couldn't get past the first half hour of Hell's Kitchen. I tried watching 2 or 3 episodes, and couldn't stomach it anymore.

    It's so frustrating, because he is capable of doing some really, really, great TV, but this show is butchering everything. They made him into this one-dimensional raving lunatic chef, and put people into situations that are designed to bring out the worst in people. It is terrible, terrible stuff, cynical and makes for bad TV. Sickening. It makes me angry talking about this show.
  • swampshackfrog30 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm watching an episode of Hell's Kitchen in 2016 for the first time. I'm not going to make it through the entire episode. I keep thinking WTF? Is this supposed to be a television show? Is it supposed to be about cooking? Is it supposed to entertaining?

    Spoiler Alert: This episode features contestants forcing themselves to drink fish-gut milk shakes to stay on the show complete with footage of them puking. It is a sad comment on modern society that malicious acts of sadism with documented footage of the milder health effects is considered entertaining. The producers are fortunate no one (to my knowledge) came down with food poisoning. Should any participant fall ill from some nonsense they are asked to do on this sorry excuse for a show, I sincerely hope that individual lawyers up. Recklessly endangering people is all fun and games until the suit is filed.

    In conclusion, I can't change the channel fast enough: Do Not watch.
  • I don't think the show is supposed to be a comedy but each and every episode will have you bursting out laughing. The basis of the show is chefs compete to win a job as head chef at one of Gordon Ramsay's famous restaurants with a hefty salary. Week by week 2 teams are tested with various challenges/dinner services. Losing team has 1 person eliminated each week. Last 2 people compete and Gordon Ramsay selects a winner. I absolutely love this show and you will get hooked on it. I've watched every single season and loved every one. Every season has new contestants so you see some strange and funny characters. Definitely check this show out. It's not your typical cooking show lol. It's a hardcore roasting session for 45 mins a pop. Watch this you won't regret it. Watch this you'll get hooked. IT'S RAW!!!!!! WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?! Show should win an award for best comedy honestly.
  • Hell's Kitchen is not just about cooking, it's about working as a team, and working with Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay is a nice chef, helps the constants out in Hell's Kitchen during Dinner Service. You get to know the Constants story throughout every season.
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