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  • Claudio Carvalho15 March 2008
    Greed (and Consistency) Shall not Prevail
    Many years ago, in Spruce Lake, a defiant farmer drowns when he refuses to leave his lands and a dam is built to flood and create a lake. In the present days, while traveling with the stripper Lucky (Nadine Riess) for an important meeting with the banker Jerry Gold (John Probandt) and the wealthy landlord Janet Sands (Cheri Larrocque), the unscrupulous Senator Wells (Bobb Hoplins) runs out of gas and the couple is stranded in the Bed & Breakfast owned by Bing (Tommy Strong). Meanwhile, Janet and Jerry are unable to cross a bridge over a flooded river and are advised to spend the night in the same B&B. Together, they are invited to have a dinner in a nearby tavern by the hillbillies Junior (Robert Spediacci) and his sister Caro (Erika Hopkins) where there is a fight of three hunters and one of them is killed. Senator Wells is running the election to the White House and afraid of a scandal, he proposes the men to hide the body in the beginning of a tragic night.

    I am a fan of horror genre and I bought this DVD based exclusively in its wonderful cover of the Brazilian edition (called "Damned Mansion") and the summary that the story would be based on revengeful spirits in a haunted house. However, I found a screenplay with the most inconsistent and incoherent situations; awful characters and terrible acting, mostly of them by actors and actress with the last name Hopkins (Bobb, Chet, Tommy, Erica – these amateurish guys should have sold or distributed this DVD for their families and friends instead). Last but not the least, the lighting is also very poor and there is no ghost. Ernest Borgnine, in the end of career, has a minor and also very bad acting and reading of the introduction. My vote is three.

    Title (Brazil): "Mansão Maldita" ("Damned Mansion")
  • johnwinclash29 January 2006
    Poor in the extreme
    Warning: Spoilers
    Man, I can't believe how truly poor this movie really is, the movie just has nothing whatsoever to do with either the film write up or the story.

    For starters, the story is apparently based on supernatural occurrences inside a mansion on an ancient burial ground, still daunted with spirits. This would to the average person call out a ghost/horror based movie.

    It in fact turns out to be no less than what I can only describe as your average cludo based murder mystery, in which several wealthy individual's turn up for a business venture and to which each one meets a most untimely demise, which simply leads the film to end up with a 'who the murderer is' style ending.

    As far as I can tell the only spirits thereby present were those being consumed in the local bar in the woods by the cast before making there way to the ill-fated house. And to conclude, (in my opinion, the highlight of it all) is the film title, well, 3 below what exactly?, 3 below what??

    Undoubtedly miss-leading to say the least, I can't recommend enough an alternative in any form to this low budget, mundane article.
  • SpudgunJams22 December 2005
    Never watch this film!
    It was a mistake for me to rent this movie...I was tempted to take it back within the first 10 minutes but thought I would persevere and see just how bad it could become. It is not even laughably bad, just a severe waste of time to watch. To observe paint drying would have a higher humour factor and be a lot more interesting. Even if there is not another single film in the whole of the shop that you haven't seen a hundred times before rent something else. I cannot stress enough this film is not worth looking at and should be avoided at all costs, find something better to do like make your own film using modeling clay and pipe cleaners and an old cine camera-the results would be better than this dire film.
  • swampqb26 February 2005
    Great whodunit that never gives away answer till last scene.
    This is a smartly written picture with strong performances from the entire cast, especially Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine. Not for those viewers seeking simple-minded plots driven by special effects and silly gimmicks. This is high end, thought provoking material in the vein of "Clue" and "Identity." Every time you think you know the killer, you realize you don't! The snowy location sets the mood for a stormy night of thrills and chills. The music soundtrack is also fabulous, making the eerie old Vermont mansion come alive. The ruthless greed of the three perpetrators makes for delicious villains. I just loved every minute of it and highly recommend it.
  • movie008phd27 February 2005
    Terrific murder mystery
    A friend stopped by over the weekend with a DVD of this movie. Wow, what a little gem! During the unraveling of this taut thriller, I suspected everyone of the superb cast only to be proved wrong again and again. And for once it was so satisfying to have a surprise ending that tied everything together. And believably! The plot revolves around REAL people, not some ghoulish trickery out of left field that doesn't add up. The fact that it's based on a true story and was shot on the exact Vermont location makes it all the more eerie. It's been awhile since a movie has kept me on a roller-coaster ride from beginning to end. Maybe it was the three beautiful girls!