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  • The-honest-critic13 February 2019
    I'll be honest, when I went into to cinema to watch this movie I was expecting to not like it. I had seen a little bit of the trailer and it did not really "speak" to me and Alita's eyes were off putting. When the movie had begun I was actually searching for things to dislike but surprisingly there were none apart from a few cringeworthy moments. I quickly got used to Alita's eyes and they became in fact likeable. The story began to draw me in and I got completely absorbed into the story and the visuals.

    The world is extraordinary and beautiful and the action scenes in this movie are fantastic, quite honestly some of the best I have seen. The story is a bit fast paced but not to a degree that it feels rushed. Alita as a character is great, she is kind-hearted, innocent, naive and protective. Throughout the movie Alita grows as a person and learns about sacrifice, loss, love and the horrors of the human mind. Alita is very likeable because she is such a good person in such a horrible world and you can't help feeling very sympathetic for an innocent being like her as she is exposed to the cruel world of Iron City.

    I watched this movie without knowing the source material and I loved it. I was drawn in very early on and had to watch it a second time. I can definitely recommend this movie to anyone.
  • I really love this movie. The storyline is really great. Exciting from start to finish. The graphics are really cool. Its like I didn't wanna blink at all. The plot is not mind-numbing as critics say. Well it seems like I have to stop listening to them. Because this film is worth watching by everyone. Thank you for all people behind this movie. I'm sure this movie wasn't easy to make. Now I really hope I don't have to wait too long for the sequel...
  • Alita Battle Angel is what happens when Hollywood finally get an Anime film right, ive gotta say James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez should work more together because this film is incredible.

    This film had heart and soul poured into its story and you could tell that 1000 of hours of work have gone into making this film. They've pulled one of the best films this year with incredible visual effects and CGI work that give this film a beautiful setting and background.

    The visual effect of Alita (voiced by Rosa Salazar) we're incredibly done giving detail in her eyes which made her character on screen look more like an actual human actress. Her character and acting is what made this film, they give her a human soul and a purpose with the writing which is so well done, it gives the audience an emotional journey of a young woman trying to discover who she is.

    The love interest side of the film is so done right it doesn't feel forced as well which along with its action sequences as well as it supporting cast was nothing short of perfect. The story does a great job of not revealing too much to earlier as slowly building up characters so you understand the story and draws you into every moment, this is matched by the awesome fight scenes and great formidable villains of the film adding to incredible film.

    This is one of those films that deserves a sequel and to be a successful film as of what they've realised here is one of the best live action anime films, with a damn near perfect if it was for slight pacing issue that doesn't really affect the film but is noticeable.

    Does it live up to the hype? HELL YES this film live up to the hype this is a must to watch on teh big screen hopefully were see a sequel come from it because it so needs it.

    Dislikes: The only flaw I spotted as ive said there was a slight issue with pacing, not that it affects the film in any way but was noticeable.
  • I'm a 47 year old man who went to film school. I loved this movie. There's no point in trying to dissect what Alita: Battle Angel got right or wrong in terms of script or pacing or character development or whatever else film snobs like to blather on about. This is just a fun, action-packed first installment of what I hope will at least be a trilogy, if not more. And they couldn't have cast Alita more perfectly, even if her on-screen form is completely digital. Great movie. Tons of fun. Don't overthink it.
  • I've always loved Anime, and it's always been frustrating watching Hollywood movies destroy it (Ghost in the shell). Alita however did an amazing job in fusing Hollywood and Anime. I believe it was a great story adaptation by James Cameron, breathtaking action scenes and directing by Rodriguez, and great casting. I saw this in 4DX 3D in Seoul and It was a roller coaster ride. I was afraid the movie might put me to sleep, but it kept me engaged and watching from beginning to end. I think the most important element for movies should be the ability to engage the audience and never let them go until the very end. This movie delivers. And also I am very proud of Director Rodriguez for taking on this enormous task. He put a lot on the line to make this film. An interesting thing I found was for some reason I felt there were elements of John Carpenter here. Overall one of the best 3D films made so far. I believe the bar has been pushed higher for all filmmakers. A must watch in 3D exerpience!
  • Marvelous effect with some great actions make this movie not to be missed seeing it in the big screen. But the thing I love the most is Alita herself. There were a few times I had a smile on myself watching Alita as she was so loveable and badass. Really really hope it will goes beyond just this one movie as the world building in Alita was so fascinating and of course, need to see more Alita.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    But the romance threw us off a bit. But this is way much better than Ghost in the Shell and Ready player one. The story was amazing, made sense, didn't jump from one element to another and the pasting was perfect. The visuals are stunning! Absolutely 10/10. But the romance...everyone in the cinema giggled when Hugo died, it just didn't work, nobody cared about the character anyway. He was simply there to have a love interest for Alita. Summing it up, definitely worth watching, looking forward for the next one!
  • soultakerneo16 February 2019
    As a longtime fan of Gunnm(Battle Angel Alita), I am satisfied. I appreciate the production team took their time to do the research of the original serials. The adaptation is great, they filtered out few "acquire taste" and swapped in elements that would make much more appeal to general public. The film really kept true to the original manga and reassembled almost everything from the manga the scenes, mechanical bodies, characters and the world they lived in. They did a great job on capturing Alita's slightly naïve stubbornness, the "all in or all out" euthanasic, and the pursuit of who she is. Storywise, the film ingeniously weaved the first 11 books of manga together, brought up few events that was happening in the 2nd chapter of Alita's adventure to the 1st movie. Which is nice since I bet they're already thinking of the next Alita movie. But as few of Cameron's work, the dark side and the ugliness of irontown wasn't rendered enough. The lack of depth on the ugliness made the whole plot a bit light, the emotional conflict wasn't intense enough and the romance plotline which is very important in the 1st chapter a little bit lack of depth. The overall CG is stunning. Other than the wanted flyer and the parasite's face the rest of CG is absolute marvelous. All in all, definite a great Gunnm movie, will definite watch it again and again till the sequel is out!!!
  • "I WILL NOT STAND BY IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL", an inspiring line spoken by the protagonist in Alita: Battle Angel when facing an indomitable and frightening villain got me thinking that I will not stand by in the presence of clueless movie critics giving lukewarm reviews to this excellent movie. Hence my motivation in writing this review to a film that I consider a great visionary triumph with such groundbreaking special effects not experienced since Avatar and a world-building as dazzling as last year's critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2049.

    Based on the manga by Kishiro, the creative combo of Rodriguez and Cameron have created a world so technically stunning and cinematically immersive that it stirred and delighted my soul during the whole movie.

    At its heart, Alita is a tantalizing adventure about teenage self discovery and self fulfillment, although disguised by the plot which stated the protagonist as a 300 year-old alien berserker. The story combines science fiction with martial arts in a dystopian future. The fight scenes are as well choreographed as say The Matrix but avoid over indulging in extended and repetitive fight sequences. There's a lot of exposition fitted into a 2-hour movie, hence some scenes seemed to be truncated in order for the story to advance accordingly.

    That said, the plot has familiar elements made new but in more interesting ways. Elements of a world constantly being monitored borrow heavily from The Hunger Games, with the adrenaline infusing Motorball acting as "the game". The action scenes are thrilling, at times violent but as explained earlier, never over indulges. And when such scenes are short, I found myself wanting for more, hence repeat viewing ensues.

    The film ends with somewhat of a cliffhanger, with fanboys like me hoping against pessimistic box office forecast that this movie will make enough money to warrant 2 more sequels to complete the overarching story of one of the most interesting female characters in one of the most visually arresting, imaginative and energetic science fiction movies of all time.

    Go watch Alita: Battle Angel. Highly recommended.
  • Coming from the producing mind of James Cameron, Alita: Battle Angel is one of the most visually impressive films of recent memory, though it doesn't necessarily have the script to go along with those dazzling visuals. Rosa Salazar is fantastic as the titular Alita, and once again proves that she deserves more starring roles in Hollywood. The problem lies with the screenplay, a cringe worthy romance, and underdeveloped characters. But at the very least, it's a fun action film in a universe that I would love to see more films take place in.

  • Since Titanic and Avatar, I've stopped expecting Cameron movies to be great, but having seen this on 3D Imax the other day... let's just say he and Robert Rodriguez won me over again! Alita is the best big sci-fi action movie I've seen in a _long_ time. In an age where we're just seeing the same plots recycled again and again with interchangeable, soulless super-heroes, I enjoyed the hell out of this. I'm not saying it was perfect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I could have sat in that cinema for another couple of hours, without any worry of boredom. I can't remember the last time I watched a big effects movie and felt so completely lost in it.

    Although I was aware of Battle Angel Alita, I've never been a massive Anime fan and never read or watched the original anime, so I had no preconceptions or expectations going in. Many of the plot themes and ideas may have been done before(**cough** Rollerball - amongst others **cough**), but you can say that about almost any movie. The real question is whether those ideas are packaged in a new engrossing story with interesting characters and the answer, in Alita's case, is a big yes.

    Rosa Salazar is brilliant as Alita. The level of emotion she gets through the mo-cap is astonishing, and quite honestly puts many live action stars to shame. The large eyes may stem from honouring her anime origins, but you soon forget them, and only see the character. Not only that, but in the context of the story and her past, they feel quite logical.

    There's a hefty dose of Robocop to her story, in a good way, whilst her character has a sincerity and (non-annoying) innocence that all combines to make her a sympathetic hero that you want to see succeed. So from my perspective, I can't recommend Alita enough! This is the kind of blockbuster I hope is successful, because I truly want to watch the sequel.

    As with so many big-budget effects movies, I went in hoping for the best, but expecting yet another 'all-flash, no-substance' movie, like so many of the Marvel films. I was happy to be wrong for a change.

    I can't wait for the 3D Blu Ray to enjoy this again, and especially watch how it was made. I may even have to see it again at the cinema, before it finishes its run... It's been a while since I could say that about a big blockbuster!
  • ArieVianza13 February 2019
    I don't know what to say... This movie is perfect as an Action-Sci Fi movie!. Not too much drama. Just enough. Cool action/fighting scene. Fights are not too long. Short and sweet. I guess people who rated this so low.. they don't even like a Scifi/Action genre or don't know how to enjoy this type of movie.

    CGI is always very smooth except at the near ending scene where they going up on the pipe. Real face of his boyfriend with cyborg body looks disappointing...not neat at all...

    We need a sequel!!! better.. badder!!
  • Rating 9.9/10 Wow !! Truly amazing film of this year !! Great story telling !! For director Robert Rodriguez you has created a good film !! With three oscar winning actor/actress and with a name as big as James Cameron already make this film so amazing !! Dear Alita i'm falling in love with your 'BIG EYE '. For all of you , go see it you wont regret it !!
  • I love the way the director delevoped the character. He's been successfully made not only the character fearless, but also considerate. The action sequences are also the essential elements of this movie and they executed them perfectly. I wish the script could be better knowing that it is almost impossible to build a 2-hour movie script based on a multi-volume manga to explain the whole story. But overall, this movie is worth watching and deserves to be at least nominated for Best Visual Effects
  • This movie was an absolute joy to watch and captured so much of what makes a great character driven action movie. Alita is visually mesmerizing and seamless, the CGI is as good as anything you've ever seen. What's more impressive though is not the "realness" of it, but how well they capture facial movements. Alita LOOKS ALIVE. She isn't lost in the uncanny valley, she EMOTES. She pulls you in and allows the full suspension of disbelief. She demands that you see her as real, despite the glaringly obvious unreal elements about her. The action sequences are done so well that they never feel like jittery clutter, that despite the incredible amount of movement and shear number of things in non-parallel motion the whole of the imagery is coherent. The actors do what they are supposed to do but make no giant waves doing so, and the story is what is clearly derived from a comicbook style, but is not wholly derivative either. Alita is a character that is both extremely powerful and yet fragile at the same time, reminiscent of Leeloo in the 5th Element. She is portrayed as real, and it is easy to cheer for her and feel for her. If you like scifi action with spectacular visuals and extraordinary characters then this is the movie for you.
  • Alita was very wonderful experience of my life i really enjoyed all movie. even i dont like Robert type movies but alita was awesome attraction. i never stop my self to wath all movie and i really enjoyed. iam wating for 2nd part of alita 😍
  • First off I have to say I wanted to see this movie. The trailer had me and I was very intrigued. After finally getting around to seeing the film I wasn't disappointed. For me, Robert Rodriguez is hot or miss as a director, but the collaboration between him and James Cameron was everything this movie needed. The mixture of CG and visionary filming style made this movie great. I found myself really invested in the story. I hope they follow it up with a great sequel. The series is quite long and deserves more movies.
  • Tarantulo5 February 2019
    Watched a movie with exlusive interviews on a premiere night. James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez an amazing combo created a really entertaining movie. It was fun, captivating, not too complicated, but really enjoyable none the less.

    It is really different from Avatar so there is no comparison here. The movie itself is really beautiful, colorful and vivid. The actors performed on real sets not CGI ones and it really shows so I would count acting as really top shelf.

    10/10 would watch again!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Was a little disappointed with the end portion(the scene where they were on the pipe) as it just felt like the plot just plummeted in the final moments. Although so, they managed to sort of save it with the final scene in the stadium! As such, i recommend giving this movie a chance due to the intense build up of the story, which was easy to follow and gave me nothing to get confused upon. A key thing to note is unlike many movies of this age, the humour in Alita: battle angel felt natural and did not feel forced in any way!
  • Alita: Battle Angel is the first ever anime adaptation that works, and its flawless. It stays true to the source material and does the original characters and themes of the manga justice. Rosa Salizars (Alita) is some of the best acting I have seen, the facial performance and overall dynamics will leave you wanting more time with her. Genuine and fresh as well as an inspiration for many of the movies you see today, waiting for the technology to be created for this movie was completely worth it. An ambitious technological marvel that will impress you every time you watch it.
  • With 3 Oscar winning actors/actress and with a director name as big as James Cameron, you wondered what is wrong with all the Critics? Yes, I wondered. So I went and watched it for myself in Hong Kong on Feb-4th 9:40am 3D IMAX showing; I'm from Los Angeles, CA on vacation. The movie delivers, on so many levels where do I begin? First, I love the continuity and the flow of the story from the first second of the opening sequence. There are just enough element and focus on each character to push the story forward and you actually care about Alita, which is where Marvel shines and DC failed; but DC have recently learned with Wonder Woman and Aquaman and their box office numbers reflected those lessons. The 3D was filmed in such a way to only use it when necessary to highlight depth and does not create nausea for even the most sensitive audiences during action sequences - super big plus on that aspect. If anyone doubt James Cameron has a hand in this movie's directing, this alone should put any doubts to rest; Alita is an improvement on top of what Avatar did for its cinematography. Some critics made comments on Alita not caring for where she comes from, I would like to dispute that here. She emphatically on many levels and many parts of the movie wanting to look back toward her past - I believe the movie made enough effort on this. I feel its balanced, any more would have been annoying and I would even tell Alita myself, focus on your present and the future. Musical scores is a 10 in my opinion, the same group that did Mad Max, powerful, spot on.

    Now for its negatives, they're not a big deal in my opinion. I wish the movie would be 30-45 mins longer and felt like they're reserving it for sequels with an "s". Gone are the days when a single blockbuster movie is meant to stand on its own, so I agree with many critics on this aspect. But can we really do anything about it? That's the big question.

    My personal opinion is a must see Sci-fi action flick in IMAX and in IMAX 3D, do not wait until even for your 65, 70 or 80 inch TV at home. Was going to give it 9/10 but due to idiotic critics, I move it 1 over to 10/10 to counter balance the B.S.
  • Screenplay Co written and adapted by Avatar creator, James Cameron and Sin City creator Robert Rodriguez. Alita is a deep film that covers a wide range of themes such as female empowerment, personal growth, sacrifice and loss.

    The world is wonderfully imagined. Its also incredibly beautiful. In 3D, Alita looks amazing, she's vibrant and full of life, her skin looks so natural. Some people are moaning about the eyes. But those people are missing the point that Alita isn't human. Battle Angel borrows from other sci-fi stories in places. But this is a 20 year old graphic novel series. You can't expect total originality here. But like it's cousin, Avatar, Alita manages to carve out an interesting new world for itself, which in some ways is similar to its protagonist.

    The film had drawn some criticism for Alita's portrayal, as overly sexualized. I would argue those critics have entirely missed points made in the film. Or perhaps they haven't even seen it yet. Without giving anything away: calling Alita out for having an unrealistically small waist and big eyes is like moaning that the terminator sets an unfair standard for men. They're not human!

    Whilst I really enjoyed Alita, it could have, should have, been two films. There's so much going on that at times, some scenes can seem insignificant on reflection. In the grand scope of the story some moving moments are lost. Some feel a little rushed.

    So overall, a good film. Personally I loved it. Visually it's stunning. If you love sci-fi, if you liked Avatar or if you're a film lover, go see it! But watch it in IMAX 3D or at least 3D. Most films aren't worth it. But like Avatar: This isn't just 3D, this is James Cameron 3D. It's made for 3D.
  • I have totally underestimate the movie Alita Battle Angel.

    The trailers did not seem to change my expectation of this film in the beginning. But after watching this film. My views has changed completely.

    She has shown character and positivity of a example that all of us should follow. By being absolutely fearless in the present obstacles. Overcoming and outperform. To fight situations when no one dare-ed and when it seems unfavorable. To speak when no one have the courage to do so.

    The romance is cringy but overall I absolutely love this film. Motorball is a eye opener for me. Loved it when she leaped across the fallen robot and speed like a winner.

    I sincerely hope everyone catch this movie and support for a sequel.

    Thanks for reading my review.
  • Execellent story and movie! Characters are enduring and engaging. Never a dull moment. Character developments were great. Superb CG effects. Much better than any Marvel franchises which are so generic! Must see! Love it!
  • Battle Angel Alita surprised me as one of the best story driven action movies of the past years and here is why:

    Story: solid story-telling, no cheesy and time wasting flashbacks. Characters actions/choices are relatable and comprehensible and things do not just happen because somebody just did something totally stupid or unreasonable. Also the relationships between Alita, her "father" and boyfriend are built up well. Furthermore this movie was clearly made for a mature audience which is a great decision. Many movies like Star Wars and DC Hero movies have failed because they want to cater to kids, teens, families, men all at the same time additionally filling their movies up with bad/badly placed comedic elements. Alita, fortunately, has none of these flaws.

    Acting: very solid acting from everyone, but the Oscar goes to Rosa Salazar who did the motion capture for Alita. She did an amazing job! When I saw the trailer and those big eyes I thought this could only go wrong but Rosa Salazar gave real life to Alita.

    CGI: Fantastic! The design choices are impressive and the distinction between high-tech and low-tech battle equipment was nicely done. Movement is smooth and very realistic. Alita's facial expressions are, in my opinion, the closest to reality we can get thus far.

    Action: Very well choreographed action that refrains from many cheesy slow-motions and keeps it down to the point. It is also well placed and not too scarce. Plenty of action well interwoven with story driving elements - good job!

    Music: Elegantly placed and perfectly connected with each scene. Not as memorable as Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Star Wars or other Blockbusters, but it did it's job well.

    Score: 10/10 - can't wait for part 2
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