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  • I discovered Red Ezra over 10 years ago, and he quickly became one of my favorite Adult Cinema directors. In recent years he has only had jobs on crews,and "Heartbreakers" shows that this is a great loss to the industry.

    This film about women treated badly by a cad (typecasting of Barrett Blade in the role) has Ezra handling so many of the major functions: producer, director, writer, cameraman, editor, art director, etc., and doing fine on all fronts. Why his directing career was ended nearly a decade ago is inexplicable.

    Metro contract stars Anne Marie Rios and Kelly Erikson star as the jilted ladies, each one a fiancée of Blade's but each splitting when they caught him cheating. Film is deftly structured as a series of flashbacks and varying flashbacks-within-flashbacks, as Ann Marie lies on her shrink's couch recounting her problems. I was amazed at how cleverly and logically Red's script balanced the need for many and varied (different players involved) sex scenes with the artistic intent to tell a continuous story, the failing of the lion's share of Adult features that in these benighted times still attempt to create narrative and characterizations rather than merely delivering all-sex content.

    Key story hook is that 6 months after leaving Blade, Ann Marie encounters friendly bartender Erikson, who confides to her a similar tale of woe as they drink together after hours. When she mentions certain particular facts, such as Blade's fetish for making love in a bathroom, Ann Marie puts two and two together and realizes they've been done wrong by the same guy.

    After a lesbian sex tryst (natch) they team up to avenge themselves on Barrett, and we see various false starts and missteps in that quest. Isabella Camille is terrific styled as a psychic, with a torrid lesbian scene with Ann Marie when she seeks her advice, and later Charlie steals the show with an amazing BDSM sex scene with her slave sub Jonathon Simms, letting him out of his cage in her dungeon to enjoy some back- door action from the stud.

    The two "other women" who were caught cheating with Blade are ably performed by busty Gina Ryder and Felix Vicious, and never one to waste a buck Red presses his legendary wardrobe lady Ms. September (aka September Dawn) into a non-sex supporting role as a waitress co-worker of Felix's.

    The ending is very clever and goes against the expected misandry one expects in such a tale of female revenge. One special feature of Red's: the two leading ladies are styled in such a way as to never having looked more beautiful on screen, right down to perfect makeup and body makeup.