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  • fiftycentqueen25 March 2019
    I love this show. The judge is really kind and understanding.
  • EdinaJambo15 November 2018
    Local TV series about Judge Frank Caprio, directed by Joseph Caprio, Produced by David Caprio, Executive producer Irene Caprio, Producer John Caprio, Executive producer Joseph Caprio, Makeup Marissa Caprio.

    Hmm....... is there a theme here?
  • Before writing negative things about Judge Caprio, read his biography, here and on wikipedia and other sites. He is legitimate. He is a lawyer and a judge in Providence, Rhode Island. These are real cases not just acting as many "judge" shows are. He is entertaining to watch and very compassionate to those appearing in his court. It was just a small local show for years before it became syndicated. He is also a philanthropist and supports many good organizations.
  • I enjoy watching this show. The judge is very entertaining, unlike other court shows!
  • Enjoy Judge Caprio. You are an example of what judges were intended to be. You are polite, professional, show compassion and humble. You represent America (without the arrogance). Your mom, our forefathers are somewhere smiling. Inspector Quinn, you are too funny. You make a great team. God bless you both.
  • Does it matter who directs, etc? The point is the man is kind and compassionate to people some who are genuinely down and out.
  • I just love you Judge!! You touch my heart with your compassion...I never knew such an amazing Judge existed...keep up the good work with your generous mercy, compassion and common sense! All these years being a Judge and you still have a heart for the people! May God Bless you and your family and keep y'all safe in his arms 🙏🏻
  • Judge Caprio is always very nice to the people. He, along with Inspector Quinn, joke around a lot, making the show entertaining. You can't find many people like them. They work very well as a team, and have hearts. They give people justice. They actually listen to people and their cases, and try to help them by usually dismissing or lowering the punishments of cases. This show is very good and entertaining. The only thing I don't like about it is the old sound effect for cut scenes, and the old cut scenes. The old sound effect was loud and annoying; it was like a loud tear. And the old cut scenes would show a police car randomly driving in Providence. It wasn't needed, and it was too random. But they have stopped using those things now, so it is a lot better. This show deserves a lot more views, and Judge Caprio (as well as Inspector Quinn) deserve more praise for their moral actions.