Mulawin premiered on August 2, 2004 and garnered 33% in local TV ratings and it is still beaten at that time. Its ratings went below 30%, its highest is 48.6%, its lowest is 23% and its final episode garnered 47.0%. It's overall ratings was an impressive 35.5%, GMA's highest overall rating in that time. This was GMA Network's highest rating for its show, until it was beaten by Darna (2005) and later by Encantadia (2005).

The first ever local television series with a tie-in Java game for mobile gamers.

The series contributes to raising awareness on environmental concerns. Stories about deforestation, air pollution and rescued endangered species of birds, and subsequently naming these birds after the Mulawin characters, became a staple of local newscast.

Bubble Gang (1995), GMA Network's longest running gag show parodied the series, and named it Marilawin, a combination spoof of Marinara (2004) and Mulawin.

The role of Alwina was initially offered to Maxene Magalona. She turned down the movie since she was preparing to enter college at that time.