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  • Volume nine in the Something Weird Video trailer series features quite a few previews for Mexican horror films. The best of these trailers is the one for The Black Pit of Dr. M, which promises scenes too diabolical for the audiences to take. Other fun trailers for Mexican horror films include The Brainiac, The Vampire, The Curse of the Crying Woman, and Invasion of the Vampires (the sequel to The Bloody Vampire). These trailers are short but effective.

    In addition to Mexican horror, volume nine pulls out other memorable trailers. We get Cameron Mitchell as a drug addict (Monkey on My Back), an incredibly cheap looking kids movie (Jimmy, the Boy Wonder), a couple of nudie cuties (Like Wow!; Crazy Wild and Crazy), two trailers featuring the lovely Rosanna Schiaffino, and even part of a public service announcement for the Will Rogers Institute hosted by Alfred Hitchcock. Most startling of all is the trailer for the Japanese film Nanami The Inferno of First Love. I tracked down the film after I first watched this intense trailer. The film turned out to be quite good, less shocking but more meaningful than the trailer suggested.

    All in all, volume nine makes a strong edition to the Dusk to Dawn trailer series.