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  • If you haven't already watched this I want a written apology from you. This may well be the greatest TV programme in the last 40 years.

    And just before you start dismissing me by thinking "Oh it's another Shirley Bassey crackpot who's lost their perspective" that's where you are wrong. This special is great for people who love classic Shirley belting out a selection of standards.......but it's even better for fans of late 70's early 80's cheese.

    A particular highlight is when Robert Goulet trots down some stairs to rattle off an upbeat base-baritone slice of cheddar, the likes of which made me laugh until I slipped off the sofa in a heap. Winks, knowing nods, pointing to ladies in the audience, biting his bottom lip with closed eyes feeling the passion of the moment and a stance like he's still riding his horse.....Robert uses every cheesy cliché in the book and invents a few others on the fly.

    This is the sweet sh*t right here.