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  • 'Mulawin' is actually an attempt to bring fantasy to daily prime time Philippine TV. think DC's Hawkman and Flash Gordon's bird people and you'll get the picture. 'Mulawin' stars Richard Gutierrez as Aguiluz, the simple Mulawin who is destined to become the savior of his race. The story basically revolves around battle sequences between the Mulawin race and the Ravena, the 'evil' version of the Mulawin race, so to speak.

    The makers of 'Mulawin' boasts of its driving plot line and fantastical special effects, and this is where the weaknesses begins. Firstly, the story of 'Mulawin' was promising during it's initial run. As time went along, the driving storyline became soap-operatic, with the occasional fight scenes in between.

    Secondly, the effects used in 'Mulawin' is very dated, and anyone who knows and loves effects-filled programs and movies can easily spot the difference... Digital enhancements are pretty obvious, and I'm pretty sure anyone who has a computer and the appropriate software at home can create Mulawin-like scenes with their home videos.

    The clincher of it all is that 'Mulawin' is a top-rater in it's time slot, and the shortcomings of the program does not matter to the fans anyway. However, speaking in all honesty, 'Mulawin' is a satisfactory attempt at a soap opera fantasy genre (if there is such a genre). However, there is still a very big room for improvement.
  • Mulawin is famous in our country!!! Lots of people idolize "Aguiluz" and "Alwina". Anyway, the acting is OK and the story is totally catchy. It revolves around Alwina and Aguiluz (pronounced as A-gee-luz), two young Mulawins on a quest to find the Mulawin Tree. When she finds it, it will restore balance to the world. But, of course, there are baddies. Those are the Ravena. They were ex-Mulawins who revolted. The queen, Vultra, is the most feared of all. Aside from the Mulawins and the Ravenas, there are Pelicos, which are silly, parrot-like half-man, half-birds. Also, Diwatas and Encantadas, which are fairies and Musangs, creatures who look like lions. The Pelicos, Diwatas, Encantadas and Musangs are on the Mulawins' side, so I'm sure they will win!!!