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  • Encantadia's story is fueled by the rich folklore of the Filipino people about fairies and deities that lives in the forest. This kind of story has been told for generations to Filipino children by their lolo's (grandfather's) and lola's (grandmother) right before they sleep at night which fueled their imaginations about kingdoms of fairies and demi-gods that according to the old folks,lived long ago..before man set foot to our lands Although one might say that it is a rip-off of LOTR, but in my point of view, in order to make a good "tele fantasia" or a soap, you must benchmark with the best in the field, like LOTR and other movies. GMA really put their best into this because if you watch this soap, you will see the intricate design of their costumes.The design is very Filipino and one might imagine if these were like the costumes and dresses they use (if they are real). Although the CGI is not that good, but it is an improvement, a great improvement from the fantasy movies here in the Philippines before where you can see the lines that hold the actors and stuff like the actors more looked liked they are literally pasted on the background.

    No wonder this soap is said to be the no.1 watched soap in the Philippines. because it really captures the imagination of Filipinos, adults or children. It poses the question "what if they are real?" "what if there really are fairies living among us?". It captures the mind of the Filipino viewers who has a great culture and heritage
  • Encantadia is one of the best telefantasyas that I have seen my entire life!!! It is very unique from other Filipino fantasy films like Darna or Panday and kampanerang kuba!!!!!!!!!!!1 The story is very unpredictable and is very very interesting!!! It really go me hooked up and made me want to watch in night after night and made me hate weekends! All the time, i will think of it even in my dreams i see it... It is addicting!!! Unlike Panday and Kampanerang kuba from ABSCBN, though it is very unrealistic, people like me can connect to the story. Well, most of the time it makes me want to be an encantada and live in another world. It really rocks...
  • My FINAL thoughts about this series....

    First, I'm not a big "Telefantasya" but I give the writers, directors, actors, and the entire staff for bringing this in Philippine TV. I don't expect this show to be original in terms of concept co'z the fact the matter is every single tale or story can inevitably crosses path in terms of similarities and coincidence. Encantadia is not great but not bad. The main goal of the producers are to entertain the majority. We all know how bad the situation in the Philippines right now, politically and economically. Obviously it's about ratings and exploiting (I mean in a good way) their actors to fame.

    Second, Encantadia revolves around the four elements and the four Sangres. Their battle against the forces of evil. It sounds typical and yeah...predictable but at the end day what do you expect from Telefantasya stories...nothing. The actors and their chemistry are tolerable. Though, Sunshine Dizon is the one for me that really stands out the most. I like this show because this time the women are kicking as*. It's not the same old, traditional premise, like men saving the world.

    Third, the ending was little dry. They could have done better with the battle scenes but I guess it was reasonable in a sense of anticipation of Encantadia's prequel Etheria.

    Fourth, I appreciate GMA7 (TV network produces this series) for everything. They stick with their homegrown writers, um, giving them jobs, trusting them, rather not depending on foreign concepts just to produce innovative television.

    And lastly, the theme song is pretty good.
  • Encantadia is the only local TV show that got me hooked! Since it's airing -- the show earned good reviews. This is the only show i know (as reported by agb and other independent stat agencies) that got the ab and c crowd (the elite and educated pinoy crowd)interested (before enca.. they do NOT watch tagalog movies or TV). No wonder Encantadia is NOW the number show in the Phil! It's understandable. Enca has a good storyline or premise (Not a ripped of LOTR, mind you. jeesh-- where'd u get that?). Great characters(tough, highly principled women/sang'gre's, they show greatlove for their kingdom). It's fast paced storytelling and plot twist are very very unpredictable. Though it's fx needs improvement but who cares?

    We watch encantadia because it brings out the child in us (the sense of magic and wonderment)-- and THAT's what FANTASY is all about!
  • Hell no!

    Yes, they have admitted that they have LOTR to thank for; because without the said film, they wouldn't know how to create a show in epic proportions.

    Yes, this show is the most top-rated show on Philippine Television today. One of the reasons is that they have learned how to create lavish costumes, dreamy settings, and out of this world animatronic characters.

    But this doesn't mean they copied LOTR! I mean, the story itself is different! LOTR's story involves a nobody carrying the world over his shoulders and ends up saving it in the end. While in Encantadia, it is partly the story of four sisters torn apart by one of the sister's greed; and partly the story of a young fairy princess brought to the mortal realm where she suffers tremendously. The story of Encantadia merely tells what is happening in our country right now. Not that our country is rich, in contrast, it clearly states how difficult it is to live in this country (or the world for that matter). I know it may seem a bit gloomy, but that's the reality. Life is difficult. But living life, is a job. Especially, if you have no one. All you can do is work hard, and hope for a better tomorrow. This is what Encantadia wants to show us: "perseverance is the key to survival".

    Yes, i admit that an epic quest has yet to be shown. But there is more to a story than an epic scene! What matters more in a story is the HEART a writer puts in it. Like with LOTR, Tolkien gave his heart out in his novel. Likewise with the writers of Encantadia. Unlike in LOTR where the hero needs to travel away from his homeland in order to create a story, Encantadia has its story right there its lands, that's why there is no need to travel to distant places!

    According to one opinion, Encantadia lacks the mythology that LOTR had. But why would Encantadia need a mythology, when Encantadia itself is the beginning of the mythology?! Unlike LOTR, Encantadia doesn't need a mythology to stand up on it's own. It has itself to stand up on.

    And regarding its viewers being unintelligent. Well, i beg to differ! We may not know what 'The Silmarillion' is. But hey, do you know the world of Encantadia? As what my teacher said, a true genius knows that he knows everything and nothing at the same time. Don't call yourself intelligent when you're not! Encantadia is pure Filipino excellence, that's why Filipinos like me love them. Unlike you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, I must admit I was furious when I first learned of Encantadia. You see, I'm a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan. I was reluctant to even give the show a chance. After awhile though, it grew on me, I even found myself eager for another episode.

    Their production team did a great job. The costumes and sets looked like a hybrid of LOTR and Greek Mythology. Yet by the end, I am back to my frustration.


    Because the costumes and sets looked like a hybrid of LOTR and Greek Mythology!!! Listen, many people will argue with me and tell me that Encantadia was inspired and NOT copied from Lotr. Many people will tell you the Encantadia was based on Phillipine Mythology and founded and inspired by Phillipine culture. I'm here to tell you that Encantadia is a wonderful, but not perfect soap. I'm also here to tell you that those people who say that it's LOTR inspired are blind to the's LOTR DEPENDANT!!!!

    Without LOTR the folks at GMA would be clueless on how to make such a project work. They admitted this themselves. As for their claim that it's based on Pilippino mythology is constantly questioned in my mind every time I look at the costumes and sets. For example, Reyna Amihan's costume, as well as Lira's looks Grecian. Truth be told, there are few examples in their costumes and sets that are Pinoy-inspired, most of them are European inspired. So much for Pinoy originality.

    Now we have the prequel, Etheria, the pilot episode made me want to write a letter to GMA, begging them to stop imitating LOTR story lines. The great war of Encantadia is to close to the Last Alliance of Middle-Earth, where various kingdoms unite to defeat a common enemy. Etheria has the Great Gem of Power...LOTR has the Ring of Power. The four fairy sisters must destroy a Golden Clock..."ring" a bell anyone? Then there are the names, four people have "Hera" as a name. I know my mythology, that is the name of the Greek goddess of marriage. I'm frustrated at all the similarities. I know that fantasy stories will be similar to each other, but Encantadia and Etheria are DEPENDANT on other stories.

    In my opinion these people don't know the difference between 'inspired' and 'taking things from other people's imagination, re-naming them and twisting into something they then call their own'. It may sound harsh, I may sound like I'm bashing GMA and their efforts. But I applaud them for trying and taking the time to make this 'serye' work. It was fun to watch, but at times the similarities were to much.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Heck yes, this is a LOTR-inspired series, but unfortunately lacks substance. Although we realize it can be compared to other fantasy series abroad; however, this definitely needs more refreshing-too much emotion going on, nothing relevant. Most of the characters try to fit in to the story, but a lot of viewers end up hating them and so, without further much arguing, director's major note-For disappointment is the result, to kill is to resolve! DIE, DIE, DIE!!! -Giving the director the urge of sadistic, yet senseless slaughter. Oh well, pain is pleasure.

    The love story is well, the major spoiler-totally out of place. Like you've just watched the same scene all over again. Yes, you got the word-CORNY! So much fun to watch them irritatingly-i could die happy! So, if this goes into the story, remind your mother or whoever is with you to wake you up after they're done.

    Fighting scenes are laughable. The opponent waits until you're done with the other so for him(the opponent) to start attack you. It's like playing a game versus the Computer, and mind you, they're not computers, they're REAL HUMANS. Too hard to tell the difference, right?

    Special Effects, however, are fluid, and of course very believable. The costumes are so LOTR-like. If you ever see Cassiopea from this series, you would see its greatest resemblance to Arwen from LOTR, and Hagorn isn't like Sauron-just saying.

    So, overall, its all a fifty-fifty rating. I could recommend you to watch this series- not that it's all, but a bad thing ER-maybe a little bit; however, if this goes into a movie, i expect better from the crew.
  • I have heard in an interview somewhere that the production people of GMA's new fantasy soap opera 'Encantadia' admittedly watched the special features on the DVD release of the recent Blockbuster movie 'The Lord of the Rings' in order to get a grasp on how to create a full production in a high-fantasy setting.

    Of course, their 'research' does not go unnoticed: 'Encantadia' is now the most watched show on Philippine TV. The people behind the show seemed to have caught the spirit of the movie it copied: colorful costumes, CGI settings, even the lovable animatronic characters were caught to a sharp T. There's only one problem though: Hello??? Universal storyline that applies to all humankind? Where are you? The producers caught everything from LOTR except the one thing that made it all special to millions worldwide: The solid themes of fellowship, perseverance, and corruption that leads to imminent danger.

    Let me deliver a comparison: in LOTR, a simple, almost nobody-homebody proves that even the smallest person can change the course of the future as he goes through the toughest obstacles in his life to save the world.

    in Encantadia: a royal family struggles to keep their power amidst the threats of destabilization from other groups. The story does have attempts at the usual 'universal storyline' themes (fairy princess/infant stolen and forced to live poor life, mortal falls in love with immortal, etc), but these petty events don't add up to the big picture. Wait a minute... What is the big picture anyway?? No epic quest, no test of friendship, no test of resolve or integrity, no character exploration; Just a series of soap operatic events. I guess in the end all we have to expect is that the hero royal family wins.

    Storyline aside, the show works well anyway. The costumes and masks seemed believable enough. How about the mythology? What makes stories such as this is how this 'alternate world' came to be. Again, Tolkien turns over in his grave: the world of 'Encantadia' seemed to have popped out of nowhere. Unlike LOTR which originated from the creation story 'Ainulindale' from the unforgettable epic book 'The Silmarillion', 'Encantadia' does not provide a mythology which makes the story (like 'Mulawin' before it) unbelievable and a tad uninteresting.

    Cheers to the network for creating a top-rater, and jeers to the shortcomings intelligent viewers cannot overlook.

    By the way: who ever said intelligent viewers were the market of 'Encantadia'?
  • I guess GMA just don't want to stop. From the crap Mulawin, wrentched Darna and now, here's Encantadia. There is obviously no story line in this TV series, the acting was still dumb, lousy special effects and oh, a copy of Casshern and the dumb DEVILMAN. This TV series will only waste your time. There is some good points in this, cause it has Iza Calzado. She manages her emotions, like her award winning performance in The Echo. Still, a big waste of time. Whoever taught that a un-talented Karylle will be one of the leads is out of his mind. Actually,the only makes this series bad is because it has no premise, like it has no storyline. It's really a bad attempt.

    Will GMA ever produce great TV series someday?

    1/10 stars