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  • vixtadot20 October 2006
    Just had to vote for this series. It really is truly magnificent and I am utterly amazed that only one other person has posted a comment. In these grim days of Little Britain and Peter Kay stealing the comedy limelight, Cyderdelic are like a stream of bat's p*s* - they shine out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark.

    Marc Wootton has more balls than I can possibly relate to - the only other person who has ever come close is the legendary Chris Morris in terms of taking his character into the real world and making a total fool of himself to prove a point. Su Long has the potential to be one of the truly great comic creations of all time. I'll never forget the scene when he is having a major paranoid trip after Beetle Smith has spiked his drink with magic mushrooms.

    Come on people - can you feel the magic? Simply awesome.

    Oh and by the way, all I want for Christmas is my very own Frogger.
  • ...and yes I am including the likes of the Mighty Boosh, Little Britain, Shirley Ghostman! This reality? series follows 3 raver/eco-warriors (Su, Beetle, Frogger) as they fight against the government, pet shops, petrol stations, fast food stores etc. I think you have to be of a certain generation to get all the jokes etc but its actually a lot cleverer than it may first seem! I remember one of the episodes (I actually timed it on watching it for the umpteenth time) had more jokes and sly comments in the first 10 minutes than many other comedy TV shows have in their whole series! I really urge everyone to give this a go, there seems to be lots of people who have never heard of this (mind you the BBC didn't help with this as they tended to show it at 2.00 at night most of the time...) and who will really enjoy it! Smash up the government big style...