Each contestant eliminated from "Hell's Kitchen" is immediately taken for a psychiatric evaluation to make sure contestants don't want to kill themselves - or someone else.

The diners have to sign that they are not guaranteed a meal but are guaranteed all the free beer and wine and bread they want.

Season six marked the first time Gordon Ramsay walked out during dinner service.

Computers, personal electronics and phones are strictly off limits to contestants.

The only two challenges to appear on the show every season are the Signature Dish and the Blind Taste Test.

At seventeen seasons, this is the longest running cooking reality show.

As of season ten, 150 contestants have competed and over 10,000 guests have been served.

Season 5 was the last season in which the final two chefs redesigned the dining room to reflect their dream restaurant.

Tennille Middleton (season 6) was the first chef in the shows history to have been eliminated during the post dinner service wrap-up.

Season 10 marks the only season in which all of the contestants were eliminated normally. Meaning none were eliminated despite being on the winning team, during dinner service, due to illness/injury, or quitting of their own accord.

Season 14 marks the first time in Hells Kitchen history that the Blue Team has ever completed (and won) the opening nights dinner service without any of its members being ejected from the kitchen.

The dining room area is the location of the former KCOP news studios, and living quarters for the contestants were built on behind the restaurant.

The fourth season had fifteen contestants, rather than the usual twelve.

Up to that point Gordon Ramsay declared that season 11 blue team was the worst blue team in the history of Hell's Kitchen and the last surviving blue team member Jon Scallion who became sous chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak.

Jean-Philippe Susilovic started the show as Maître, he replaced James Lukanik in the 8th season and was replaced by Marino Monferrato.

The first episodes of Seasons four and ten both accomplished a feat, which was the blue team never served any appetizers. Although in Season four, they did serve an appetizer but their customers have already walked out.

The very first signature dish Gordon Ramsay tasted was from Andrew in Season One. The first one he enjoyed was Carolann's Chicken Parmesan in the same season.

The theme song of the show is "Fire" by the Ohio Players. The only season not to feature this theme was Season 1, which featured an instrumental rock theme.

For the fifteenth season Gordon Ramsay chose Aaron Mitrano as the Sous Chef for the blue team, and he chose season ten winner Christina Wilson as Sous Chef for the red team.

Season eight hit a milestone for the show. It celebrated it's 100th dinner service.

Season 14 Marks the first time a Team (Blue) has received a black Jacket prior to the end of dinner service. It also marks the first time Black Jacket members have had to enter another teams(Red) kitchen to aid in completing dinner service.

Holli, Danny, Christina and Rock all returned in season eight as special guests for the 100th dinner service. Holli and Danny sat at the red team's table and Christina and Rock sat at the blue team's table.

As of Season 14 Michelle Tribble (S14) is the youngest contestant in Hell's Kitchen history to earn a black jacket.

Some celebrities to sit at the chef tables are: Haley Reinhart, Lee DeWyze, David Beckham, Tito Ortiz, Misty-May Treanor, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Sugar Ray Leonard.

Season 13, marks the the first time a team has ever completed an opening night service without any of the contestants being kicked out of the kitchen. This is credited to the Red Team who won the service by a landslide.

As of season eight, Gordon Ramsay and Scott Liebfried are the only two chefs to appear in every season.

Seasons 9 and 10 featured eighteen contestants.

Despite his strict demeanor and temperamental behavior on the show, Gordon Ramsay is known to have a friendly, cordial relationship with the contestants off camera and prefers that they call him Gordon and not Chef or Mr. Ramsay.

Fellow cooks who have worked with Gordon Ramsay at his restaurants said he has high standards, but that his temper has never gotten to the level it gets on the show. Ramsay said he upped it for dramatic effect in order to get the contestants to do their best work under pressure.

On special occasions, Gordon Ramsay will let eliminated contestants keep their jackets. Usually this is due to excellent effort made during the show, good attitude throughout the show, improvement made during the show or if a sudden event happened that forced the contestant to leave the series, such as an injury or other health related issues.

JI Cha and Simmone Hammond are the only two contestants to ever eliminate themselves moments before Ramsey made a decision during elimination. JI in season 5 due to an injury and Simmone in season 12 due to being overwhelmed.

Season 13 was the only season in which two chefs were eliminated during the post dinner service wrap up. Frank Bilotti in episode 9 and Sterling Wright in episode 12.

The contests have agreed that the worst punishment is when it's delivery day and they refer to this punishment as "D-Day".

After season 10 Sous Chef Scott was replaced by James Avery.

Season 10 Episode 15 marks the only time in which neither team won the challenge.

Season four had two rivalries. They were Christina and Corey for the red team and Ben and Matt for the blue team.

Season 16 is the first season to no longer have "Fire" by the Ohio Players used as the theme song.

The first episode of Season ten had its 125th dinner service.

Starting in the second season Ramsey decided to divide contestants where the males formed the blue team and the females into the red team.

Season 18 is the only season since season 1 that a gender doesn't have a assigned color.

The fifth season had 16 contestants.

Season 11 winner Ja'Nell Witt had her job offer at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Caesars Palace withdrawn after she failed a drug test, but she kept her cash prize. The position was later given to Season 12 winner Scott Cummings.

In season ten, a new record was set for the blue team as they lost almost every dinner service that season. Also, it was the first time neither team won a challenge. Justin also set a record in the Blind Taste Test by identifying all four items correctly.

Four contestants have left Hell's Kitchen during dinner service and quit: Jeff in Season one, Andrew in Season seven, Gina in Season eleven, and Joy in Season 12.

Just 2 months after the airing of the season 16 finale, Contestant Paulie Giganti was found dead at home from a suspected drugs overdose. Paulie made it to the final 5 before being eliminated. He would later appear in the final as a member of eventual season winner Kimberly-Ann "Ryan" Ryan's team.

Towards the end of the competition, each chef takes a turn at running the pass. Chef Ramsay organises various sabotages to test the chefs perception and attention to detail. These sabotages were not originally planned by the producers and were in fact created by one of the original contestants in season one. Michael deliberately messed up a dish and brought it up to Ralph to see if he would pick up on it. He didn't. The tactic was implemented from season 2 onwards.

Out of the eleven previous winners, six were girls and five were guys. Mike (S1), Heather (S2), Rock (S3), Christina (S4), Danny (S5), Dave (S6), Holli (S7), Nona (S8), Paul (S9), Cristina (S10) and Ja'Nel (S11).

Season 18 is the first season in which the colors have been switched, where the woman are cooking in blue, and the men are in red.

Season 8 saw the first time that one team had a clean sweep when winning a challenge. The red team winning 3-0 when preparing dishes for a high school prom.