Freddy Krueger: Who ya gonna kill? Ghostbusters! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[Freddy appears in Jared's dream]

Jared from Subway: No, please!

Freddy Krueger: It's ok! I had Subway for lunch!

[Freddy proceeds to butcher him]

[after the movie's ending credits finish, Freddy runs into Jason Voorhees]

Freddy Krueger: [pointing] You!

Freddy Krueger: You're on the wrong side of the tracks... Neil!

News Anchor: Good morning, I'm Ed Roony. The hot new story in Mile High City this morning is ghosts, but more appropriately, ghostbusting. A bizarre event in downtown Denver last night, three scientists emerged from a bar...

[the phone rings and Nancy's father answers]

Nancy's Father: Hello.

Freddy Krueger: I'm your boyfriend now, Nancy.

[Freddy's tongue comes out of the speaker and licks Nancy's father]

Nancy's Father: I'm sorry. Who is this?

Freddy Krueger: Uh oh.

[Freddy's tongue retracts]

Freddy Krueger: Sorry. Is Nancy there, please?

Neil Anderson: [looking with disgust at the Ghostbusters uniform Ed has given him] Why do I get the messed- up uniform?

Ed Spengler: They're hand-me-downs.

Neil Anderson: So? Why do I get the hand-me-down that looks like a ghost wiped his ass with it?

Ed Spengler: It's ectoplasm.

Neil Anderson: [confused] Eck, Ecto...

Ed Spengler: Slime. And probably a little bit of marshmallow.

Neil Anderson: [very softly, to himself] Marshmallow?

Freddy Krueger: How sweet, fresh meat.

Chuck Branson: [putting a hand over his crotch] Uh, what's that supposed to mean?

Neil Anderson: [looks at proton packs] You can't be serious.

Ed Spengler: I'm always serious.

[first lines]

Freddy Krueger: Run, Neil, run!

Freddy Krueger: Mr. Anderson, welcome back.

Neil Anderson: [now wearing a set of sunglasses] My name... is Neil.

Neil Anderson: What kind of experiments are you here for anyway?

Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: Paranormal investigations. He thinks he's Fox Mulder or something.

Neil Anderson: Oh, for God's sake, Ed! You're not following in the footsteps of your crazy uncle with all that ghost busting nonsense!

Ed Spengler: Maybe I am...

Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: Well, I know one thing... those proton packs... they're hella cool.

Neil Anderson: Let's do this like Falco.

Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: Falco?

Neil Anderson: Rock me, Amadeus!

Ed Spengler: The readings I'm getting on this are off the charts. If the neuro-psychokinetic energy is constant, this demon of yours may be invincible.

Neil Anderson: No, no no no no. There's got to be a way to stop him.

Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: I GOT IT! Maybe we could shoot 'em in the face!

[He gets a bunch of blank looks]

Eugene O'Fitzpatrick: It'd kill me.

Chuck Branson: Dude, why can't you sleep like a normal person? You have nightmare every frickin' night.

Neil Anderson: It all seems so real.

Chuck Branson: Man, Neil, dude... you gotta stop waking me up like this. I need my beauty sleep! I'm about to kick you outta my apartment.

Neil Anderson: Ha! Your apartment! I'm the one who's been paying rent here ever since you lost your job!

Chuck Branson: Listen dude, don't turn this around on me, man. You're the one with the problem, dude. Not me! I don't have a problem!