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  • Warning: Spoilers
    From the opening sequence, Beautiful Dreamer tells a charming and touching story of the war years, only this was World War II. The marvelous cinematography and splendid music takes you back to that other time and place. Everything looks like old postcards from your grandmother's scrapbook.

    Claire and Joe, childhood sweethearts, get married and then life is interrupted. The war comes and Joe, a mechanic and pilot, heads off to Europe on a wing and a prayer. His plane is hit and he has to either bail with his crew or try to save a wounded comrade.

    Claire gets word Joe is Missing in Action. But life must go on. Then she hears from a guy in Joe's unit that Joe didn't die in the crash. Thus begins Claire's search for her heart. She finds him in a small town filled with wonderful people. But he doesn't know her. He doesn't even know himself.

    His war wounds, the mental scars, if probed could kill him. Claire has to decide if she loves him enough to let him go.

    Tommy (Joe's new identity) and his partner at a small airfield have a terrific B-24 rusting away on the tarmac. It's broken and not air-worthy, much like Tommy. If they can fix it up, they might save their business. Claire believes it can be fixed. Tommy tells her she's a dreamer.

    This is a beautiful story filled with charming characters. It takes you to a place you never want to leave.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I found this movie in the DVD store and it intrigued me. The reason is, I have been planning a novel relative to this movie's premise/theme. While I was upset to find it, I thought I'd watch it. I'm glad I did. While it is thankfully, very different to what I had in mind, it was very sweet, brought tears to my eyes, I felt my gut wrenching with the angst of it, and it swept me up into the picture.

    The start of it left something to be desired however. While it does depict the two growing up together, and then very quickly moves onto their romantic relationship, I didn't feel like the writers/director had allowed us to feel for the characters, because they didn't establish their roles enough. So when Claire goes looking for him, I forgot what he looked like basically, while trying to keep my eye out for him, knowing that he could pop out of the blue anywhere. As the whole idea of it was close to my heart though, I could feel it more than perhaps your average viewer would.

    The use of the flashbacks were very effective, and though some of the shots were a little awkward, the basic cinematography was good. The ending was a little weird, and I wish it had explained more how Jo got from where he was, to that point. I don't think they put that point across enough. and medically I don't think he would be able to make that length of recovery fast enough. Though it didn't exactly say how much time had passed.

    So anyway if you're a gushy romantic like me, who likes war stories (the romantic ones), I'd say you'd like it and it's worth a watch. Just commit Jo's face to your memory so you won't forget him. You'll see him soon enough.
  • "Beautiful Dreamer" is one of those superbly magic, all-too-rare, inspired films that speak honestly to the viewer's heart.

    (Since other comments posted here outline the plot quite sufficiently, I'm going to focus on its effect and value for me.) This classic story, supported by superb direction, authentic acting, and careful editing has no need for superstar names, over-the-top special FX, shock scenes, and other cheap (but ironically expensive) gimmicks other movies need to attract an increasingly jaded mass market audience. "Dreamer" is a movie made the way Hollywood used to make them, way back when Hollywood movies were truly enduring—when it was all about great story and character development, crafted by passionate, professional direction. I was born at a place and time very close to the movie's setting, in the late 1940's. Watching the story I was effortlessly transported back to those nostalgic childhood scenes I remember, and the real people I knew—so convincing was the finished product.

    If you long for those bygone days of classic film making, this movie is especially made just for you—a film that speaks to those highest, noblest qualities that each of us possess: undiscouragable perseverance and unconditional love.

    "Dreamer" may escape the sophisticated film critic's powers of appreciation, but for the genuine movie-goer seeking wholesome, inspired and uplifting entertainment, "Beautiful Dreamer" will hit YOUR mark, dead-on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Inspired by the James Hilton novel "Random Harvest" and the subsequent film staring Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman, this film explores the power of a young woman's determination to find her husband who went missing in World War II. Set in America's heartland of the late '40s, the film maintains the suspenseful romance of a film like "Titanic", yet has the low key visual texture of films such as Driving Miss Daisy or Fried Green Tomatoes.

    Claire, played by Brooke Langton, abandons common wisdom that she should give her husband up for dead and move on with her life. Instead, she spends all she has to find, then rehabilitate her husband who has no memory of his life prior to the war. It is a story of loyalty and courage that shows that the sexiest part of a woman is the contents of her heart.
  • alone_onthebeach29 May 2010
    I woke up late as it was a Saturday and I was post on-call and was trying to recover my sleep..I woke up at 1320 just as credits from a Columbo's were going up my TV screen. Just after, my local Channel aired this Movie. So I watched with a clear and rested mind, knowing that for the next 48 hours no nurses or patients will interrupt what I do.

    First thing that I'd say is that the Cinematography is excellent. I love the soft colours, the slow camera sweeps. The continuity was good and the plot, contrary to what was said by others, is quite plausible, though from a medical angle (and I think from a Psychiatrics point of view) it could have been made simpler. I like the musics.

    Claire never gives up, and the the characters that she meets along to and in Harris were all common characters that we see in our daily life, and this add the ease in which one "accept" the plot as we go along watching, eg that guy Bobby (Joe/Tommy's partner), Granpa etc.

    It was a tear-jerker, definitely not my genre, but it was pleasant, it doesn't disappoint me, and I am not unhappy that I spent a good Saturday afternoon watching it. Will tell wifey when she's back from her own on-call, that I watched a good movie today.
  • I've seen some very harsh reviews of this movie so far. Although I have to agree with some of the points made, that the flow of the movie doesn't always seem to fit, and that some of the direction and the script could have been much better, I still enjoyed this film.

    I was very impressed with some of the production in this film, as I know it was low-budget. The scenery and costumes lend to a very lovely, vintage atmosphere. I enjoyed the acting between the principal characters. Considering that the script and direction left something to be desired I found it very impressive that the leads were able to produce some of the moments that they did.

    I was expecting to find this movie ridiculous and uninspiring, and no question, there were some moments where I was watching it thinking "what...?." Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying this movie quite a bit. Another reviewer called this movie "soap opera" but I thought that the emotion was extremely restrained, but poignant at the same time, and I think that's what I liked about it. This movie is a simple, sweet, heartfelt flick. If you're an incurable romantic, you'll probably enjoy it. I only wish that the screenwriters and scriptwriters and directors had given this movie a little more thought, more scenes, more well written scenes, and more time to play out, because the story,settings and characters were lovely.
  • I think that this is a very refreshing movie. I was not assaulted with gore, foul language, unnatural "acts", rape scenes or unwarranted violence. Maybe the plot was "predictable", but didn't we know what was going to happen to the "Titanic"? The story and the acting were great and I enjoyed this "refreshing" movie. This movie gives us a small window into the the lives of the "Greatest Generation" that endured World War II and the aftermath. Our nation is forever indebted to this generation of Americans. I enjoyed the the "look" of this movie. It was beautifully shot. Some movies seem to be able to "pick you up and take you there". Beautiful Dreamer did that. I hope that there are more movies of this type in the future.
  • fmdamcat23 April 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Actually, I found this movie to be not only charming, but also true to life. My guy and I watched the movie together, and he actually enjoyed it, not so much for the romantic, "simple" plot, as for the down to earth portrayal of Joe. This movie is based on a true story, and, if you read the ending statements, it tells you about the real people. My guy was a Vietnam vet who has had Post Traumatic flashbacks, and he found this movie to be very interesting, especially the way they portrayed the scenes of Joe's flashback in the plane he was fixing up. He had known guys with Amnesia like this while in his hospital stay, after his 2 tours. The acting was great, the scenery was warm, and Corbin plays the Grandfather as only he could. And, yes, it was "romantic", and had a happy ending, with no blood, guts or cursing all too common in todays movies. Oh, By the way, I am originally from Iowa, not Hollywood California, and now I live in North Dakota. I had never even heard of this movie before accidentally getting it in a box of movies we bought online. I am very glad we got it, and plan on watching it again soon.
  • This movie is great, but I though it could have been done better.

    The acting is wonderful, especially when the time period was around World War II!

    The costume was great! And also the storyline!

    The music was wonderful, it really help us feel like we are living that same time period.

    This was a hard movie for me to hate because the story line was great and everything in it, the only problem I had; when the scene changes, it doesn't make sense. This is the part which it could have been better.

    Other than that, its a movie to be enjoyed.
  • mrvirgo29 October 2013
    I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. I'm a big fan of WWII era movies and this production captures the era beautifully. How refreshing to watch a movie without sex, violence and special effects which is about the only thing the rot coming out of Hollywood these days is capable of delivering.

    So, if you want to see a film with authentic sets and costumes and values of the period, plus a heart warming plot (albeit nothing very original) don't miss Beautiful Dreamer. The cast was excellent and the all the characters seemed like real people. Honestly, I don't see why anyone would give this movie a low rating.
  • Awful is not a strong word in the case of this messy soap opera. While I'm not divulging any secrets of the movie plot (there is no plot to mention), you won't get to see this movie on any wide release or even a small release in the theaters. If they are lucky, a TV sale on LifeTime TV might land in the director's backyard.

    This movie is like a damaged plane made of parts that cannot fit and it simply doesn't take off. The writer hasn't stop for a second to think of his writing, basically writing the movie and perhaps reading a book on how to write movies at the same time.

    The director is childish to think she can direct, since any good director would change lines, direct actors to react a certain way and frame the shot so that is not in a constant 3-shot. While the cinematography is beautiful, the story tries very hard. I was actually impressed with the producing because the movie looks very good for a small budget (under $1 mil). But then again, who cares about that when the movie is a total waste of your almost 2 hours, hours that will NEVER come back.
  • jomarkdave19 August 2012
    There's a lot to make fun of while you watch it. The scenes are extremely short. There's tons of cheesy layover transitions. The music is a keyboard cheesefest. The directing is awful. The main male character is probably the worst actor ever. There's a small town patriotism that's nauseating. The script is like a high school kid wrote it. The main woman's character always suppressed whatever she was dealing with and never told anybody about it.

    I got it because the girl that plays Claire was my babysitter for a little while when I was just a baby. So that made it fun.

    There's definitely worse love stories out there that I couldn't sit through, but this one was terrible in a fun way. you and your other can just make stupid comments to each other.
  • Although the locations were authentic and Cinematography good; the plot was very unlikely and not credible. It was as credible and plausible as an Eagle picking up a beagle dog taking him to great height, dropping him, the dog catching a pigeon in flight, the Dog landing in pile of Hay, bouncing harmlessly, making a great meal of the pigeon only to be found by the rancher who was just thinking about buying a Beagle for his daughter who had been begging for one. C'mon!! the writer should NEVER be allowed to write again.

    The acting was indeed cheesy and corny at times. probably induced by bad writing and bad story line. I actually, rolled my eyes, huffed and puffed at times

    granted that this movie tries to appeal to the Human condition and tries to make a story about romance and love, it just doesn't work! The writer tried to create a jigsaw puzzle with pieces and elements that did NOT belong to the same set.

    it is also puzzling that the director did not catch any of this. and appeared not quite prepared to be a director and unable to guide the actors.

    I also noticed that all the "GREAT" reviews here, were all from people in Los Angeles where this company is based. no doubt from people all connected to this movie and thus meaningless to me.
  • While not dreadful Beautiful Dreamer is so clichéd and just predicable that it fails on every front.

    A simple tale of childhood love, that grew up, and get married. He then goes off to the Second World War and loses his memory (or has dissociative personality disorder) anyhoo he does not remember his previous life. When his wife's car breaks down and finds him in a small town, and he cannot remember her, there follows the inevitable tale of discovery and love reborn.

    We normally love romantic movies but this is too simple to really shine. The camera and lighting are all pretty basic and it all looks and feels like to belongs instantly on Hallmark.

    I cannot recommend this: it is just to saccharine, and the script lacks any depth of its complicated topic - all in all it felt barely OK, and barely romantic: just too predictable, linear, and made for TV values to shine.

    Sorry...not one for the heart or brain...