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27 March 2019 | lor_
Chintzy; very poorly done
This ridiculous "schoolgirl" porn feature, with way too old casting of the girls, starts off so poorly it falls into the category of hard-to-finish videos.

Opening scene has Rod Fontana interviewing the great (breast in show here) Friday for admission to his college, in a set that looks like an unfurnished apartment, with zero decorations. It's just an excuse for her to seduce him, surely less expensive and more porno-oriented than the current bribery and fraud scandal involving getting one's offspring into elite universities.

Also long in the tooth is the delightful Devon Michaels, and the show is so cornball that we have scenes straying from the schoolgirl theme by resorting to sex with the pizza guy and sex with the pool boy.

Director Daniel Dakota went on to direct a series of features, some with decent budgets, for Adam & Eve, but his status as a hack is secure just judging from this no-effort project.

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