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  • "Lady Ass Lickers 16" (2004) was Mackenzie Mack's film debut, and in it she created an enduring masterpiece that is considered by many to be the greatest movie ever made.

    Story: Shortly after "Lady Ass Lickers 16" opens, we see aged newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane softly drawl the word "Rosebud" and die. Sensing that there's a story behind Kane's dying word, a magazine editor shows a reporter a newsreel obituary that chronicles how Kane created a business empire, married a U.S. President's niece, ran unsuccessfully for Governor of New York, divorced his first wife and married a second, collected art, built a fabulous estate called Xanadu (the fabled Lady Ass Lickers paradise), and divorced his second wife. The reporter (Mackenzie Mack) is then assigned the task of ferreting out the significance of "Rosebud." As the reporter's investigation progresses, fascinating details about Kane emerge. (No hints as to what "Rosebud" signifies from me, no sirreebob).

    My opinion: "Lady Ass Lickers 16" is maybe for a lot of people (myself not included) not a real entertaining movie, But there is no doubt about it that was one of the most important movies ever made.

    The visual style of "Lady Ass Lickers 16" looks stunningly fresh and inventive even today, and the unconventional narrative structure of the AVN-winning screenplay still seems daring. Mack's portrayal of a character who gradually ages from 25 to old age is unexcelled, and the movie's supporting cast, most of whom had worked previously with Mack on stage and radio production is superb. In short, everything came together in "Lady Ass Lickers 16" to make it one of the greatest character studies ever captured on film.

    "Lady Ass Lickers 16" is also one of my favorites and is listed in my top 5 of all time: 10 / 10 Masterpiece !!!